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  1. I think era books are on the horizon. New Republic era and Sequel era are both packed with possibilities, along with the Prequel/Clone Wars content they can develop.
  2. The preview articles for Unlimited Power came out on Fridays. I guess we'll see for this week.
  3. Quite a few talents utilize social skills as a base difficulty, instead of opposed (Inspiring Rhetoric and Scathing Tirade, for example). Everything depends on context. If you, as the GM, think that getting a handout for credits is an easy task, then it's an easy task. If you think it should be harder somehow, either increase the difficulty or throw in some setbacks.
  4. https://www.deviantart.com/art/End-of-the-wall-742231025
  5. "Hey, you know what Mysitcs really need?" "No, what?" "A lava grenade."
  6. The movie was fine. So, a little anecdote. After seeing it, the next day I spoke with a buddy who I went to see it with. He said he liked Solo less the more he thought of it. It actually dawned on me that I don't think I had a conscious thought about the movie after getting home until he brought it up. So the movie exists, and is fine, but that's about it.
  7. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I liked Tsukune and Kosori in particular. The lore about the Kaito was interesting. The section in the back covering the Kaito family was a pleasant surprise, and felt like a write-up in an RPG supplement. I actually expected to find a stat block in there.
  8. I can never remember how to do the spoiler tag. Help me out here and I'll tell you.
  9. The problem of a PC feeding puppies to counterbalance unrepentant murder is the biggest problem, as pointed out. I can think of two potential fixes to this: Acts of conflict can only be canceled by equal (in magnitude) acts of serenity. This can still be problematic, but at least directs the PC in the right direction of not trying to game the system with easy tasks. Alternatively, when a PC performs an action (or several acts in short order) that scores them a certain amount of conflict, they cannot gain any serenity until they spend time and effort to repent for what they did, or something to that effect. This can be by trying to fix or mend any damage done, taking punishment for their crimes, seeking forgiveness, extensive meditation and self reflection, and so on, at the GM's discretion. A penalty would be required, such as having to spend strain to generate from light side points, or generating less light side points on a roll. I still think that using the dark side should at least have a strain cost (unless they are a dark sider, in which case the opposite applies). It always seems to me that whenever we see a character using the dark side on screen, they are at the very least slightly winded afterwards. The dark side affects a person adversely, even if the effects are not immediately obviously in the short term. Keep in mind that strain is a cost, not a penalty. Spending strain is the price other non-Force sensitives pay for using talents, maneuvers, and so forth, so I don't why it should be viewed as such. Reducing the ease at which a character generates serenity may also work (about half as much opposed to conflict, roughly?).
  10. It's just not very clear with the photograph. I'm sure when I can see the card in hand it would make more sense.
  11. I generally like the quality of the art, but what is that image in Invocation of Ash supposed to be, other than that person vaguely gesturing at a bridge? I see a shadowy/smokey bit in the top corner, but nothing that illustrates what the card actually represents.
  12. Now that these details have been leaked, they will all be nerfed to only work once each during games on every second blue moon.
  13. Some card details spoiled here, but no new cards: https://www.gametrademagazine.com/Home/1/1/58/591?articleID=213081
  14. Yep, those duplicate Tumble and Wraithbane are leftovers and need to be removed. Improved and Supreme Body Guard both need to be raised up a tier as well.
  15. So the Crab get a Nezumi character, the Phoenix are getting a Ningyo card, and the Unicorn are getting a Naga character.
  16. Well, I sure do hope the Kaito get a school in the 5E RPG. They certainly seem like they would be fun to play.
  17. You are correct. However, It is specifically limited to combat checks, not any check.
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