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  1. I believe your ruling is more accurate. You only inflict one injury per hit; you just increase the severity after the first. So you only apply the first weapon's Vicious. However, his argument is somewhat valid, as the rulebook doesn't explain exactly how passive qualities work in two-weapon combat.
  2. I don't see it making too big a difference. It is just one point, so raising everything by 1 should be fine. You could switch to the HP-like system and say anything less than 0 (at -1 or less) means a character becomes incapacitated, which is functionally the same as RAW, but easier to understand for most people.
  3. Forged in Battle includes charts for combat in various environments. Endless Vigil and Savage Spirits covers other skill checks in those environments, not specifically combat related. Stay on Target includes charts for vehicle combat in various environments.
  4. Aside from entirely new concepts like magic and talent pyramids: Social rules are more defined and structured than I think they ever were in Star Wars. Motivations play an important part in social encounters now. Familiarize yourself with these. The rules for attachments (modifying equipment) has been changed. While similar, it has been both simplified and refined to be less of a game breaker. I feel it's an improvement. If you plan to run vehicles, the vehicle rules in Genesys have been tweaked somewhat, with a few new maneuvers and actions. Some things have been simplified, while others have been expanded. There aren't many vehicles though, so you'll have to do some legwork in that regards. If you've picked up Realms of Terrinoth, it has heroic abilities, which are similar to signature abilities but you start with one instead of buying it later. I feel like it's a crime this wasn't included in the CRB, as heroic abilities add a lot to characters.
  5. Regarding the TCG tag, what should it be changed to if somebody would do it? Methinks "Fantasy Flight Games" or "FFG" would be more appropriate, because the lore has expanded outside of the card game by now.
  6. The fandom.com wiki covers new content, but I'm bothered that it uses the TCG tag instead of LCG. I was actually an active member in a fandom wiki years ago that was really well organized, so much so that I hold most wikis I frequent to those standards.
  7. Outcome A: Satorii wins the throne. Satorii, inexperienced but wanting to prove himself, doubles down on traditionalist values, essentially working to keep the status quo in check. However, he also ignores some of the issues plaguing the Empire as a whole, while also punishing the factions that supported his brother (Toturi and Shoju, potentially the Unicorn if they develop Shahai and Daisetsu's relationship any more). So while everything seems to be back to normal, the fractures affecting the land continue to be stressed. Outcome B: Daisetsu wins the throne and Shoju becomes regent. He aims to address some of the major issues the Empire is facing; however, he also starts alienating some of the traditionalist factions within the Empire by continually disregarding the traditions and rituals in place. Of course, having a Scorpion as regent doesn't exactly engender unity among the Great Clans. So while the major issues are addressed, the Great Clans are further divided against each other. Outcome \C: The 'loser' prince becomes possessed by Fu Leng, all the factions unite to destroy him and his demon armies. The 'winning' prince dies heroically in some manner, thus ending the Hantei dynasty. A new Emperor is decided based on reasons, the clans pat each other on the back and act properly chastised for letting their petty differences divide them for a few days. Queue next crisis.
  8. Well, I'm not adverse to looking at either way.
  9. That's not really necessary if you don't want to. This project isn't at the top of my priorities at the moment, and I don't want to just "steal" any of your ideas. I don't know your personal history with L5R, but I'm relatively new to it, and I'm not as invested in it emotionally or mentally as somebody else may be (thus why my interest in the setting fluctuates). Some of the things I've added made sense to me as someone familiar with the Genesys system, but a long time fan of L5R might object to. So I'm kind of hesitant to make any more major adjustments for fear of it aggravating people.
  10. Posting an update: at the moment, this project is on hold, due to several reasons: Other projects are taking up my time. GMBinder isn't always easy to work with (I switched to Firefox recently, and something about the formatting is screwed up), so it's more of a chore than an enjoyable hobby. I have several other files that are incomplete because of these reasons, and I just mostly use Microsoft Word, simply because it's easier. I've mulled over some of the comments posted here, and I want to implement them, such as reassessing how the schools work @Derrigan Bluewave's suggestion, but I keep starting, stopping, and clearing everything. While I do like the setting of L5R itself in some ways, there's a lot about it that bothers me about it, so I keep swinging back and forth between "this is cool I want to do this" and "I don't know why I care". So, some things I might change, aside from minor tweaks: After a while and some more reevaluation, I would cut Cryptography. I included it to cover some small things, but that was dumb and lazy of me. Fixing the school ability issue is more complicated. I thought of just giving each school a default ability that isn't a talent that characters would get at the start, but it felt weird and unusual, like it goes against the grain of how Genesys works. The other idea was to switch to Star Wars' talent tree system. This does allow for each dojo to feel more complete and unique, but the specializations in Star Wars benefited by being as general as possible (i.e. the Hired Gun could cover a wide range of bodyguard and mercenary characters, whereas a Hida Defender specialization is going to be restricted to a certain group of characters).
