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  1. I have little exsperience with scouts but find the potensial agressive nature of seasoned pathfinder to be intresting. That said going for it is a dubble edge sword as with bad terrain-placement and/or play may just throw away the unit for no apparent gain. I actualy Imagine that going second is the best in shuch a case to get the initiative round two when you have popped out of the terrain. The terrain placement is also of intrest i belive that the optimal placement for the scouts are when two terrain pices are close to and flanking the deployment area of your opponent while also having one pice near you or an objective so you can choose to deploy safely if the situasion calls for it. The 4x1 of scouts with ranked disipline have a quite consistent dammage output (4-8) and have the ability for a initiative 4 bank charge giving a bit more range if the ennemy is noncomplient with moving towards the terrain. The bad thing about the configuration is that you need to have Hawthorne, but hey he is fast though. Here is an agressive list that I came up with: 199/200 Outland Scouts [32] 2x2 Seasoned Pathfinder [4] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 40 Outland Scouts [32] 2x2 Seasoned Pathfinder [4] Know Your Enemy [2] Total Unit Cost: 38 Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1 Sweeping Strikes [5] Total Unit Cost: 39 Spearmen [59] 3x3 Lance Corporal [6] Tempered Steel [3] Front Line Rune Golem [7] Cursed Signets [2] Aggressive Cornicen [5] Total Unit Cost: 82 I would have liked a ranked disipline on the second souts too, and know that sweeping steikes on Hawthorne is a bit wierd but it is fun to use and gives you a bit of exstra range... The spear star needs a bit of optimasation as i belive there are bether configurations for it. Maybe throw in a windrune to traversen the table a bit faster? The list is all about rushing inn annyway...
  2. How do this interaction work? As far as I read it Close Quarters Targeting (CQT) only states that it makes you able to preform ranged attacks while engaged. Charge states if the charging unit crashes with an ennemy they preform a melee attack action. As the ranged attack is not transformed to a melee attack CQT don't work on charges as i read it. Or is a melee ranged attack also cosidered a melee attack action?
  3. Ok, so let's exsplore the Baron Z with blockers and not drop forged in battle ( ). So im dropping Hawthorne since i wont be using his lessons of the seragart ability and he lacks shooting. Kari with Deepwoods is nice but so is 3x1 crossbows... The first list uses Baron Z and golems as blockers, and windrune cav as mobile unit that's objective hunting or in reserve. It would be realy nice with fortunas dice on Baron Z but im to attached to my windrune on the cav's. Grey haven runelore may be the whay to go then, but giving out banes of your choice seems good espessialy when the golems slow down units. The other list is simmilar with the exseption that the 3x1 crossbows are changed for a 3x2 and the liberated points are spent on fortunas dice and coloumn tactics. Did also throw in forged in battle and close quarters targeting for the 3x2 crossbows. Honestly im not sure what list would be more viable anny ideas/comments? A: 200/200 Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1 Nerekhall Training [4] Total Unit Cost: 42 Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1 Tempered Steel [3] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 34 Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1 Tempered Steel [3] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 34 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17 Oathsworn Cavalry [46] 2x3 Forged In Battle [4] Wind Rune [6] Total Unit Cost: 56 B: 200/200 Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1 Fortunas Dice [6] Nerekhall Training [4] Total Unit Cost: 48 Heavy Crossbowmen [48] 3x2 Forged In Battle [4] Tempered Steel [3] Close Quarters Targeting [3] Total Unit Cost: 58 Oathsworn Cavalry [46] 2x3 Forged In Battle [4] Wind Rune [6] Column Tactics [4] Total Unit Cost: 60 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17
  4. @sarumanthewhite How do your first list fare vs fast agressive hitters? seems to me that upgraded crossbows are good but i find it intreaguing to hear your exsperience. Maybe change one of the eqipments to a tempered steel to get that juciy increased dammage? Also changing from visored helms to shieldwall on the tanking* crossbows free up two points but make you more exsposed to big units. If you then remove CQT on the back most crossbows (or tempred steel on spears) you can get a Shield of Margath and Might of Daquan hawthorne as a blocker. A comment to the other list is that it seems terrifying, but I imagine that it lacks a bit of map precense? Thx for the feedback, i can see your argument that the forged in battle is an inherently slow card. My intension where to threthen flanks them while runegolems, deepwoods archers and the baron would to the blocking for the crossbowmen. I dont play vs manny Uthuk so I may still have truble estimating their impact on their speed. Taking that into account the new configuration on the oathsworn takes file leader. With a i3 attack and defence up the oathsworn becomes quite strong. I can see the argument for taking Lord H instead of Baron Z. However when playing against Hawthorne ignoring him whan he takes Might of Daquan and Shield of Margath is an option if you manage to manover around him. Adding him in though for a though blocker. Not a big fan of Deepwood Archers? In the new (hopefuly improved list) they get the configuration of 4x1 with tempered giving them an damage of 8-12 per shoot. I did remove the golem in favour of a 2x1 oathsworn with windrune. This is most for a mobile objective unit - changing this unit to a golem gives 9 points so if there are some upgrades (dispach runner on the Deepwoods? and shieldwall on the Cavalry?) that might where I would start Oathsworn are re-configured to 3x2, with ranked disipline and tempered steel that's around 10 average dammage a turn the requierd threshold for taking on tanky Uthouk spine treshers. ( that's the idea at least ) 200/200 Oathsworn Cavalry [46] 3x2 File Leader [6] Tempered Steel [3] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 59 Kari Wraithstalker [32] 1x1 Fortunas Dice [6] Total Unit Cost: 38 Deepwood Archers [30] 4x1 Tempered Steel [3] Total Unit Cost: 33 Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1 Shield of Margath [6] Might of Daqan [4] Total Unit Cost: 44 Oathsworn Cavalry [20] 2x1 Wind Rune [6] Total Unit Cost: 26
