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    Matt3412 reacted to Alino in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    If I were to add the Black Sun or the Hutt Cartel as a 3rd Major Faction (and not the army in a box idea), I think having all the different named bounty hunters as Special Forces units would work.
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    Matt3412 reacted to wintermoonwolf in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    wookies.....very much wookies as 3rd army!!
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    Matt3412 reacted to Willesee in With the Current State of Wave 1 - Empire or Rebels?   
    I’m hoping they will do a scum faction like Xwing eventually 
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    Matt3412 reacted to devin.pike.1989 in With the Current State of Wave 1 - Empire or Rebels?   
    I will be collecting both equally.  Most likely I will be playing rebels mostly since my son is an Imperial at heart.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Xodis in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    Totally need a 3rd faction that just brings in all the other smaller factions to the game.

    Makes sense that Imps/Rebs can all acquire some Bounty Hunters or Mandalorians, we've even seen it in canon already. There are just SOME units that I dont see aligning with either though. Black Sun, Hutts, etc... This also works well if they decide to create Clone Wars units since all of those 3rd parties were involved in 1 way or the other.
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    Matt3412 reacted to devin.pike.1989 in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    Also in game terms, clones, Stormtroopers and first order troopers are not really different in any meaningful way. Same with rebel vs resistance troopers. The only thing that really stands out as different is the Droid army. But as jcmonson pointed out there is a Canon reason to include them I'm a scum/criminal faction.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Sk3tch in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    That's a really good point, This would be coming out right around the time people are thinking, we need another army or 2.... 
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    Matt3412 reacted to Admiral Deathrain in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    What is so bad about breaking immersion, though? What-if scenarios are pretty popular, and pretty enjoyable, too. I like how in X-Wing you can answer the question What if Kylo Ren actually worked together with Darth Vader?" Turns out they would have made a spectacular team. Or how you can test who is better in a dogfight, Wedge in his prime or Poe?
    Nothing stops you from staying in era if you don't want to do that, but having the option is fun.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Lord Tareq in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    The opportunity for making more credits.
    That said I'd prefer a distinct Hutt faction and a distinct Black Suns/Exchange whatever faction over a generic Scum faction, though I'd be fine with the latter. Hutt could be more focused on beasts, bountyhunters and skiffs. Black Suns or Exchange more on swoopbikes, hitmen/assassins and mechs. Mandalorians would be nice as a separate faction too.
    None of this would preclude FFG from releasing certain 'mercenary' units that can be used by any army.
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    Matt3412 reacted to devin.pike.1989 in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    Yes but this game is not about the grand scale war. It is about individual platoon sized engagements. I suppose with characters like Boba or Dengar, keeping them as mercenaries might make sense but that still doesn't rule out a criminal faction. There are plenty of reasons why pirates or bounty hunters would be engaging rebels or the empire. This game is about taking objectives.  That could be a crate of kyber crystals or a holocron, things that people looking to make money would want. There it's also the mechanical side to consider. Right now we have a faction that uses heavier armored troopers and a faction of highly mobile hard hitting troopers. We do not have a faction that employs a horde of cheap units. That would fit scum really well!  Cheap weequay pirates armed with blaster pistols and vibroblades.
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    Matt3412 reacted to devin.pike.1989 in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    I would say that boba Fett getting along with a few squads of pirates and some gammorean warriors to accomplish a specific objective is very believable. Legion is barely even a platoon level game. The rebellion is certainly not homogenous either. We have learned that from Star wars rebels and rogue one. You have small cells like Phoenix squadron that don't get much help from the larger rebellion and then you even have splinter groups like saw gerreras partisans who don't even associate with the rebels any more. On the imperial side there are also people who either don't get along or work in direct opposition to each other, they just have advantage of a unifying emperor. People like tarkin, krennic and Vader would be murdering each other receipt for the cause.
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    Matt3412 reacted to CerseisAdvocate in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    They could go with some kind of subfaction system that allows crossovers but promote staying mostly in faction.
    I do not like to see the Republic and the CIS I understand that thei offer a lot of material but crossing timelines is poison for the immersion.
    The best things about the clone war material could be brought into the GCW anyway. It makes a lot sense that clone war weapons and material are still used in the GCW and 90% of the CIS could come to legion as Droid Gothra Scum subfaction anyway. The remaining waste of clones and gungans is pretty dull anyway.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Extropia in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    For me, Scum actually fit into this much better than they do in X-Wing. There's a lot of novels/games etc featuring fights against pirates, gangs, Hutt Cartels and all sorts of other assorted stuff. Given the scale of the Legion games, a lot of criminal groups could muster that sort of force. in the case of the Hutts, it'd barely even ergister on their radar as a force at all.
    That being said, it'd be a distant priority on my "wants" list, but i'd certainly not have an issue with it. And for sure certain scum/independents should also work for 1 or both of the "main" factions.
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    Matt3412 reacted to devin.pike.1989 in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    I'm curious as to why you don't like the idea of a scum faction.  The criminal factions of Star wars are hugely iconic and most definitely hold a massive amount of power and influence in the galaxy. They truly are a third faction in the actual movies (albeit one that works more in the shadows) and it would be a shame to see them relegated to a few tack on units and characters for the other factions. Mainly because the other factions have enough awesome stuff of their own.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Copes in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    A third faction shouldn't be a specific crime syndicate, but just "Scum and Villainy" in general if they go that route. 

