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  1. Good survey, but a bit unsure of some of the proposed changes. The problem with crossbows is that they got quite restrictive upgrades and a relatively high cost making them "only strong in the 3x1 formation with rank discipline + x". The other archers has some more flexibility in how you build them with innate abilities. High damage is really all the crossbows got (and mostly in that formation) but even then 2x1 of Deepwoods with tempered steel is better in damage to cost ratio.
  2. I'd go with a combination of 1 & 2 darker hair and lighter highlights on the face. If in doubt more contrast? Quite new to minniature painting so would take what I say with a pinch of salt.
  3. It doesn't fit thematically very well. If anything, I think that a unique upgrade slot would be better. From the lore: Elemental runes may also impart some of their nature to the golem's temperament: aggression for fire, stoicism for ice, or cleverness for lightning. If they can be clever they shuld be able to lern a skill? Also thought there were something somewhere about the golems needing the minds of warroiurs to be animated to life? Besides spearmen dont get a skill but shuld be able to lern them, so i dont think thematic restrictsions shuld be to hard... Do like the idea of having rank or know your ennemy on golems
  4. So with the land endures announcement, maybe the community should get together to choose deployments and objectives for pseudo-organized play? I'm all for tournaments having their own objectives and deployments too as the variation may be welcome. Also for all smaller groups out there (includes my own), you should check out the
  5. Wow that campaign did seem awesome, would love to read some more of your campaigning adventures . Have one question though, why the elongated map? would not a more square one be preferable or is this to prevent two players to gang up on one of their opponents? We are also a group of three players, same factions. Did you manage to make a campaign? and if so how did you change the rules?
  6. Have anyone done the calculations on 2x1 Dimodian blade death knights? Seems quite strong of the top of my mind maybe a new boss in town as far as damage per point for 2x1 cavalry? The 1x3 was more of a rant against the unit than anything, though I had not considered the heralds. As far as health per point the comparison between death knights and 1x3 Lenox are apt, but as far as I was concerned that's where similarities end. Still, the heralds may make them less of a fringe case unit.
  7. I find that the 1x3 Lenox with column tactics has a 'low' damage per point with a high variance. Thus I find the 2x1 a superior unit as its easier to sacrifice if needed. Also yo get less hp per point spent in the 1x3 formation w column tactics versus the 2x1. The one place for them is maybe a MSU style list though where you need to thread the needle from behind your blocking/snaring units. In all, I do believe the 1x3 is a fringe case unit. The Greenwatch and Warsong herald id never considered that may indeed be what a 1x3 Lenox need to be sufficiently strong. It is probably true that bolonets/vicious roots and shooting units are one of the stronger combinations. Some of the experiment with the list was how good a non-shooting Latari would do. A more aggressive style for the faction. As stated one of the more difficult things to set up is the immobilize because of the range condition. This makes it quite possible for fast movers to pierce through the first unit while it was not able to use its upgrade, and maybe more so in passive lists where there exists one ideal range to engage the opponents at. Opponents are usually quite aware of this condition and not so forthcoming to grant us an engagement at ideal ranges. Here is where I believe an aggressive list focused at melee combat has a slight advantage as they similarly want to go close making it easier to set up a immobilize. While the potential gain in a ranged list with immobilizing could be higher the reliably is not necessarily the same. And immobilize is still bringing good value in a maneuvering list. Take the example from turn 3 with the Lenox and Oathsworn cavalry. If there was a unit of Dranati warriors w bolonets they could 'force' the Oathsworn to do a move 2, move 2 closing the three-four range before getting immobilized by a Dranati w bolonets doing an int 3, move 1 skill combination. Whats effectively a range 4 immobilize. This can force the opponents out of position or help you set up charges improving your first strike capabilities. I still think that the 2x1 Sicon 'Kneeecappers' are viable as bringing two immobilize for one unit is of such a high value, but that they should work in unison with another immobilizing unit or units. Greenwatch herald should help that formation too, may be another strong point for a shooting list.
  8. In my small group, we have purchased the Genesys roleplaying RPG and the Terrinoth lore book. The single reason was Runewars the miniature game. The plan is to incorporate our games in Runewars into the RPG. Looking at the battle from afar, hearing rumors of fallen castles, defeating and escaping vanguards of armies, smuggling supplies (Davos style?) to places and so on. One of the better things about the RPG and Runewars alike is that they are quite simple games to teach so the potential is quite large for cross-interest of the two games. The players' number and community of Runewars are small but the fact that they got a passionate community that sells the game too other players, and that other Terinoth games get increased interest makes me believe that they will continue to support this game.