  5. Two questions: One: Do the Agressive Conicern work on the shift of a windrune? Two: Do you do the charge and attack then reform? (Ex. Sideways charging) Exsample of unit: Spearmen [59] 3x3Citadel Weapons Master [8]Wind Rune [6]Front Line Rune Golem [7]Raven Tabards [2]Aggressive Cornicen [5]Total Unit Cost: 87
  6. What about this modification? Baron and golems are blocker's while Kari and Oath sworn are agressive elements. The deepwoods/golem dont mind stunns that mutch and your mobile cavalery gets more thretening as the game goes on. 199/200 Kari Wraithstalker [32] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 32 Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 38 Deepwood Archers [17] 2x1 Tempered Steel [3] Total Unit Cost: 20 Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1 Tempered Steel [3] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 34 Oathsworn Cavalry [46] 2x3 Forged In Battle [4] Wind Rune [6] Raven Tabards [2] Total Unit Cost: 58 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17
  7. I could not agree more. I had and still have good exsperiences playing this game. Although there are few to no other players localy I have procured armies so me and my friends can play, even though I couldnt get them to buy into the game. The lore and game mecanics make the game sing when it first gets to the table, never with a dull moment. In the opening we are guaging the opponents moves, in the middle crashing armies, failed charges, despicable deseption and blody battle ensues. And during the final stages og the game, it is quick as we have few pices that we try too squeese out the last few points that matter. It is a game that never overstays its welcome and allways creates good discussions, that's how you know that It's a good game.
  8. Good survey, but a bit unsure of some of the proposed changes. The problem with crossbows is that they got quite restrictive upgrades and a relatively high cost making them "only strong in the 3x1 formation with rank discipline + x". The other archers has some more flexibility in how you build them with innate abilities. High damage is really all the crossbows got (and mostly in that formation) but even then 2x1 of Deepwoods with tempered steel is better in damage to cost ratio.
  9. I'd go with a combination of 1 & 2 darker hair and lighter highlights on the face. If in doubt more contrast? Quite new to minniature painting so would take what I say with a pinch of salt.
  10. It doesn't fit thematically very well. If anything, I think that a unique upgrade slot would be better. From the lore: Elemental runes may also impart some of their nature to the golem's temperament: aggression for fire, stoicism for ice, or cleverness for lightning. If they can be clever they shuld be able to lern a skill? Also thought there were something somewhere about the golems needing the minds of warroiurs to be animated to life? Besides spearmen dont get a skill but shuld be able to lern them, so i dont think thematic restrictsions shuld be to hard... Do like the idea of having rank or know your ennemy on golems
  11. So with the land endures announcement, maybe the community should get together to choose deployments and objectives for pseudo-organized play? I'm all for tournaments having their own objectives and deployments too as the variation may be welcome. Also for all smaller groups out there (includes my own), you should check out the
  12. Wow that campaign did seem awesome, would love to read some more of your campaigning adventures . Have one question though, why the elongated map? would not a more square one be preferable or is this to prevent two players to gang up on one of their opponents? We are also a group of three players, same factions. Did you manage to make a campaign? and if so how did you change the rules?
  13. Have anyone done the calculations on 2x1 Dimodian blade death knights? Seems quite strong of the top of my mind maybe a new boss in town as far as damage per point for 2x1 cavalry? The 1x3 was more of a rant against the unit than anything, though I had not considered the heralds. As far as health per point the comparison between death knights and 1x3 Lenox are apt, but as far as I was concerned that's where similarities end. Still, the heralds may make them less of a fringe case unit.
  14. I find that the 1x3 Lenox with column tactics has a 'low' damage per point with a high variance. Thus I find the 2x1 a superior unit as its easier to sacrifice if needed. Also yo get less hp per point spent in the 1x3 formation w column tactics versus the 2x1. The one place for them is maybe a MSU style list though where you need to thread the needle from behind your blocking/snaring units. In all, I do believe the 1x3 is a fringe case unit. The Greenwatch and Warsong herald id never considered that may indeed be what a 1x3 Lenox need to be sufficiently strong. It is probably true that bolonets/vicious roots and shooting units are one of the stronger combinations. Some of the experiment with the list was how good a non-shooting Latari would do. A more aggressive style for the faction. As stated one of the more difficult things to set up is the immobilize because of the range condition. This makes it quite possible for fast movers to pierce through the first unit while it was not able to use its upgrade, and maybe more so in passive lists where there exists one ideal range to engage the opponents at. Opponents are usually quite aware of this condition and not so forthcoming to grant us an engagement at ideal ranges. Here is where I believe an aggressive list focused at melee combat has a slight advantage as they similarly want to go close making it easier to set up a immobilize. While the potential gain in a ranged list with immobilizing could be higher the reliably is not necessarily the same. And immobilize is still bringing good value in a maneuvering list. Take the example from turn 3 with the Lenox and Oathsworn cavalry. If there was a unit of Dranati warriors w bolonets they could 'force' the Oathsworn to do a move 2, move 2 closing the three-four range before getting immobilized by a Dranati w bolonets doing an int 3, move 1 skill combination. Whats effectively a range 4 immobilize. This can force the opponents out of position or help you set up charges improving your first strike capabilities. I still think that the 2x1 Sicon 'Kneeecappers' are viable as bringing two immobilize for one unit is of such a high value, but that they should work in unison with another immobilizing unit or units. Greenwatch herald should help that formation too, may be another strong point for a shooting list.
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