    I would prefer the faction be neutral, or "hireable" by the Rebels and Empire, but I would also be content with them as a third faction.

    That said, my preference would be Republic and Separatists. I want a Battle Droid army so incredibly baddly.
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    Matt3412 reacted to mini78 in Some more scratch built terrain   
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    Matt3412 reacted to TUZ in TUZ LEGION LOG   
    I've been working on a tower. A nice big one 

    The inspiration for the design came from the building you can see in the back right of this picture;

    I made the building in 3 stages; top, middle and bottom, sanding and smoothing the foam until I was happy with the design and fit. Wood glue is used to attach the pieces together and works really well on this type of material.

    To make the domed top, I cut away and sanded the polystyrene half-ball to around a third and then filled the resulting hole with some spare foam, sanding the piece down to create a smooth transition. I'll use filler to address any gaps and once a base coat is applied it should tie the model together.
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    Matt3412 reacted to TUZ in TUZ LEGION LOG   
    Can't.....wait.... for.... LEGION!!!
    There's been some fantastic scenery on display from the FFG community and I've been inspired to get building...

    The spaceport was constructed out of standard insulation foam. I find it more useful for sanding and shaping than pink / extruded polystyrene. Great curves! Just remember to wear a good quality respirator when working with the stuff!

    The tissue paper canopy above the stairwell is just a proxy to give me an idea of how it could look with one modelled in.

    The next step will be to model up some plasticard doorways and other gubbins... the landing bay in particular will benefit from piping and some fixtures and fittings to bring it to life...
    Hope you like the work so far. Happy to answer any questions, cheers
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    Matt3412 reacted to Lanthal in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    Surely... SURELY you can't have a game like this and NOT go into Clone Wars era.  I mean, what a waste of an opportunity!  Think of all of the units available on both sides!  The droids would be absolutely badass to play as an army.
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    Matt3412 reacted to VAYASAN in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    vs the imperials there are so many potential enemies.
    Im sure they had planets to subdue at some point?  Why would they have ll that gear if they were not using it for so many years...just waiting for the Rebel Alliance to form?
    Id actually quite like an Imperial Force fighting against  general 'planets' force like a local resistance movement or something.
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    Matt3412 reacted to VAYASAN in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    They can do so much...anything they want really.
    Whats stopping them making a sand people army for example?  If you talk about various eras, you can pick Naboo Defence forces (or whatever you want).
    Wookie army....anything.
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    Matt3412 reacted to devin.pike.1989 in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    I think a scum and villainy faction is super doable. I can think of a bunch of units off the top of my head:
    Pirates: basic trooper unit. Mix of weequay, rodians, humans and devaronians.
    Gammorean warriors: special forces unit with crazy hand to hand abilities
    Gun skiffs: heavy units. A slower harder hitting repulsor vehicle.
    Swoop bikes: a muscle car variant on speeder bikes.
    Boba Fett, Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk, Hondo...  All of those could be leaders or characters.
    For people who don't think bounty hunters and pirates should go toe to toe with imperials or rebels I would point you to clone wars or rebels. Both of those have some awesome moments with crime syndicates, pirates and bounty hunters taking on military forces.
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    Matt3412 got a reaction from TUZ in 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate   
    I really want a third faction that could bring a new  play style that would give the game an interesting feel.  It especially would allow for some really cool unit types. 
    Like what FFG did with Jabba's Realm below it was soooo cool. 

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