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  1. Oh God, I'm gonna hate myself for this ##unvote ##vote @The Jabbawookie HAMMER
  2. Yeah that's where I was right before forty started commenting, its brilliant If hes lying
  3. Did You notice, he also had a chance to hammer both days
  4. @GhostofNobodyInParticular How are you reading all of this right now??
  5. Well If I'm able to I will make sure a vote goes through today. Regardless I have my reasons, I would like to keep them my own for the time being.
  6. Haha well 2 but I mean... that would be interesting
  7. I'm also most likely going to be MIA the last 30-40mins of the day...
  8. @The Jabbawookie why arnt you voting for forty if you think hes a better case than gnips? Also still lost on the gnips case..
  9. ##unvote @The Jabbawookie [In case I have to specify]
  10. Have we even discussed why was targeted?? 1. His vote was on jabba 2. Did he slip and let on about his power role? 3. Other thoughts???
  11. Maybe mad was trying to use it to create a town block with him in it. However with it being day one the only way he could have know jabba was innocent was because he was scum. [I.e. he would not have been able to fake claim cop so I struggle with this alternative line of thinking]
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