  11. Pretty much any setting can be used with Genesys. The pitfall I typically see is when people try to translate mechanics from one system to another (not just with Genesys, but with any two or more systems that are different).
  12. According to page 118: So I think the answer is "Runes only."
  13. Verse is pretty different from Arcana. It uses a different characteristic (Presence), has a different selection of magic actions available to it (p. 115), such as being the only magic skill that can't be used to attack, and the only other magic skill that can dispel. Likewise, it's the only magic skill that is used in talent actions (Encouraging Song and Dissonance). An argument can also be made that Verse can only work with musical instruments, and not other magic implements. As for Runes, it is heavily incorporated into the setting of Terrinoth. First, it requires a runebound shard, and cannot be used with any other magic implement. Second, the shards add extra effects unique to them. Finally, most shards have an activation effect separate from them being used as magic implements.
  14. They (higher ups in FFG) confirmed the existence of the Android sourcebook, though no traditional announcement yet.
  15. Although I don't disagree about this being targeted at kids, what about it blending traditional and CGI animate specifically makes it kid-targeted?
  16. To be entirely clear, they haven't always announced and released the specialization decks with the books. For a while, it was some time after the books released that the cards were made available (there is one set of decks that don't exist on the website despite being available to order from other sites). What's been happening recently is that the books have been massively delayed due to shipping reasons, so they had time to finish the decks and release them simultaneously. I believe Dawn of Rebellion was released on their actual time table, so the decks may come later.
  17. I've seen better, particularly when it comes to "anime inspired." Voltron: Legendary Defender really aced the "anime" look, successfully blending CG and 2D animation. Castlevania looks amazing, and many people think it is anime, despite being made by the same studio that did The Fairly OddParents and Adventure Time. Resistance, by contrast, looks worse than some of its western compatriots, such as the How to Train Your Dragon show (despite being a downgrade compared to the movies). So, if you're asking "why," that's why, personally.
  18. Ship designs are cool. The human character designs is a significant improvement over Rebels (where the humans looked like uncanny horrors that give Cthulhu nightmares) though the colors and lighting are jacked beyond all reason. Why does literally everything look like it's covered in gloss? There's something off about it. Those aliens don't look the best either; very humanized and generic looking.
  19. When I mention marketing, I only do so because the game isn't out yet and I'm going by what they are advertising. I will concede if the situation changes, but you don't know more than I do, so we're on even ground. You know this disproves you, right? When it comes to gambling, the outcome is either a jackpot or a loss. A gambler considers the odds, chances their money, and either wins the prize or doesn't. FFG are not selling a chance to get a playable game, they are selling a game. The only thing is you don't know what picture is printed on the cards. That's the difference. You will always get the product you are paying for (that is, a game with procedurally generated components). You put down $10, and you get $10 worth of product. If I were gambling, putting down $10 doesn't mean I will get $10 worth of product. Satisfaction is not guaranteed, but that applies to anything that you can buy.
  20. Ah, no. When Destiny first started doing lootboxes, they had a set of armor that, if you collected the whole set, you'd get a special emote. Problem was, there was no guarantee that you'd get the armor, and no guarantee you would not get the same piece of armor over and over. And the armor was cosmetic only, so it was all but worthless to get more than one piece. There was also other stuff in the boxes that I can't remember, but nothing as desirable as the armor and emote. While some people may have won the full set in 5 minutes, others may have spent months and much more money and never get the emote. This is the strategy that lootboxes, boosters, and gambling is built on. They set a jackpot on a pedestal, tempting players to try and hit it. They want people to dump money with no assurance that they will win. Nothing I have seen shows that either unique game does this. KeyForge and Discover are not part of something that you have to find and assemble, nor are they saying "keep buying until you get something you can actually use," they are selling a complete product that you can use forevermore if you so desire.
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