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  1. I know you’ve said FFG has no current plans for more physical Imperial Assault content, but what about a Republic Assault game that covers the Clone Wars? ;D I would personally love to see it use an app much like Journeys in Middle Earth, which was done very well!
  2. Got my Villains box tonight as well! Sadly the Ember campaign isn’t live on iOS yet apparently. Maybe tomorrow?
  3. Just got my shipping notice directly from FFG, hopefully it'll be here by next week! =D
  4. Whoa, looks like Dash was brought back into Canon after all, so there’s hope after all!!! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Dash_Rendar
  5. Aye, I would LOVE to see those old characters, along with Dash Rendar, but FFG most likely can’t touch any of the Legacy materials after Disney retconned the entire EU... ;_;
  6. Yep, the starter ship boards are double sided as they don’t upgrade into anything, so it’s player choice. Kinda wish the G9 had an additional perk to make it more attractive than just 1 speed faster, like making the mod slot as a mod/cargo slot instead so you could focus more on delivery than fighting.
  7. You choose which ship to start with. The G9 is faster but has less hull and attack compared to the G-1A. In case people didn’t know, FFG did a live playthrough of a full game last week:
  8. There’s a very good chance the first expansion is heavily influenced by The Mandalorian if they have current access to the show’s materials, otherwise maybe a 2nd expansion would be based on it if the game does well enough.
  9. Now that we know who's playable in the core box from the Adepticon demo (Han, Lando, Fett, Aphra, Jyn, Bossk, IG-88, Ketsu), who would you love to see in an inevitable FFG expansion? Here's my list of 8, made up largely of characters who are currently confirmed as crew members already in the base game (if used to play as then you'd remove their relevant cards from the decks):1) Zuckuss/4-Lom: Zuckuss would be the main character while 4-LOM would be a starting crew member as these two are pretty inseparable. Zuckuss' ship Mist Hunter would be a new upgrade option for the starter G-1A ship. Zuckuss isn't going to have great character stats (probably just a single skill), which is made up for by the fact that his starter ship is upgradeable and he begins with a crew member.2) Dengar: While he's confirmed as an encounter card in Outer Rim, it's unconfirmed if he's a possible crew member to recruit, so unknown what his abilities would be. His addition would bring the Jumpmaster 5000 ship to the game, upgradeable into Punishing One.3) Greedo: confirmed as a possible crew member, unique skill would be to add 1 hit in ground combat. Never really has had a unique ship to himself (the Manka Hunter never flew), probably wouldn't add a new ship to the game.4) Aurra Sing: unconfirmed if she's in Outer Rim at all, so unknown what possible skill she could have aside from being focused around combat. Most likely wouldn't add a new ship either as her blockade runner is probably too big to consider, haha.5) Hera Syndulla: confirmed as a possible crew member, unique skill would match her ability to gain free movement based on a tech check. Starting skills would be Piloting and Tech, upgrading her would give a 2nd Piloting skill (allows Focus rolls to count in Piloting tests). Definitely starts out with negative Imperial status, possibly positive Rebel status. Would obviously add the VCX-100 ship, upgrading into the Ghost. Would also add Chopper to the game as a possible crew member if he already isn't one, no other Specters though.6) Hondo Onaka: confirmed as a possible crew member, innate ability to gain 2,000 more credits on cargo missions. Only skill is Influence however to balance this out. Probably won't add a new ship to the game as he no longer has his pirate saucer by this time.7) Tobias Beckett: unconfirmed if he's even in Outer Rim, but he's a proper scoundrel to add. Most likely specialize in Stealth and Influence. Wouldn't add a new ship to the game as he's not known to have a unique one.😎 Enfys Nest: unconfirmed if she's in Outer Rim, but a proper pirate figure from Solo movie. Skill would definitely include Tactics, start with negative Syndicate status. Wouldn't add a new ship to the game as her gang used a carrier of some kind for their swoop bikes.Those are just mine, what about everyone else?
  10. Agreed, I see their news post as 10/25 being the official release date but there was no mention of Gamestop’s exclusivity other than GS’s item page.
  11. Gamestop got exclusive selling rights for the expansion for the first month or two. I believe the official release date for all retailers is early next month.
  12. I have mine in a deck, though I split it into two decks so it’s less cards having to dig through.
  13. You only draw the agenda cards for enemy activation at the end of a round, not each player's turn.
  14. So I’ve found the Super Mutant character rather underwhelming. Here you have a mountain of mutated muscle, but he just gets xp for reducing his health with rads? To make him a stronger and more thematic character, I’ve given him the trait of getting 1 additional Strength reroll when applicable, such as Strength-related tests and weapons. In addition, I'm giving the Super Mutant trait in general the ability to gain an additional Strength reroll when applicable, since you can become a super mutant via side questing. The XP perk will be exclusive to the starting Super Mutant character, but at least you can get some kind of perk being a Super Mutant. In that spirit, I've also given the Synth trait the ability to gain an additional Endurance reroll when applicable. This way these traits do more than just offer up different quest options.
  15. Yeah my co-op rules specifically ends the game when you finish the main storyline, as there are just enough faction points to get you to the end of the power track. It’s definitely a far more satisfying ending, I just wish the final quest cards had more story fluff to go with them.
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