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  1. It does have a speed move 2 when triggered, which should be the only time it moves
  2. @Uchidan1 Ran through a small quick game to test out the units, I actually really enjoyed it. It forces you to make and think about doing things differently then you would otherwise. So that was definitely accomplished. The raiders basically just threw out some suppression which was annoying but expected and died quickly. HOWEVER that bantha really made things fun with ram, suppressive, and Armor 1 it managed to cause a lot of havoc to a an unlucky squad. DO NOT GO NEAR MY FRIENDS. I loved it, will definitely be playing with them again.
  3. This is Awesome, Great work!! i'm going to try running this scenario tonight with proxy's
  4. Commander Rose should have known to jump to hyperspace the second the Purple markings of the 187th Battalion became apparent. The specialized clones flying those squadrons were not about to let those CIS rustbuckts do any real damage. We honor all 34 of our fallen brothers that valiantly stood against the breach. They will be commemorated forever in the great Cities and Shipyards of Kuat.
  5. @Bertie Wooster Sir I would like to report a Decisive victory for Rancor Battalion 0 losses 100% enemy bots destroyed
  6. Clearly the Droids are cheating again because they seem to have unlimited File Upload capabilities... Currently restricted to 10.24kB... don't even know how its possible to get something that small
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