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  1. English version: https://twitter.com/AsmodeeUK/status/1009471059693850625
  2. By the way, is Indomitable Will just Force Protection, but overall better? I'd have to see the long description, but it seems like Colossus is everything Protector needed to be.
  3. Kind of. They called it Steel Hand Adept as a reference to the fighting style, but to most English speakers, the name invokes the exact meaning behind the spec, namely of a martial artist (which is already used). Also, @Khazadune, do any of the specializations have conflict talents?
  4. Probably so the spec can still be a general archetype. By naming it Teräs Käsi Adept, it pigeonholes it into specific practitioners of that fighting style. By naming it Steel Hand Adept, it at least allows players to adapt it to any Force-sensitive hand-to-hand fighter that they want.
  5. Cathar were a longshot (Legends-only, so far). I was hoping for Kaleesh myself (Grievous' species). I don't mind 2/3s of the options, but I'd really like to know what the heck the third species is from, or if it's entirely new.
  6. How many total ranks of Iron Body? Because I'd wager that Warden is almost entirely redundant in this build.
  7. I know who you're talking about, and they are Mikkians.
  8. What's a Phydolon? I actually recognize both the other (obscure) species, but Phydolon is drawing a complete blank and Wookieepedia doesn't even have a single result for it.
  9. I'll look it over. It's not really mine to begin with, so have at it.
  10. An example, or rules for it? Because SW has chase rules that should work fine.
  11. Make it an unranked talent like Justice of the Citadel. Select a combat skill upon purchasing, then suffer 3 strain to add damage equal to that skill to one hit of an attack.
  12. Good luck finding it. As far as I can tell, it's no longer on DrivethruRPG, and FFG doesn't own it either.
  13. WotC doesn't own the Cyberpunk IP, right? According to this, R. Talsorian Games owns that IP.
  14. Based on Cunning Snare talent: the target's Vigilance vs the trapper's skill (Survival, Skullduggery, or Mechanics, or even a magic skill). If they fail (or of the trapper succeeds, depending on how the GM does it), the target suffers wounds equal to the trapper's characteristic + f/s. Spend other dice results to disorient/immobilize/stagger or inflict critical injuries.
  15. I suppose skills is something of a design philosophy. I will say that I have more clan-specific content is forthcoming, so those skills might see more application. I based the clothing on the name "traveling clothes," so it would be heavier than typical. Please ignore any slapdash fluff description I added. I suppose a fix would be to split robes and traveling clothing. Any future changes would be 2.0 however. As regards to career skill numbers, yes. It's not always 12, as this allows for overlap, potentially giving a character 2 free ranks in a skill if they put enough thought into it. I'll add honor to the "to-do" list.
  16. Incidentals are technically unlimited, but the GM has allowance to say when enough is enough. That shouldn't mean that a GM should decide that there will only be 5 incidentals per turn forever, but they should disallow incidentals when a player is going overboard.
  17. FFG lost the use of Netrunner, which they licensed from Wizards of the Coast. FFG owns the Android setting, and they've already spoken about expanding on in other products, particularly with Genesys. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/8/android-magnum-opus/
  18. It's not based on Genesys. It uses its own system that is evolved from L5R's original roll and keep system with specialty dice.
  19. Multiple of them are, actually. Genesys, End of the World, even some of their old stuff like Fireborn and Dawnforge, are all available on DrivethruRPG. Only Star Wars isn't as the license doesn't allow them to. FFG owns L5R, so there's no reason they won't.
  20. I've gone and converted everything to GMBinder, and made some significant changes. I'm going to call this version 1.0, and the previous version 0.5. Links: Book I: Earth Book II: Water Book III: Fire Book IV: Air Book V: Void Optional Rules: Lethality, grid maps, mass combat, squads, alternative archetypes. Changes are pretty extensive and across the board, including but not limited to changes to school talents, changes to the talent list, and changes to gear. Perhaps most extensively is the changes to magic system. I say that, but all I did was switch back to Genesys' normal way of doing things (with some tweaks). Like an idiot I deleted the spell list I had made up for the previous version from GMBinder, so I may release it as a separate document when I get around to typing it back out again. I mention Kiho a couple of times, but there's no Kiho skill yet. I will add that in a separate doc discussing some of the monk schools, eventually. I also split the optional rules into their own documents to reduce clutter.
  21. So far, there has been no takedowns or C&D of any fan-made conversions on this site or elsewhere to my knowledge. Even the GTE, which copies a lot of the information from the books, is still active.
  22. I don't believe so, but she's from Underhand of the Emperor, not the Elemental Cycle, and she's a conflict character without influence.
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