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    Matt3412 got a reaction from FortyInRed in Republic At War Rules/OC Conversation   
    i don't speak clanker
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    Matt3412 reacted to LTD in Republic At War Rules/OC Conversation   
    Oh Matt, why do you make me kill you?
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    Matt3412 got a reaction from The Jabbawookie in Republic At War Rules/OC Conversation   
    reporting For Duty [can i be a cloneeeeee pleaseeeeee] if not that's cool [LEGION GOT ME HYPED]
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    Matt3412 reacted to GhostofNobodyInParticular in Republic At War Rules/OC Conversation   
    Sweet! You're Republic #4, so we need another CIS player.
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    Matt3412 got a reaction from clontroper5 in Republic At War Rules/OC Conversation   
    reporting For Duty [can i be a cloneeeeee pleaseeeeee] if not that's cool [LEGION GOT ME HYPED]
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    Matt3412 reacted to Shadowshand in FFG Live news   
    Honestly, that gives me time to save up some money for them. I personally don't mind.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Teravoc in FFG Live news   
    Finally R2 and C3PO - Cross faction too. Good job, Crashed Escape pod with them, cant get any more Star wars thematic then that!
    Sad the Sub Faction rumor didn't materialize.
    Only 2 minor surprises, Rex is welcome thought he would appear much later and the Phase II clone troopers. I slightly expected something more distinctive, no idea why really. 
    Good show, Tech glitches aside, well done FFG! I certainly was not disappointed in your announcements.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Dave Grant in Vader, Meta (and other ramblings)   
    I have read a lot of posts, heard a lot of podcasts and seen a lot of videos about Legion that talk about what is / isn't competitive or "meta". I thought I might share some of my thoughts.
    Most people will have no idea who I am (rightly so), so I present my credentials as to why you may wish to hear what I have to say:
    I have been playing "competitive" war-games for 24 years, and generally do quite well. 
    I am from the UK originally but I have travelled a lot with work (currently live in Hong Kong) and played games in many places
    My work keeps me very busy, and not much of a gaming scene in Hong Kong so my only games of Legion have been in the past 5 months in the US (Adepticon) and UK (4 smaller events, including an RPQ). Total 17 games.
    I have only ever taken Vader (because he's awesome), and only ever have 8 activations when playing legion and in my 17 competitive games I have won 16! The only loss was against Luke Cook (current World Champion) at Adepticon. Now many of those games could have gone either way, but I never felt I didn't have a chance when I saw my opponents force - even when they were "top tier meta lists"
    So that brings me to the point of the post: Many content makers seem to have decided what is "good" when it comes to Legion... what forces you should take if you want to win. Many people read this content and so the 'myth' propagates (currently trooper spam + snipers if you want to win). Whilst I don't disagree generally with their points I have found that there are many more competitive options if you have a plan, and can execute it well.
    In the events mentioned I have played 2 main variations (some minor changes between events) of Vader lists: Vader + Boba and Vader + Tank. Full approximate lists (for anyone interested) are below:
    Vader / Boba (3 events in March, 9-1 record)
    Vader: Force Push, Sabre Throw, Force Reflexes
    Boba Fett: Hunter, Stimms, Recon Intel
    Snowtroopers: Flamer, Frag granades, Officer, Recon Intel
    Stormtroopers: Frag granades, Medical Droid
    Stormtroopers: Recon Intel, Frag Granades
    Royal Guard: Electrostaff, Tenacity, Environmental Gear
    Strike Team: Sniper
    Strike Team: Sniper
    Vader / Tank (2 events in July, 7-0 record)
    Vader: Force Push, Force Choke, Anger
    Snowtroopers: Flamer, Frag
    Snowtroopers: Frag, Astromech
    Stormtroopers: Medical Droid
    Death Troopers: DLT, Hunter, Config
    Strike Team: Sniper
    Strike Team: Saboteur, Recon Intel
    Tank: Rifle Pintle
    I believe both lists are strong, can deal OK with any list and I would suggest are very "non-meta". So take what you enjoy, have a plan, make it work :-).
    Don't get me wrong if you enjoy taking a load of troops and snipers then do it, this is for the other guys who want something different, but worry it won't be "competitive" - just 'do you' and make it work :-).
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    Matt3412 reacted to docForsaken in The Doom of the Republic Article and discussion   
    Am I the only person really hoping for a Gungan trooper booster for the Clones.  There would be something so satisfying about a B1 vs Gungan's battle.
