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  1. Not sure if this was brought up, but if the Clone Wars come to Legion will JarJar be a commander or operative? Better yet, would he be a Sith Lord that he is rumored to be? ?
  2. With the upcoming release of Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion, could this be a way to add more unique miniatures to the game? FFG could add pilots and other non-combat units as objectives. Such as a prison break or rescue/capture the VIP. This would be a good backdoor way of adding more characters and even civilians to the game. Thought?
  3. Y-Wing

    Ewok Hunt

    Maybe as an objective... where the ewoks are hunted!
  4. Yeah, that could be a good strategy. Especially if you want 4 cheap squads to produce a broad front and spend the rest on support or heavies.
  5. For the Corps units (Rebel Troopers, Stormtroopers, etc), is there a reason why you wouln't add the additional trooper? Obviously points is the limiting factor, but I feel that bringing up the trooper unit strength up to 5 for 10-11 points is a smart decision. It will keep them alive longer and give you better attacks. Whats that point in fielding a squad and getting it into a good position/objective, if it can't survive? So far, I build my lists by always adding the additional trooper. Does anyone feel differently?
  6. Y-Wing

    GCW units

    I want Sgt. Melshi and the Pathfinders!
  7. Y-Wing

    GCW units

    The rebels did have some interesting vehicles in Star Wars Force Commander:
  8. Y-Wing

    GCW units

    Except the one mission where you needed to escort an AT-PT to safety!
  9. Y-Wing

    GCW units

    Yeah or some other random characters to create missions like rescue down pilots or capture a high value target (HVT).
  10. Y-Wing

    GCW units

    Great point! Personally I hope they do not strictly limit themselves to the Trilogy as seen in the movies. If we are lucky they will add the pathfinders and other Rogue One units. I heard that the first Imperial special forces will be scout snipers. I'm guessing the rebels will have similar snipers in the Endor Rangers variant.
  11. Looks like for the time being, only heroes and units from the original trilogy will be in Legion. With the introduction of rebel fleet troopers, I believe Imperial Naval Troopers are a guarantee. Who else will we see from the original movies (leaders and units)? Will Rogue One make it in?
  12. George Lucas used a lot of historical references especially WW2 to create the Star Wars Universe. Many of the weapons are modified rifles and pistols from the 1940s-1960s. So I plan on keeping the figures along the lines of Rogue One but use U.S. WW2 paint colors to include olive drab, khaki, and leather. Possibly even British Paratroopers with their camo smocks.
  13. Looks like micro machine models, had them as a kid haha
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