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  1. Couldn’t be happier that there are no dice. Nothing is more frustrating in a game than feeling like I’ve done everything I can to prepare and then rolling blanks...ugh. I’m really excited for the idea of being able to prepare a deck and even if I turn up a terrible check (which I’ll likely have some idea of before checking) I know that I’m guaranteed a certain number of successes in subsequent checks if I draw enough cards. Also, preparing the deck adds a ton more strategy and decision making which I love...not just moving and rolling.
  2. I don't have much of a problem with the damage spilling over. As long as the difficulty ends up feeling right I can understand it from a thematic sense. In the movies/books it seems that the heroes often get several shots/swings in before the enemy ever gets a chance to hit back. I'm envisioning Legolas firing off several arrows and dropping a few orcs before they even get through the door.
  3. I'm expecting this to be similar to MoM and I really despise the dice in MoM - I like the game overall but the dice are just way too volatile for me. The card system in Journeys seems to allow you to set up a certain number of guaranteed successes as you load up the top of the deck and obtain the explore tokens (can't remember exactly what they're called). That diminishes as the round progresses before you rally again. However, you will also have the potential to better anticipate what's in your deck as it gets smaller throughout the round. I just really like the idea that a player will be able to better assure success in some cases and still have a good sense of what to expect as the round progresses. A player may draw several successes and know that there aren't too many left in their deck. That would cause them to take different actions - maybe there's some sort of rest action or taking actions with higher stats later in the round to increase the chances of drawing a success. I think it will really add some strategy and tactics to the game that you don't get with dice. It even feels a little thematic to me as characters tire over the course of a round before "rallying".
  4. I actually think I like the idea of a smaller deck in general. While I suppose it does limit some variability in character customization I think it means the player can better predict what they'll be drawing for skill checks and that should improve the strategy of determining which skill to equip or not. I like that skill checks aren't a roll of the dice like MoM and having a smaller deck makes those checks even more predictable. It always drives me nuts when I'm rolling 6 dice and get 0 successes - makes me want to cheat 🙂
  5. Not a major point of contention but it kind of looks to me like the item cards have a different background (based on the player sheets) and wouldn't be in your deck. Additionally, I think the hero cards would work out to 5 per hero (30/6) as they would be specific to each hero, not player, "your hero will rely on their own unique deck of skill cards to overcome the challenges they face." It looks like there are definitely 6 basic cards per player (I think we're seeing all six in this image). Then there are six roles so 12 for each role, "In addition to the hero’s personal skill cards, your hero’s skill deck is also determined by choosing one of six roles!" I suspect the decks are fairly small and since I'm pretty sure they're the ½ size cards, that's probably good to not have a pile of them. It will be interesting to see what the customization options are. It also seems like you grow in the role, "You could take on a new role in each new adventure or choose to deepen your skill in your current role" so I'm not sure if you would even start with all 12 cards for a particular role. That could mean you have pretty small decks to start with and I'm guessing weaknesses could be added in as you go.
  6. I really hope this leans a little more towards MoM than Imperial Assault/Decent. It obviously has a campaign more like IA/D but I'd love for there to be more of an exploration/investigation theme than either of those have (at least in my somewhat limited playing). I'd like to see puzzles/riddles to solve as well as opportunities to avoid danger/combat. Something along the lines of seeing a big troll down by the river but we stick to a path high above to avoid his notice. I should be able to make a decision on whether or not we engage - at least in some cases. We'll at least TRY to slip through the Mines of Moria undetected while avoiding traveling too closely to Isengard. Maybe we can trick some trolls into staying up until dawn arguing instead swinging swords in futility. While I'm sure I'd still enjoy it, I'd be a little disappointed if this ends up being a run around and kill things kind of game. IA often has me feeling like the exploration is an afterthought - you open a door and a bunch of enemies are waiting (that sort of fits with Star Wars though).
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