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  1. I think an I6 is just what the faction needed.
  2. Nantex (Sun Fac) tractors will increase the firepower of munition-less vultures. I wonder how much the Nantex will cost.
  3. Seems legit. Maul and 3 X-wings
  4. I used a pink sharpie to color in one rock/item of debris on each side of the object. No one wants to take my pink obstacles.
  5. I guess if Vader and Soontir can make it to the end, Anakin will be sad, even if Vader & co. are moving 1st. or Sense on Vader will make the difference.
  6. This is an odd question, but who would win 1-on-1 between Vader w/ FCS & Afterburners and Anakin with the 7b title and R2? Does the one who moves last win? Or is Anakin so good that Vader doesn't stand a chance?
  7. JM5K pilot will only fix that ship with an ability like: "when you fully execute a red maneuver, you may remove 1 stress token"
  8. WHile I am stoked to get more Scum pilots, I am wondering why they picked 3 'meh ships.
  9. I hope they announce X-Wing Miniatures 3rd Edition.
  10. Zuckuss with IG crew and passive sensors is a good 3rd ship.
  11. Evan, the winner, is crazy good with 5+ ship lists. I don't expect many average people to be able to pick up his list and consistently win with it.
  12. This is a fun game. DEBATE TIME! Tie Swarm is better than Republic Swarm! and Shampoo is better than conditioner!
  13. Announcing my DELUXE token holder. This DELUXE token holder will hold all of your x-wing tokens, and a bunch of other stuff!
  14. I am curious, why did you bring the Jonus swarm instead of a traditional TIE swarm? Asking for a friend.
  15. The Jess + 3 T-70 was on stream a lot. People love jousting (and losing)
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