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  1. Realms of Terrinoth also offers a considerably different Pressure Point talent which I will be using in the future if I ever need too.
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    Watching live play with who I believe was Mr. Garfield himself, it seems like it's more of a courtesy thing. Keeps it friendly, which is more or less what the other player said.
  3. Somebody has got to have the lowdown on this by now.
  4. I watched a recorded version of their InFlight report and nothing pertaining to Star Wars or Genesys was mentioned, though I had to quit near the end when they started some Q&A. They have the policy of not detailing stuff that isn't officially announced, so any RPG-related questions were probably answered vaguely or some variation of "no comment."
  5. I mean, it's really just a matter of preference really. 5 or 1 doesn't effect the game at all. The only place where it would change things is some people do give out XP in increments of 1, allowing the PC to gradually build up bonus, but I typically go no lower than 5 anyway. I suppose it's a perception thing. "Oh, I got 15XP" sounds better then "Oh, I got 3XP," but some games do use minimal points for progression anyway.
  6. How would you go about making this guy: The behemoth from Final Fantasy.
  7. It would work more or less as I described in my second post, which means it works much the same as the Conjure spell does RAW.
  8. By the way, while some might question why we have such a thing as 'base damage' but you always do at least +1 more than base damage, there are cases where you do not increase the damage. Parry (Improved) is a case, where the character deals base damage to their opponent. As there are no success to add, this simply does your base damage.
  9. Swordbreaker

    Genesys OGL

    I mean, they've never disallowed it. You can make whatever game setting you want. The only thing you can't do is make money off of it, which is what most people think when they talk about OGL.
  10. It's clearly apparent to me that, at least in part, a portion of the Empire's samurai hold little regard for Emperor or his authority, and only offer lip service. They keep it up for posterity, of course, but otherwise, the Emperor can go toss himself into a lake for all they care. I find it more interesting that way.
  11. Or it's symbolic of her mental and emotional state.
  12. Rose petals. The clouds in the back may be smoke and ashes.
  13. I mean, it's not a given that it takes control out of the player's hand. It more or less does exactly what you describe: the summoner indicates what the summon does, and the GM can rule if that's acceptable or not. First, while the Conjure spell does talk about the creature not being controlled by the caster, there is the "Summon Ally" effect that does allow the caster to give it orders. Second, Genesys' spells are written to be flexible and generalized for a wide range of games, not just Final Fantasy; I don't think there's a group out there that hasn't tweaked the spells in some way, so tossing out the caveat about summoned creatures not following commands won't break the game, cause the book to catch fire, or the cause FFGBI to break your door down and arrest you. Making a few tweaks to the spell description would totally work fine. Look at it from a lore aspect as well. Most summons in the series, even the ones that are glorified attack spells, are individual beings who lend their power to the character who summons them. In FFX, when you could first directly control summons, Yuna is not shown barking orders or possessing her summons, but asking for their help (notable with Yojimbo, who only responded to being paid money and has an AI based around how much he got); player characters in Genesys are Yuna, not the player behind the controls. In FF14, one character trains to summon a Carbuncle and can't control it at all, so depending on the game, it's not an assured thing that summone So, assuming the summons take the form of an NPC, that doesn't mean the summoner just stands there like a coat rack. They still can spend maneuvers to direct their summon, as the book already lays out; they still can be attacked by enemies (presuming defeated summoner = dispelled summon), and thus may have to act to defend themselves; they can cast other spells or take other actions in the encounter (presumably, this is something most summoners like Rydia and Yuna would be able to do, and is something that can be done in FF14 at least). You could even introduce a bevy of talents that give the character's multiple options during the course of an encounter, such as one that allows the summoner to transfer their strain over to their summon or similar.
  14. If you want to summon them for multiple turns to affect the encounter, I would make summons a portion of the Conjure with the grand summon effect, with the summon having its own stat block as a rival or nemesis NPC. They would be generally allied to the summoner (but not always, which can cause some fun), and last only as long as the summoner can sustain them, but the GM would control what they do (with input from the summoner). If that's too powerful, you could increase strain cost to actually cast the spell; apply a 1-2 strain per turn tax on the summoner for every round the summon remains in existence; or simply make them only remain until the end summoner's next turn.
  15. No. I typically avoid adding new weapon qualities if at all possible. This is a special case anyway, as it's supposed to be in the same category as the magic items from RoT.
  16. It's sort of a magic sword beam, native to the weapon itself, which is why it uses Willpower and costs 2 strain like spells do.
  17. Thoughts? Does it make sense, or too clunky?
  18. I see what you're getting at an no, not always. Sometimes it will do that, but other times it will say "fire-linked" instead, it it will say "2 laser cannons," and you only know it's linked because it has Linked 1. It's just wildly inconsistent because different writers are handwriting every line of the profiles from scratch, which is how some errors get inserted into the books (examples being mixing up the order of the different stats in Age or Rebellion, or forgetting sensor ranges entirely for some vehicles in Strongholds). When I do my own vehicles, I at least have a template saved to a Word doc that I can copy/paste when needed.
  19. Two weeks after arrival sounds about right for me. Alliance (the US distributor) regularly sends my FLGS stuff a couple weeks late. They can't even deliver L5R on time.
  20. That's the problem, as it doesn't always mean that. Some vehicles visually have either two weapon systems that are fire-linked (where the plural is accurate) or a single weapon system with two barrels. Most of the time, it seems they use "twin" as shorthand for "fire-linked," but other times they use plural language when referring to a single weapon.
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