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  1. Hey guys, I noticed that Streets of Arkham is no longer available. Every (web)shop says it's sold out. It's the only expansion I'm missing at the moment. And, being the expansion hoarder I am, it's really bugging me :D. Does anyone know if FFG is planning a reprint in the near future? Because I have no idea how their reprint policy is. Otherwise the only option is to buy it second hand. And the prices are already rising up in the stratosphere. The sellers probably picked up on the fact that the expansion is very hard to find in retail these days.
  2. Try the Far Harbor scenario. It will have the non-Ghoul players rise in rads real fast. ? The second half of the game, every step they take will be much more aimed at avoiding rads at all costs.
  3. I agree with the synth character. Apart from one late-game scenario, it is impossible for you to become a synth. And there are plenty of missions with synth-options. Much more than Super Mutant options (SM options are criminally underused imo). And I also agree on the agenda system. Too much is focused on the factions and not enough on other conditions. Our group ignores these cards unless they really want to join that faction. For example; if you want to play a villainous character you don't side with the Slaves in The Pitt scenario. So we pretty much ignore the faction agenda cards, or swap them out if we get a fifth card. But we've had four-player games with everyone carrying the max amount of agenda cards and all of them being faction related. A shame...
  4. First of all, I'm really enjoying this game! But I have some worries about the longevity of the components. Especially the player boards. We've had five four-player sessions and already they start showing the wear of the pegs being moved in and out. I'm afraid that after a year of playing, the player boards will be useless and the pegs will be flying everywhere whenever you exhale too hard. Does anyone have any ideas how to (mostly) prevent this? Is there a chance of getting better quality player boards with an expansion? Or as a stand-alone pack?
  5. Okay, thanks! That makes much more sense. This saves me having to deal with the same cavalery units every conflict.
  6. Hi, new player here. I have a question concerning the rules about control; Some cards state "put a character you control into conflict". A lot of Unicorn cards grant this ability (my gf likes this clan, so we noticed this ability fairly quickly. In the Rules Reference on the FFG site it says that "in control" means all decks, provinces and out-of-play areas. Does this mean these cards grant the ability to go through your decks and discard piles until the desired cards have been found?
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