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  1. Thank you, I got my colors by looking at others work here and in the Facebook page.
  2. Tested all my shades to see who would produce a muddy effect on the base. Ended up just with a mix of Earthshade, black ink and sephia. Test base with clear modge podge
  3. Wanted to test out a simple paint job. Army painter strongtone no highlights just the eyes added after. Base coats sorta done Very thin coat of painter strong tone. Too thin actually had to do over
  4. Very curious how they will look, reminds me of Aliens
  5. I like these guys, they look good..what base did you use for your flesh? Looks like a creme color like Vallejo bone.
  6. I found these online, some custom bases by Litko to replace the confrontation bases and they where made for Runewars trays. Never noticed how off some of the decals where on these guys, will definitely repaint a few of them. And wash them…. First time trying to use static grass, didn’t know some of the tricks like using a sifter, blowing on the side, or some of the others. My first attempt sort of looks like trampled grass, or slightly bald looking. I tried to fix by smothering in shrubs and plants. Tried adding a second layer, turned out looking like little clumps of grass. And now to try and smother in Shrubs and bushes.. And now I am going to start on the undead hero, had to tear him apart because he was badly glued together, lots of space between the shoulders. Still have not been able play the demo game yet, but will get a game in soon as I have 1 core set painted.
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    I have the same question, cant seem to find a faq or any information here
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    Same question here
  9. Thanks, using imgur but cant find the code to show the pic, just a link
  10. Hello! Been lurking around here for a while and finally wanted to share some of my pics with this group. Lots of great ideas and paint themes on here.Last month saw the Sorastro’s Runewars painting guide, never had seen the game before, begged my wife and she bought me a second hand army off ebay for our anniversary gift.It came with:2 Core sets, 2 Elf sets, 15 expansions and a promo card: And for Christmas she got me some army painter scenery that came out on Sorastro’s Rune Golem video. Before anything else I wanted to see if my 28mm heads from a previous project would work. Not sure about the exact size but from 3 feet away I hope it works. First thing I wanted to do was think up of a theme for each of the armies. Helps me choose colors and bases. I wanted them all to be on a muddy field, humans on grassy bases, bright greens, undead on muddy field, trampled grass, lots of shiny mud and darker grass, and elves on dark rich soil and lots of leaves and forest looking debris like branches and moss. I will like to paint the human army with a Children of the Light / Templar/ Inquisitor /Fanatics/ Zealots them, like the Children of the Light (White Cloaks) from the wheel of time Series The Undead Ill create the Cursed 87th, a garrison that abandoned its post to avoid being slaughtered, instead of making a last stand against an attacking enemy and buying the fleeing villagers time to escape, they sought to escape in the mist and disappeared, leaving the villagers to their doom. Years later the 87th was seen again, and they had been cursed for their cowardice. Elves, no idea yet. But now that I have a theme, I can play some music in the background and while I paint these guys up. A few years ago, confrontation minis where dirt cheap on ebay. I purchased a bunch of figures for just a few bucks but never had a chance to use them. So while I painted up my undead, I would give these guys a chance to be fielded. These are Griffon Templars from Confrontation. And some confrontation undead, might not use them as I really like the FF skeletons, they have a generic cartoony look I find refreshing. I liked what others had done here and on the facebook page so I followed their advice and got the disk and magnets to start “upgrading” my units. These come prepainted but I plan on touching them up and giving some new colors to match the Daquan forces. I like these guys they have potential I wish they would have not been preprimed blue or glued together, but considering it was a used lot I cant complain since we got it for a third of the original cost. I wanted to try some white colored themes to look like the griffon Templars. I removed the mold lines off 4 Spearmen, primed grey and highlighted with Pallid Wych. The size is off, but from far away it might work This is my third try, it needs to be cleaned up, but more or less this is what I am shooting for, might not leave the gold studs on the red rim, not sure if it looks good or not. Will add either metal or leather boots.
  11. I used the search with little luck. A long time ago I used to save pics in photobucket then post in threads/post. What is a good way to upload pics now? Can I upload directly to the thread or I need to host somewhere like imgr and link it? Thanks for any help in advance
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