  10. Haha
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    Matt3412 reacted to DragonReborn in What do you think the future is for Legion?   
    I'd like to see more objectives, like the priority supplies pack. Especially ones that help vehicles.
    That's the one part of the game that still needs to be addressed, I feel. I bought these big, expensive models that look nice, I shouldn't feel that I'm hindering my ability to compete by playing with them.
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    Matt3412 reacted to arnoldrew in What do you think the future is for Legion?   
    Campaigns with custom/upgradeable commanders, more terrain with special rules and deployment cards, and more big vehicles with a corresponding "Epic" format.
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    Matt3412 reacted to MasterShake2 in Gencon Presales   
    The article calls out Clone Wars core sets, Dewbacks and Shoretroopers all up for presale (but no Tauntaun or Rebel Veterans which is blantant Tautauncism!)
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    Matt3412 reacted to syrath in Jedha Fluff (Not a Beverly Hillbilly’s Dessert)   
    Is there a Jedha after Rogue Ome..well when it comes to the city anyway.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Sirdrasco in First example of a B1 sprue   
    Being that they're on Sprues now make sure to wash them in warm soapy water first to get the release agent off them.
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    Matt3412 reacted to manoftomorrow010 in Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Operative packs leaked   
    Not sure Luke has trouble getting on the table
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    Matt3412 reacted to Cusm in Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Operative packs leaked   
    So now we are missing SWL43, SWL45, SWL46, SWL52, SWL53, SWL54 and SWL55.
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    Matt3412 got a reaction from JediPartisan in Emergency Stims and Fire Support   
    Exactly. I think that penalty is balance enough,
    1 your not going to be able pull it off indefinitely in reality.
    2 order flexibility/strategy is one of the most important things to this game and you are handicapping your self to try to save 2 wounds on a Corps.
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    Matt3412 reacted to JediPartisan in Emergency Stims and Fire Support   
    Someone in this thread mentioned Regeneration as an ability, and though no unit with Fire Support has it, it raises a valid question.
    If you’re saying Stims should activate, because it’s the end of that unit’s activation, then what about Regeneration? Would that activate then too? What about Immobilize tokens, do they get removed? What about Ion tokens? What about Master of the Force?
    There are many abilities and game effects that happen at the end of activation, so it’s not such a cut and dried of a question as you might think.
    I think this will need to be errata’ed/FAQ’ed.
    Good catch by the OP.
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    Matt3412 reacted to nashjaee in Emergency Stims and Fire Support   
    So why do we skip the rally step, but not any end of activation steps? Why would you get to pick and choose?
    And it doesn't say "cannot activate again". It says "cannot activate".
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    Matt3412 reacted to nashjaee in Emergency Stims and Fire Support   
    Correct, you're treated as activated. But you did not actually activate. Therefore you never hit an "end of activation" trigger. All it does is prevent you from activating during that round.
    It's exactly the same as the interaction with panic (Luke Eddy used this tactic on stream). You didn't go through an activation, so you didn't hit a rally step. Therefore you never had an opportunity to panic.
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    Matt3412 reacted to syrath in Emergency Stims and Fire Support   
    No unit with fire support can take emergency stims yet though so currently it's not an issue.
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    Matt3412 reacted to GalacticFister in Legion HQ List Builder Update   
    I have updated the builder with all the new upgrade cards from the livestream. Will do command cards later tonight tomorrow. 
    Will have command cards integrated in the URL sharing later this week.
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    Matt3412 reacted to nashjaee in Emergency Stims and Fire Support   
    The fire support unit counts as “activated”, meaning it does not get to activate as normal. There is no end of activation step, nor rally step. So you can FS to prevent panic and/or suffering the wounds from stims. Keep in mind that stims exhausts, so you can’t permanently keep a unit alive this way; if you keep shooting it will suffer those wounds.
    Also, it should be difficult in practice to get an order onto that unit every turn after stims has been used. This is one of those things that seems strong or broken in the abstract space of “on paper”, but I think it’s totally fine.
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    Matt3412 reacted to Squark in Force Guidance Question [Can you Double up?]   
    No, you cannot equip duplicate copies of an upgrade card. So no doubling up on Esteemed Leader to give corps units guardian 2, no double dipping with Emergency Stims, and no double Force Guidance.
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