  9. Wow,FFG Please this. Great suggestion!@Viktus106 would be awesome if we had a was to report battles taking place somewhere in terrinoth (mennerna) according to the location on the planet say where it takes place and why.
  10. Another great report Those Ventala are some nicely painted models! Careful wall of texst* As I was the one requesting the list I have some few thoughts of the performance of the list after reading the report. Firstly would be the deployment, the flanking Sicon unit seems a bit odd as I intended them as a utility/blocking piece for the army. Thus putting one on the flank far away** from the units it's intended to support seems off, but then again there were scouts to consider. ** Due to the direction of the Lenox , Prince F and so on... Secondly, the good performance of the 2x1 Lenox. For the neet price of 22 points you get a cheap, high mobility flanking unit. The math works out, 2x1 Lenox w rank discipline is the formation that provides the second highest expected damage per point for all cavalry in the 2x1 formation only beaten by itself with moment of inspiration (I belive the calculations are correct but errors may have occurred). The argument for rank discipline over moment of inspiration is that it helps more when looking for surges when at 1x1 and looking for that mortal wound, and it does not exhaust. Thirdly, the bad performance of the 2x2 Lenox with Aliana embedded. One situation sticks out the charge duel w the oathsworn. The lenox had Aliana, Bull Pennon, Triumphant cry and Moment of inspiration. If @Jukey had the priority in turn 3 ( @picotheguyyo had this game) and they had raven tabards the outcome of the game may have changed dramatically. This goes twice for Lenox as the first strike capability is the extra important when you play high damage, low health units. For that reason alone raven tabards would probably be impactful then bull pennon banner. Then again impact 3 is fun 😆. The same kind of goes for triumphant cry, as if it where to be changed with metered march moving late and setting up charges for your initiative turns may be achieved. Movement of inspiration was chosen over rank discipline because of diminishing returns on rank discipline. The moment of inspiration also gets increased value due to Prince F's inspiration starting ability. There is also the question if a ¨50 points Lenox has required game impact compared to the sustainability for the unit. Whatever comes after thirdly, the Sicons. The list kind of relies on the Sicons performance as they are intended to immobilize opponents and let prince F and the gang to flank and dismantle targets. However, this may be wishful thinking as the range 1-3 condition on bolonets and vicious roots are hard to set up, especially for Sicons. the difficult part is a late shoot at 6 and a skill on the action dile. Thus they need to be in range 1-3 at the start of their turn to use the bolo nets and at the end of the turn to use the ranged attack. So using only Sicons for this immobilize may be the wrong way to go. Two alternative units come to mind: the 2x1 Dranati warriors with bolonets and the more exspensive but flexible 2x2 Ventala with bolonets. They can move then skill for an easy setup for the next immobilize from the Sicons. 2x1 Sicons with roots and nets are still probably good units but lack some reliability it can seem therfore combining with Dranati or Ventala may be the right way to go. Prince F was heavily upgraded for combat and did ok it seems? But maybe the Etaryon of the Aliar is bether for this list as he could shift the sicons and others in range more easely set up charges, immobilize and flanks? Then again he took a beating for quite some time and did ok damage before he died. The survivability and dammage may increse if its easyer to set up immobilizes and engage more on your therms. The 2x1 Ventala seems too have done their job quite well but where more of a filler unit but the versatility of those guys are great. rank discipline may have been a good upgrade for another good 22 point unit like the 2x1 rank discipline Lenox. Finding possible improvement for the lists after reading or playing a game of Runewars is a good exercise and shows the huge variation of tactics found in this game of ours. I honestly didn't think I had this much reflection on the list but as the one that requested and designed the list, I guess I was invested, and that the game report made me consider the list in a new way. Of course the biggest lost opportunity in this game was the deployment of the Sicons, they should have changed places so the orange 'burning one' stod in the forest fire 😁
  11. Deepwood Archers [17] 2x1Tempered Steel [3]Total Unit Cost: 20Deepwood Archers [17] 2x1Tempered Steel [3]Total Unit Cost: 20Aymhelin Scions [14] 1x1Total Unit Cost: 14Leonx Riders [30] 2x2Aliana of Summersong [12]Raven Tabards [2]Metered March [2]Total Unit Cost: 46 One archer as a bloker for the other archer and the sicon on the side bloking. Lenox a versatile solo unit. There are always some list on https://tabletopadmiral.com/runewars/ and quite easy too make ones own :-)
  12. Great battle report, always a compelling read In game 2 could the reanimates charge Faolan? Wouldn't they have been prevented by a immobilize?
  13. Happy New Year! Let's hope for new lore from the world of Mennara
  14. Insperd by Church14's winning list from worlds i would like to copy the long range charge. I play Daquan so do agressive conicern work with windrune?
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