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  1. I have a feeling the djinn may be a red herring. Both for the readers and the Isawa.
  2. Talents that are covered by another preexisting talent primarily. Conditioned, specifically, is covered by Knack for It, though the second half inspired Catfall.
  3. Now that we have the Kaito family as a great family, I'm wondering what their mon is. It was mentioned in passing in the novel, but I don't recall it being described.
  4. So the Kaito now join the great families of the Phoenix. I kind of figured that would happen, but so quickly is mildly surprising.
  5. Oh, look! A new Star Wars arti... or, it's just Destiny.
  6. And Wookiees are no better climbers than Green Nikto or Iakaru, despite having an extensive and well-documented arboreal lifestyle.
  7. Gunner can do both, switching between ground and vehicle roles. Remember that not only do ships have guns, but ground vehicles, and a lot of Alliance combat landspeeders are modified civilian vehicles, with open gun turrets and the like. You could also say that a Gunner may see a lot of ship-board action during boarding action and the like.
  8. The ability (Amphibious) could be using the term amphibious to refer to living creatures capable of both living and breathing underwater and living and breathing on land (Mon Calamari are fish people, not frogs). Drabatans may be amphibians in the sense a newt or frog is, they just lack the ability to actually breathe underwater. They aren't fish, reptiles, mammals, or arthropods, so what else can a sci-fi writer call them?
  9. No, I don't think it does. Apothecary can very easily be called Good Bedside Manner and do the same thing. As far as rest periods go, I'd say it depends on circumstances. Most people, in real life, still do things even when they are resting. They may read, they may do light exercise, they may tinker. Remember, though, that skill check reflect complex actions with a chance of failure. If a character is not under a time crunch and not risking catastrophic failure, then it's a casual action that simply takes time to complete. Researching complicated magical theory or upgrading a weapon all are complex actions. Helping someone change bandages is just down time activity. I'd also say it depends on how badly someone is injured. If a character was beaten savagely and has broken bones, they obviously can't do much. Someone who got scratched or lightly bruised can generally recuperate completely in an average night's sleep.
  10. Mechanically, you're looking at difficult terrain and/or the immobilized condition. Otherwise, wing it. Don't let the charts shackle you, just go with what you think works. If you think that such an action should be average or hard, do so.
  11. Some talismans are described as being one use. Read the descriptions to find out which is which. A fine example as to why crafting is problematic.
  12. Not necessarily. They may have not included it in the beginner game to keep it simple for new players. The Star Wars beginner games did things similar, consolidating some skills and glossing over some mechanics. The full rulebook may still have that mechanic in place.
  13. Yeah, that's one reason. Lack of creativity is another reason. I've been playing a lot more Genesys, which includes advice on making species, and I appreciate not relying on talents to fill in for special abilities.
  14. There are two oddball cases of official species that have non-ranked talents, and I personally think it's a poor design choice. Excuse my bias. That being said, I feel that a free rank in Survival would be more useful in the long run over Forager. More flexible in use, and still carries the same idea of being, well, forced survivalists.
  15. In Genesys, it takes 175 XP to hit tier 5 the first time, then 75 XP each subsequent time. However, every time you buy a ranked talent, it increases a tier. So your fifth rank and beyond of Grit is going to be a tier 5 talent. There are a finite number of talents that characters can take at each tier (GM allowing). Also, characteristics are lowered to 5 instead of 6, and Dedication (a tier 5 talent) can only ever raise a characteristic once per purchase (it costs 550 XP to purchase 6 ranks of Dedication, provided you don't buy any other tier 5 talents). Certain recurring talents, like the Natural and Master talents, can only be taken once instead of multiple different times. Ultimately, Genesys characters are weaker than Star Wars characters if you lay them side-by-side.
  16. It would work fine, but it's not something I would do if I were in the middle of a campaign. Rather than inject Genesys into Star Wars, I would inject Star Wars into Genesys. This means using Genesys' lower characteristic cap and so on. There would be some talents that would be incompatible, but nothing explicitly that wouldn't work or anything.
  17. In my opinion, it has too many benefits and too high a starting XP with not enough drawbacks. Forager: Change this for something, or just make it a free skill rank. Mechanics or Perception, perhaps? Technophile: Too good, for various reasons[1]. I'd change it completely to add a Boost die to all Computers and Mechanics checks they make when interacting with technology. Or just a rank in Gearhead, if you're picky. Xenophobia: Convoluted. I'd probably simply it to a single setback on Charm and Negotiation checks, but a setback on foe's Charm and Negotiation checks targeting the Ubese. I might also bump the setback without masks from one to two, but YMMV. I'd ballpark the XP in the 85 or 90 range. [1]: Reason one is that Technical Aptitude is broken logically from any perspective, as you can gain 5 ranks of it in the game legally. This means a reduction of 125% in time, which means you become so good at computers the universe gives you time back. Tinkerer is something that can get out of hand, as modding equipment in the game is borderline completely broken. Overall suggestion: Sometimes less is more.
  18. That's a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. It's been a persistent oversight forever, so I'd either ignore it (a case could be made that astromechs are bulky enough to count as sil1) or applied. Your choice, as it won't really make much difference.
  19. To set the record straight, the HWK-290 appears in two books, Far Horizons and the Force and Destiny CRB, with the exact same stat block and silhouette. The HWK-1000 is a different, larger ship, with a separate set of stats and a description explaining that it is a completely different but related vessel, and is found in Fly Casual. There are problems with repeating vehicles with different stat blocks across books. The YV-929 (Age of Rebellion and Dangerous Covenants) has different sensor ranges; the V-35 Courier appears in both Desperate Allies and Far Horizons and are completely different; the Hyperfoil 1000-XTC appears in Desperate Allies and Far Horizons with different stats and entirely different vehicle classifications (landspeeder in one, airspeeder in the other); the fang fighter three times (No Disintegrations, Dawn of Rebellion, Unlimited Power) with completely different stats. All while other reprints utilize the same stats consistently. But the HWK-290 is not victim to this.
  20. It doesn't sat "attacking," just "engaged with."
  21. V-wings (Stay on Target) and V-19 Torrents (Savage Spirits). The Torrent may have a hyperdrive, but I think the first wave of them didn't, so you could easily remove that.
  22. That has happened before a few times before, though. Savage Spirits and Lead by Example both don't have multiple preview articles, just announcement and release.
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