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  1. Thanks. As long as I didn’t miss anything, I’ll tweak the numbers to make a “starter” shotgun and rifle that are weaker than what’s out of the box. Still going to be more pricy than the light weapons, but that will mean that our heavy weapon person doesn’t totally eclipse everyone else, and gives them room to grow with more money...
  2. I was looking for a cheap heavy weapon to use as starting gear for a character in a sci-fi setting. Turning to the modern gear list, the cheapest heavy ranged weapon was the shotgun, so I thought to use that as a starting point. However, based on the shotgun’s damage and modifiers, it seems to be priced WAY lower than it should. Is there something I’m overlooking that makes the modern shotgun worse than it looks on paper?
  3. Doing sourcebooks for themes (i.e. super powers) as well as settings is my preference. I would love to see a sourcebook for the horror theme, with expanded mechanics, talents, etc. They could also provide some horror content specifically groomed for certain settings - sci-fi alien encounters, modern day serial killer, lovecraft horror, gothic vampires/werewolves, etc.)
  4. I already have the Star Wars dice app. Aside from the flavor, is there any reason to pick up the genesys dice app? Does it have features that Star Wars dice does not have? I hate to spend 5 dollars on it if it is basically just a re-skin of the Star Wars dice (and with fewer dice options available too!)
  5. The illustration is a hyrrinx, while Lyssa (third edition) clearly qualifies as a half catfolk (who have feline features but who aren’t covered in fur) so I don’t think there’s any problems there. Maliki looks very different than the hyrrinx illustration but could just be a different “sub-race”
  6. The active player makes the choice but he’s welcome to get feedback from the rest of the team, including those who have already activated, and can take the chance to role play this if he wants. ”Hey Ethan do you think you can get this lock open?” “Sorry, it’s too complicated for me. We don’t have time!” “Ok, I’ll try to break it. Hopefully it’s not too noisy?” And the idea that Ethan’s “turn” will come up on a choice he doesn’t want to make will only occur if he’s declined to make the choice on every previous decision such that he’s the only person with a remaining token. Even still, he’s not going to struggling to lift a heavy object while somebody stronger stands there - more likely he won’t even have the option to lift it and will choose another outcome instead.
  7. If you could use any skill possessed by any member of the party, the character creation would barely matter. Duplicating someone else’s skills would be pointless and a party of 3 or more people would likely possess every single skill and could access practically any choice at every decision point. It doesn’t mean that a wizard is trying to pick a lock while a rogue stands there doing nothing. Instead, the wizard does not even take the choice to pick the lock (you can rationalize that even though the rogue can pick locks, he can’t pick this SPECIFIC lock, so the wizard decides on another course of action). Since there are no ability tests to determine success and failure, and it’s impractical to expect a person can pick every lock he encounters just because of one skill, the activation token system is a good way to enforce that you can’t pick every lock you encounter (but you might be able to pick more if you have multiple people with the skill or you plan your activations carefully)
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