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  1. Had the delight of playing multiplayer with Brad Andres at the Kotei today at UK games expo 2018. We then introduced the gametype to 3 others and we had a great laugh! Our group feedback follows: The treaties can be quite hard to follow in larger groups, especially those that last multiple rounds. Potentially a limit on number of treaties and timescale could be explored to simplify game management in an already busy format. Brads description of the game was hands down perfect. A FFG video tutorial would work fantastically in displaying this same showcase style to aid understanding when flipping between game types. Thanks Michael McCormick
  2. Hi all. Just a quick question, I was playing L5R online ( I forget the sites name gijoku maybe) and an interesting situation came up. My stronghold was attacked via military and the game allowed me to use raise the alarm on any province. Is this a bug in their build or am I missing something about the rules surrounding strongholds being attached to any province in an attack? An official reply would help sort this Thanks
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