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  1. I can't speak for others but we first practiced the game mechanics by doing some skirmish, 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2. It worked out fine as the transistion to campaign mode isn't very big! The advantage is that you don't have to learn the whole game by playing the campaign, to master it only halfway. I think you can enjoy the game more if you don't have to lookup all the rules all the time and it also plays a lot faster if you already know most of the rules.
  2. Very nice overview! Curious about the new heroes' rating, they seem to be top notch.
  3. We haven't played the campaign (or CT) yet but would you rate CT-1701 above all the other heroes because of Pin them Down?
  4. Hi everyone, Quite new to IA I am - and I am looking for some skirmish maps for casual PvP play. I know there's a map rotation - but I am not even certain skirmish is being played in an organized way in my neighhbourhood anymore? Anyway I want to buy or print a few maps and I am especially looking for fun, balanced maps. There's a poll on BGG but there's not a lot of votes there. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1551183/skirmish-map-ranking Can you please give some advices? Thanks! 😁
  5. Really, with all the expansions, minis and tiles that are now avaiable I don't see why FFG can't just release Campaign Book packs.
  6. To be honest I really, really like the new trilogy. A lot better than I-III - although that was an ungrateful task to start with. What if you try to see the series as if the old didn't exist? Although I am the first one to admit the new trilogy also has its flaws. Yet TFA still is my favourite SW movie thus far. I think TLJ is great as well, especially with more funny beasts and lighthearted humour, but I liked TFA's plotline better. But of course making the middle movie is always a tough job, it's always about setting up a final challenge that the last episode has to overcome. A lot of good things, absolutely great to see Luke do the fight on Crait, being shot at by all the AT ATs and survive to fight Ren .. to see it was all an illusion. Brilliant find! Poe as the ace pilot was great to see again. More funny animals and creatures (like the crystal foxes, wow!). I liked Canto Bight and all its creatures and the emphasis on people getting fabulously rich in the weapon industry. It was good to see Rose and Finn get a nice subplot, even though it ended up badly. In my opinion that's one of the good parts of the movie: not everything succeeds. Which only adds to the realism (one of the reasons I really liked Rogue One). Not giving Benico del Toro some more lines to develop his character was a missed chance. Him revealing the escaping Rebel pods also cut off some potential come-back as a hero. Minor issues A small thing I do regret in the new trilogy is that (athough they even find and "old deserted base") the spaceships used in the movies always appear to be new, yet unseen models. Why can't they find an old iconic A-Wing - as the OT happened only 30 years ago; we also still have cars from 1987; let alone that we may find some back in old abandoned shacks on a regular basis? Or even from the Clone Wars, which only took place like .. 50 years ago? There still must be hundreds of thousands of droids, hailfire and homing spider droids and V-Wings scattered all over the Galaxy. It seems so unrealistic that the past has been erased from that point of view. A missed chance to easily connect the new series with the old and please the fans. For the rest I agree with some already mentioned issues. The Rebellion only being left with 10 people? What episode IX is concerned one may wonder what happens IF the FO is defeated. There's no Rebellion or Republic/senate (destroyed in episode VII) left to rule the universe. Why the purple headed vice admiral instead of Ackbar doing a last heroic deed? And if you could warp into your enemy's ship and destroy it, why not warp X-Wings into big Star Destroyers and wipe out entire FO fleets? Generally I don't really like it when 1 on 1,000 odds are overcome by sheer luck, again and again. Why did the FO shoot almost all the pods, but not the ones with our main heroes? And BB8 knwing what to do, being able to climb into AT-STs and use them? Why do all the characters from episodes IV-VI have to die? Why did Luke have to die? It was majorly unfortunate that Carrie Fisher passed away as she was the only one whose role didn't end in the series. Indeed Leia should have died when the bridge died, a good way to end her character. And let Luke survive into episode IX instead. Questions, questions .. As some other already pointed out: two of our main characters - Rey and Snoke - aren't properly explained thus far. What was Snoke if not a Sith Lord in all his behaviour yet not in name? And how did he attain power? And related: can Rey call herself a Jedi with just 2 days of training? I am very curious about what happened to Rey and who took care of her when she was abandoned by her parents (whoever they were) at age 8. And how she could become a fantastic pilot and technician in these circumstances. Rey's lightsabre may as well become a double one one like Maul used to wield. Probably not a red one, though. And what happened in the 30s years between VI and VII .. had it all been for nothing? Might as well get a prequel for episode VII to explain what has happend .. Still a solid 8.6/10 from me.
  7. 1) it's herpes 2) you decide. You could get SW minis a bit cheaper if you get them from other brands (like the old wotc minis), I guess. 3) I'd say so. 1 vs 4 (GM vs players) is harder to organize - but the Skirmish 1 vs 1 game is pretty fun as well. Recommended to have a few more packs/boxes for variety though.
  8. I read this took place in Leiden? We only recently started playing and this is very interesting to read! Is there any organized IA play in the Netherlands and if so: where? I imagine with the new movies and the release of the app, the game will become more popular.
  9. But .. isn't ISB Headquarters already a pere-printed, officially available map? Any other favourites? I'd also like one with a Tatooine theme ...
  10. It's a great website!! I miss the new entries and reviews though .. and it woud be great if you could also link which skirmish map comes with which add-on.
  11. Hi everyone! We want to start skirmishing and colour print some of the multitude of skirmish maps on A2. The question is which ones though. Which ones are fun and have a nice flow? And which aren't all that popular? It's quite hard to find an up-to-date overview that also includes the newest maps? I noticed even the polls on BGG haven't really been answered. So unfortunately that's not that helpful ... https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1551183/skirmish-map-ranking So any advice will be helpful! Thanks!!
  12. My preference would be: 1. A few (2-3 ally/villain packs worth of) new figures and a new Campaign book and 2. An additional, different campaign in the app In my opinion we have more than enough tiles - and to be honest: enough heroes and side missions - for a few dozen new adventures. What this game lacks the most (PvE wise) is enthralling campaigns. With really brancing story lines, alternate endings and such. More replayability. For all the stuff that's been released you could make 10 extra campaign books.
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