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  1. We will let you fight for your honor, But be warned when the situation turns dire for you we must make a move to bring your people under ours. For we have activites we do not want enchroched upon by your adversary's. Please prove your worth.
  2. Thank the force we are cut off from such decrees now
  3. Thanks for the update Hank, I wish Brett a speedy victory and your keg operators to be ever accurate.
  4. Please Remember any movement above any of my planets will be fired upon, Take deep space if passing through B and please warn me well ahead of time
  5. Fine no action will be taken We will allow them a chance to survive and respect them if they do, however we would prefer their core worlds fall to our boots instead of a distant empire in the end.
  6. Just so you guys know The syndicate is at B please do not confuse this with Nordic Berserker territory Also @Bertie Wooster we will join your banner if you will allow us, for we are appalled by the sudden attack on your territory
  7. @FortyInRed Mind if i ask what the scouting report from A shows? i think we are all dieing to know?
  8. Sounds great All our words and future worlds are always viewed as core worlds. And we shall view yours likewise. This alliance shall bring us both great prosperity, I am sure of it.
  9. @FortyInRed We are excited to see your men in orbit over A we will maintain our Hold of B until you can fully conquer A then we will both proceed accordingly.
  10. @The Jabbawookie The syndicate would like to come to a Truly formal Alliance agreement with your people. As we both grow i believe we both would prefer our people grow harmoniously.
  11. What do your services entail again Price? Availability? Force Strength? Who are you willing to be paid to attack?
  12. In the Market to by in ISD-1 Delivered by turn 8, Looking for a quote
  13. It was a post promoting the twitch stream of the game in the general legion group, for the 2nd place tiebreaker match "Going live in moments for YBTL 2nd place tiebreaker between The Senate and Garnanana! If An Entire Legion takes this win, they secure 2nd in the first ever YBTL!" And then a link to twitch that said screwtape v clontroper5 YBTL
  14. Matt3412

    Probability Calculator

    uncanny luck i think is the only other thing [for han]
  15. We will not be Participating in taking Ava, You may join in coordinating with our good Friend Hank and his many goons however. we are also unaware of when the Beer carriers will be fully operational for you to assist him however.