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  1. Hi, a follow on question.... When lando has L3 attached does he have 5 Shields for the purposes of benefiting from L3 ability or can I spend his 3 first and use the ability before spending the shuttles?
  2. Hi, I'm having an issue with the squad builder on Android. Every time I go into make a new list it brings up a new one with no ships in it, however the name of another saves list is shown. If I just do a new list and save it, it deletes the previous one.
  3. Does a ship that's doesn't shoot in the engagement phase still count as engaging? For the purposes of Disabled Power Regulator critical card?
  4. Does the grand Inquisitor ability cancel Talonbane Cobras extra dice? I understand that he wouldn't get the standard range 1 additional dice but does the ability negate any range 1 skill?
  5. In a situation where two opposing players have these abilities/ pilot is it initiative order that decides? In the example I have asaaj has heightened perception and initiative, she chooses to activate it. However torkil art a lower initiative then activates and nullifies asaaj's power. To me that looks like initiative is actually a penalty?
  6. The should be a clarification that all ships of a given initiative 'engage' at the same time. Then they attack on priority order. Another question though.... If you're on an asteroid, do you still 'engage' even if you don't fire?
  7. Ah Ha, is see. Because the removing stress is part of the complete 'execute manoeuvre' stage. Thanks
  8. I'm not sure what the rules were in 1.0 because I never had a chance to use debris. However I read an article that said the stress was received after the Check pilot stress step. However I see no such wording in the new rules. I'd like to know if I can do a green manoeuvre through the debris field and clear the stress that it gives me.
  9. Starviper upgrade Virago does not yet amend the shield value. It also does not add the additional modification slot either.
  10. The rules for Harpoon state that a critical hit activated the ability. If a enemy ship which is harpooned has 2 HP left and is hit by 2 undefended hits and an undefended critical. Does the Harpoon ability still activate for the critical hit before it is destroyed (effectively hitting each nearby ship twice?)
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