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  1. I've been toying around with Fenn + Bounty Hunter (generic firespray) w/ bomb + ???. I also like droids (worked well for me in LVO) and I chewed up most bobas by spacing out my droids into waves, so not all were in range 1 at the same time, so boba had trouble jumping over/through me.
  2. Ribbed for our reading & viewing pleasure.
  3. RunnerAZ


    Hyperspace for system opens? No thanks.
  4. Hyperspace has so few I6 pilots. I look at the squads I can make in YASB for hyperspace, and I am not sure what to think. Buckle up, 6 months of Fenn + 3 fangs or 5 X-wings is going to be fun.....?
  5. Super zoomed in guess for the HMP Droid Gunship ability: "Networked Aim. You cannot spend you locks to modify attack dice. When you perform an attack, you may reroll a number of attack dice up to the number of friendly locks on the defender."
  6. If Rush is damaged before he/she engages, does Rush not engage at I2 since he/she is now I6?
  7. FO and Scum both suffer from a lack of a budget Ace. Look at the Resistance and Republic, for example: both have I5 pilots that are cheap for their ability (Tali, Rickie Olie...) If they had a cheap I6 Ace, it would open up the list building to have FO Ace + 3-4 Tie FO's. As to Scum, there isn't really a way to build a triple ace list or a 4-5 ship list with an ace. (I don't really count Fenn + three I1 fangs, since the lack of a bid almost precludes ace play with Fenn). My 2 cents.
  8. Tavson + QuickDraw + Scorch + Rivas I usually get the red token for Rivas by QD or Tavson locking - that is, unless the enemy stresses them self.
  9. You're probably one of those angry X-wing players that is angry that you have to buy more than one conversion kit instead of rebuying everything. Grrrr. So angry.
  10. How about some acrylic Pygmy Marmoset (blue) & grape (red) target locks for Krayt Cup? @Brunas
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