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  1. Swordbreaker

    Savage Genesys :)

    Pretty much any setting can be used with Genesys. The pitfall I typically see is when people try to translate mechanics from one system to another (not just with Genesys, but with any two or more systems that are different).
  2. Swordbreaker

    Core book Schools

    Kaito Shrine-Keepers please.
  3. Swordbreaker

    Verse and Rune Magic vs Arcana

    According to page 118: So I think the answer is "Runes only."
  4. Swordbreaker

    Verse and Rune Magic vs Arcana

    Verse is pretty different from Arcana. It uses a different characteristic (Presence), has a different selection of magic actions available to it (p. 115), such as being the only magic skill that can't be used to attack, and the only other magic skill that can dispel. Likewise, it's the only magic skill that is used in talent actions (Encouraging Song and Dissonance). An argument can also be made that Verse can only work with musical instruments, and not other magic implements. As for Runes, it is heavily incorporated into the setting of Terrinoth. First, it requires a runebound shard, and cannot be used with any other magic implement. Second, the shards add extra effects unique to them. Finally, most shards have an activation effect separate from them being used as magic implements.
  5. Swordbreaker

    New Stuff?

    They (higher ups in FFG) confirmed the existence of the Android sourcebook, though no traditional announcement yet.
  6. Swordbreaker

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    Although I don't disagree about this being targeted at kids, what about it blending traditional and CGI animate specifically makes it kid-targeted?
  7. To be entirely clear, they haven't always announced and released the specialization decks with the books. For a while, it was some time after the books released that the cards were made available (there is one set of decks that don't exist on the website despite being available to order from other sites). What's been happening recently is that the books have been massively delayed due to shipping reasons, so they had time to finish the decks and release them simultaneously. I believe Dawn of Rebellion was released on their actual time table, so the decks may come later.
  8. Swordbreaker

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    I've seen better, particularly when it comes to "anime inspired." Voltron: Legendary Defender really aced the "anime" look, successfully blending CG and 2D animation. Castlevania looks amazing, and many people think it is anime, despite being made by the same studio that did The Fairly OddParents and Adventure Time. Resistance, by contrast, looks worse than some of its western compatriots, such as the How to Train Your Dragon show (despite being a downgrade compared to the movies). So, if you're asking "why," that's why, personally.
  9. Swordbreaker

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    Ship designs are cool. The human character designs is a significant improvement over Rebels (where the humans looked like uncanny horrors that give Cthulhu nightmares) though the colors and lighting are jacked beyond all reason. Why does literally everything look like it's covered in gloss? There's something off about it. Those aliens don't look the best either; very humanized and generic looking.
  10. Swordbreaker

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    When I mention marketing, I only do so because the game isn't out yet and I'm going by what they are advertising. I will concede if the situation changes, but you don't know more than I do, so we're on even ground. You know this disproves you, right? When it comes to gambling, the outcome is either a jackpot or a loss. A gambler considers the odds, chances their money, and either wins the prize or doesn't. FFG are not selling a chance to get a playable game, they are selling a game. The only thing is you don't know what picture is printed on the cards. That's the difference. You will always get the product you are paying for (that is, a game with procedurally generated components). You put down $10, and you get $10 worth of product. If I were gambling, putting down $10 doesn't mean I will get $10 worth of product. Satisfaction is not guaranteed, but that applies to anything that you can buy.
  11. Swordbreaker

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    Ah, no. When Destiny first started doing lootboxes, they had a set of armor that, if you collected the whole set, you'd get a special emote. Problem was, there was no guarantee that you'd get the armor, and no guarantee you would not get the same piece of armor over and over. And the armor was cosmetic only, so it was all but worthless to get more than one piece. There was also other stuff in the boxes that I can't remember, but nothing as desirable as the armor and emote. While some people may have won the full set in 5 minutes, others may have spent months and much more money and never get the emote. This is the strategy that lootboxes, boosters, and gambling is built on. They set a jackpot on a pedestal, tempting players to try and hit it. They want people to dump money with no assurance that they will win. Nothing I have seen shows that either unique game does this. KeyForge and Discover are not part of something that you have to find and assemble, nor are they saying "keep buying until you get something you can actually use," they are selling a complete product that you can use forevermore if you so desire.
  12. Swordbreaker

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    I like how you ignore the actual point I was making and zero in on something irrelevant. That's why my comparison is called a metaphor. I'm not disagreeing that EA and other AAA game developers practice shady business, or that the ESA's argument is bogus. What they do is like building a gumball machine that drops capsules that may contain a piece of candy or may contain confetti. And their argument is that they aren't s selling candy, just a chance at candy. The comparison of KeyForge and Discover to lootboxes, though, is faulty. Lootboxes, as well as booster packs from collectible games like MtG, Pokemon, and Star Wars Destiny, are usually packed with junk you don't need or want. When people buy lootboxes or booster packs, they are trying to get specific things. It could be a powerful weapon in a lootbox, or a certain powerful card in a card game, or whatever else, but they are spending money on a blind box to hopefully get a certain object. The thing is, neither KeyForge or Discover are saying that's something you need to do. You said: This is where the problem lies with your argument. Nothing in either announcement article says that faction hunting or character chasing is something the game is designed for or towards. They aren't advertising certain archons over others, nor are they saying a particular survivor in Discover will be help players excel at the game; just, simply, that these elements are randomized and each box has a unique set of contents, but they are fully playable on their own. With MtG, by contrast, if you want to play competitively, they expect you to buy boosters until you get the cards you want or need to deck-build. Now, chances are, there will be people who do want to faction hunt or collect characters. The best way to do this would be buy secondhand from people who'll list the contents for them. If anybody does otherwise, they are probably stupid.
  13. Swordbreaker

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    Put it this way: KeyForge and Discover both use the same business model as a gumball machine. When you put a coin in a gumball machine, you are not promised a particular color or flavor of gumball, but you do get a gumball. You get exactly what you paid for, and you get exactly what was advertised. Every time you buy a KeyForge deck or a Discover box, you should be getting a fully playable game. They are not promising certain factions, nor are they promising you will always win with it, but you should have a fully playable game. Lootboxes, by contrast, are like putting money into a gumball machine for a chance at a gumball. No assurance you get anything at all for your money, just an attempt.
  14. Swordbreaker

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    I mean, that's the entirely wrong mindset to have? The advert isn't saying "you will be hunted by wolves," and then when you buy it, there are no wolves. You will be in a survival scenario, with the specifics unique to your table. That's all they are promising, which is why they are going to only preview mechanics and not individual characters and scenarios as much as they can.