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  1. I guess that's one way to get people to paint their armies before playing...
  2. I think the big difference is that the Republic has a lot of non-clone options to grow with, which the First Order doesn't. Off the top of my head, Naboo Security Forces would offer a commander, corps, special forces and two heavies, Gungans would offer a commander, operative, corps, and two support, and Wookies would have a commander, operative, corps or SF, and a flying heavy. That's a lot of potential that doesn't duplicate stormtroopers, but of course we are going to get the clones before any of that because they're the most iconic.
  3. The hidden part of those cards will probably say "Rebel Trooper Captain" and "Rebel Trooper Specialist". As far as having to use those models, I think as long as whatever model being used is clearly marked as being the specialist or captain there would be no problem. I have figures from the commando and trooper boxes mixed in my SF and Corps units, the bases are marked with the appropriate symbols for easy ID.
  4. I don't think these are going to be SF just because the SF units are different enough to each need their own article and they have a lot of articles to put out already. Specialists would probably have just one announcement article. As above I don't think it will be anything that needs individual articles versus just an announcement article. We've also got a second set of commanders on the way already, so I doubt we will get a third set before the other slots are filled.
  5. I'd bet the last two are the Republic/CIS specialist packs to help put their corps units on even footing. It would also explain no article - we already know what is going to be in the pack, sculpts and exact points are the only things to spoil.
  6. I'm hoping for ARCs to be operatives so I can run Delta, Omega, and a couple Nulls in the same army. As far as other stuff, I expect we'll get: •Veteran Corps - Galactic Marines/? •Regular SF - Clone Commandos/Commando Droids •"Pathfinder" SF - Airborne Clones/Death Watch •"Guard" SF - Maybe Naboo Palace Security? Entourage for Amidala/Magna-guards
  7. Many model kits have sprues loosely arranged like this. It's usually for either the customer to be able to remove the bits more easily, with less risk of damaging them, or because of the properties of whatever particular blend of plastic they are using dictates the mold design.
  8. He might mean the Vic-2 frigates from Battlefront 2.
  9. About sixty days of continuous combat. After that, approximately 98% of normal humans will break mentally.
  10. IIRC the reason Space Rocks got nailed was because they called the Nebulon-B, a Nebulon-B. Especially for characters, it's a difficult legal battle to prove that Rebel Royalty pose 1 is really Princess Leia and not a Flash Gordon character, even though the resemblance is obvious.
  11. The outside trainers were, at least in the old canon, 75 Mandos and 25 others brought to train the commando squads. It made sense when it was just for the commandos. The rank and file were trained by the Kaminoians, in hyper-realistic exercises and then in live-fire training, in massive chambers that could shift environments.
  12. Sorry about the flash but the light here is cruddy. Basically, I did the same armor and uniform colors, then added a dark tan for the leggings.
  13. I painted my Snowtroopers as Imperial Army troops, matching Veer's uniform. Problem solved.
  14. Source? I haven't heard anything about a Legion rebalance or 2.0, just card packs so that CW players don't have to buy Rebel or Imperial expansions for cards and vis-versa.
  15. I think Legion is one of the few games where a Scum faction makes sense. I don't think we will get it until the Republic/Separatist factions have reached parity with the GCW factions. They even have a reasonable heavy in the form of Hondo's tanks.
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