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  1. Laminate armour x3... I'm beginning to question my choice of combat coat for her! Especially since the imperial has made it a priority to burst damage her down first in all the games so far.. I think we have a group with some decent synergy if we keep Murne, Lando, Onar and Verena close together. The problem is that each mission so far has dictated that we split up to run objectives before the clock runs out. This game never stops hitting you with strategic challenges! As we learn these characters, I'm guessing we'll be better for the finale.
  2. I'm thinking the same. Lack of a gap closer is killing her effectiveness. We've mostly been using Onar to try to disrupt the imperials use of blocking shenanigans, never thought of the 1-2 spaces he might give Verena! Good tip!
  3. Hey folks, our squad is now 1-2 in the Bespin campaign, and the last two missions have been difficult to say the least. Need your expert tips before tackling the final mission (Hostile Takeover) Some background: Imperial - Black Ops Rebels: murne (company of heroes, rebel propaganda, waylay), E-11 Onar (get down, keep up, brute strength), starter weapon (we should have given him the E11 once murne got waylay) Davith (shrouded lightsaber, covert operative), guard, hilt Lando (lando) Verena (point blank shot, combat momentum), DL44, tac display We're in the last upgrade phase and I've got 5 xp to spend (each rebel will have a total of 9 xp, the imperials 11). I'm torn about how to complete Verena's 9 xp build. The imperial has been doing a great job at creating gaps and making it hard for her to gain position for close quarters, and further frustrating her use of PBS with the hide mechanic. Since both combat mastery and master operative shine when adjacent to enemies, and I'm having trouble closing gaps (and dealing with hidden) , perhaps I'd be better off maxing out on lower xp abilities (Ktara, create opening, student of battle) to complete her build. Any thoughts?
  4. May be hard to position her to pull it off, but three attacks in one action is nothing to sneeze at! Will make her strain-heavy though. Solidarity will be a must.
  5. I was looking forward to seeing her with a Lead from the Front build, but now that we have an ally, it just seems like Waylay helps us maximize that activation advantage!
  6. That's a great way of looking at it. One trooper with Company of Heroes vs. a whole squad without!
  7. Hey folks, trying to optimize hero build choices for Bespin Gambit. Does anyone recall how much xp is available for wins and losses after each mission? We started with 3 xp, then earned 2 xp (plus Lando) after winning the first mission. Is it generally 2 xp for a win and 1 for a loss? Side question. No spoilers please ? Since we earned Lando, is "Company of Heroes" and "Waylay" a better build for Murne (currently has rebel propaganda) than "Lead From The Front"? Other heroes are Onar (brute strength), Davith (shrouded lightsaber) and Verena (point blank shot). Imperial deck is black ops.
  8. Fenn/Mak/Gaarkhan and Diala in full support mode looks like a pretty kick *** group to me.
  9. Well, I did enjoy crushing the rebels on Hoth. But, in my defense, those rebel scum had it coming...
  10. I just looked at this deck. Yikes. Does not favor a melee-heavy squad. I'm also not crazy about the competition for weapons and mods with both Davith and Shyla in tow. And while Shyla and Davith can both be built to do some crowd control, seems like Verena would truly shine in this role if Bespin is a lot of interior spaces. Plus, Murne can help her with strain mitigation via Rebel Propaganda and Figurehead. In fact, Murne seems born to that role. So, how does Davith/Onar/Verena/Murne grab you? ?
  11. IAWTP If the goal is fun, then ban ST. If the goal is *real* fun, as Subtrendy said, lift the ban on heroes, have the IMP choose a fun deck, and limit the # of agenda cards in any one mission (4 is a good target). That way, the newbies will have a blast (particularly with Fenn! Lol), the imperial will have a challenge (if he's good at this game, he should embrace a challenge), and most importantly, THE NEWBIES WILL WANT TO PLAY AGAIN. Which is the best outcome of all, no? ?
  12. When I played as an imperial, I absolutely wrecked a savvy group of rebels with technological superiority. If the Imp has a take-no-prisoner attitude, he may put more hurt on your team with that deck vs. the more straightforward military might (especially once he gets into the 3 and 4 xp cards). Also, in terms of painful agenda cards, the "means of production" mission gives the imperial the most powerful attachment in the game (imperial industry), especially when combined with TS. Beware that one. "High value target" is another, devastating imperial agenda.
  13. Oh, and she will...? After that, I'm thinking the priority would be solidarity, then propaganda...
  14. This is the piece I missed! I assumed it referred only to her own number of activation tokens. Powerhouse indeed! That's just... ridiculous. However, with Onar also wanting hand cannon as part of "don't make me hurt you", how would you prioritize who gets the cannon? Perhaps Murne makes more sense given the accuracy bonus. Trust me, I'm sold! Lol Move over Onar. There's a new damage sponge in town ? Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Oh my...I was reading that wrong. I thought the "number of activation tokens in play" on her card was referring only to *Murne's* activation tokens (e.g., one token for regular, two for heroic/ legendary). THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. As usual, you have blown my mind a1bert. Thank you! With Onar in the mix, there's going to be some heavy competition for that hand cannon! ?
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