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  1. I love Seal of the Crab for that, and for the seal itself. All the others are ornate, highly crafted objects, and the Crab seal is a rough block of stone. The image and the text work together fantastically.
  2. Being unable to defend their lands against Lion aggression is how the Kirin remnants became the Fox in the first place. Though really, who would want to invade Kitsune Mori? It's not as bad as the Shinomen, but it's no picnic either.
  3. Practically the entire Horiuchi Family was adopted, taking in war orphans was a huge part of their identity.
  4. The people withing the Crane who are clamouring for an investigation are the same ones that refuse to acknowledge that. But, indeed, jokes aside. It may be true, but you can't just say it-- or even suggest it. Face has to be preserved by everyone involved. And horning in on the official investigation is to suggest it loud and clear.
  5. Emerald Magistrates who spent their careers working under the Emerald Champion -- Doji Satsume. To suggest that they can't be trusted to investigate the death of their own beloved superior is to insult that superior's memory and ability to train and command his underlings.
  6. That may be true from a meta perspective, but if a samurai voiced such an opinion in-setting, they'd get slapped. Hida Kisada cannot make in-universe decisions based on his knowledge of what the authors writing his story will and won't do, because no such knowledge exists. And for players purporting to act based on the Crab perspective, to act on that same knowledge is dishonest. No true Crab would think of things in such a way, nor could they.
  7. Does the Crab even have the weight to throw behind Sotorii? They're barely holding on as is. If the Shadowlands break through because they took troops off the Wall to support a coup by the unchosen prince, how is that better than it breaking through because Shoju still won't offer them the support they need-- if that's even how things play out? Throwing in with the appointed heir might also earn them the goodwill they need.
  8. If Yokuni does end up being the Kami Togashi again, being the regent would actually be worse for him, given the historic nature of his prophetic foresight; the more directly involved with events he is, the less he can see into that situation. It's part of the reason he went into seclusion in the first place, to maximize his ability to predict things. Having to live in the capital and take a direct hand in tutoring the Emperor would probably be blinding for him.
  9. I very much doubt that's intended. Historically, every samurai in Rokugan has owned both a katana and wakizashi, but courtier and shugenja schools almost always list only the wakizashi in their outfit, rather than the full daisho. School outfit has always been an abstraction of your posessions into the things you probably carry daily, not the sum total of the things you own. And then lorewise, katana and wakizashi being forged together happens only part of the time anyway. Katana are specifically passed down the generations, typically from grandparent to grandchild, so it would be very common for a samurai to wear an inherited blade alongside one forged for their gempukku. Not to mention the semi-common practice of being awarded ornate swords for especially prestigious appointments, or being granted the use of a sacred weapon, or using a trophy taken in honourable battle.
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