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  1. There is or was a method to ask about certain artists and pieces used in the books. Does anyone know which form it is that it would be appropriate to send such a question in through?
  2. On page 19, it repeats a block of text describing the Z-95 that is also found on page 17.
  3. It's in every Star Wars core rulebook, in the vehicle section. P. 255 of Age of Rebellion.
  4. There were some additions to AoR's rules, but not significantly to really be called a "revamp." Stay on Target offered some extra rules that aided things, but the core problems weren't fixed. Genesys' rules can be seen as a true attempt at fixing some problems. The AoR GM screen also offered the squad/squadron rules, which does make things a little longer-lasting, but many players don't like the idea of sacrificing their NPC allies to hold off dying. The biggest problem with vehicles is relatively high damage and relatively low defenses. Vehicle-scale is 10 to personal scale's 1. Rules-wise, this means the game plays the same way across the board. This is a good design philosophy, but it causes problems with scaling, which I think is unavoidable. Think of it this way: a starfighter is essentially a character. It has wounds, strain, and soak. For all intents and purposes, these values mean the same thing regardless of whether you are on the ground or in a vehicle. The problem is the values of vehicle hull/strain/armor is really low compared to a PC. Like, lower than pre-character generation characters. If a human has a minimum of 12 wounds, 12 strain, and 3 soak (after wearing heavy clothes), a starfighter's are 10 hull, 8 system strain, and 2 armor. And of course, PCs can raise these values naturally during a campaign, while vehicles mostly remain static, outside of a small handful of very expensive areas. Compounding this problem is vehicle weapons do higher damage than average; laser cannons either have a base damage of 5 or 6, which means they do a minimum of 6 or 7 damage per hit. However, they have linked almost on all ships, so for 2 advantage, all damage is doubled.
  5. Ship building is a mess. Star Wars' crafting, compared to RoT crafting, can be very unbalanced. Poorly thought out vehicle design in Star Wars is one of the leading causes behind the messy vehicle rules and headaches therein. Vehicles in the silhouette 4-5 range are typically fine, but smaller vehicles like fighters can be problematic, and vehicles silhouette 6+ are basically scenery. Chase rules are functional though. A lot of the small-scale gear is pretty nice, though there may be some redundant options. Things like the intelligent toolbox and the weapon maintenance kit are fun for what they do, but it can feel very min/max if mishandled. For example, there are tool kits, custom tool kits, and tool belts. The latter two options are better overall, but more expensive. It can feel like gear tiers. I personally like Star Wars' cybernetic rules more than what Genesys offers (except for the whole ion shenanigans). Special Modifications and Lords of Nal Hutta offer the most options for cybernetics.
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/26/friends-and-foes-1/
  7. Wookiees, Chiss, Klatooinians (outside of Hutt-controlled areas), Falleen (maybe), Mustafarians, Drall and Selonians (outside of the Corellian Sector), Hutts (at least PC-style wanderers), Ganks, Dressellians, Caamasi, Eloms and Elomin (maybe), Cereans, Gigorans (maybe), and Iktotchi would all be relatively rare species. The Gand as well, if you play according to the nucanon, though not Legends.
  8. Ah, that's true. I think keeping it 1/encounter is fine. Perhaps an Improved and Supreme version. Improved version allows you to choose a second skill. Supreme version allows it to be used twice per encounter.
  9. It could be switched to a Story Point cost instead of once-per-encounter. That could justify t3.
  10. While the influence isn't as extensive as it was, true, FFG has left its mark. The Raider is the prime example; they designed it with Lucasfilm, and the ship was later used in novels and Star Wars: Lootboxes Battlefront 2. Most everything they add is at least going to be filtered through Lucasfilm. The Phydolon's creation is probably for a reason.
  11. So, with both Push Aside and Headbutt now, the poor old Knockdown talent is such a relic it's kind of funny.
  12. Perhaps... except calling people who disagree with you "rabid fanboys" is derogatory, and always has been. Which is a fact, not an opinion.
  13. Am I wrong? Your throw around "rabid fanboys" as a derogatory term, yet seem quite passionate about how you view certain plot elements. In fact, I would dare describe it as... rabid. Whether or not your opinion has merit, your tone is antagonistic and unlikable. Honey and vinegar.
  14. Should be. It is an official storefront, after all.
  15. So I've been thinking about Congenial and Intimidating as talents. For reference, here's Congenial (Intimidating works the same way but with Coercion): So while this is not bad necessarily, with the way social encounters work in Genesys, they come up being somewhat subpar. Because the talent burns strain to activate, and strain is the primary target in social encounters, I feel that it is a somewhat self-defeating talent. While there is a potential argument in the risk/reward of the talent, I don't feel it is all that valuable. So here is my proposed fix/replacement for these talents. Way with Words Tier: 3 Activation: Out-of-turn Ranked: Yes When your character acquires this talent, select one social skill. Once per encounter when your character makes a check with that skill, they may downgrade the difficulty of the check a number of times equal to their ranks in Way with Words. Alternatively, once per encounter when your character is targeted by a check with the chosen skill, they may upgrade the difficulty of the check a number of times equal to their ranks in Way with Words.
  16. There's a thread which has discussed this topic extensively, if you're curious. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/276892-grid-based-combat-and-non-relative-distance/
  17. There are only two like that in Star Wars, Martial Grace and Walk the Walk. Realms of Terrinoth has Justice of the Citadel, which is similar.
  18. I'm guessing they wouldn't have added them without the direct approval of Lucasfilm. They have also added species in the past at the behest of their overlords, so this can also be that as well.
  19. I mean... it's an anniversary collector's edition. West End Games' Star Wars is a significant entry in the history of Star Wars, and influenced a lot of what we know about Star Wars, such as naming and developing numerous species and vehicles seen in the movies. But if you're not interested in that, you're not missing much.
  20. I just checked with both my FLGSes, and no books. I would really, really like to see a picture of the Phydolons.
  21. So I'm assuming the release date for this is today, seeing as several people already have it a couple of days ahead of time. I thought it was next Thursday?
  22. Of all the powers I expected Warrior to get, one that essentially amounts to a heal spell was not one of them.
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