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  1. I know i'm a little late here but i'm a little confused by her 3 pip card. Mainly reliable 1. I get that she doesn't get it if its divulged. However does she then have reliable 1 for all 6 rounds? or just starting on the round the card is played? I'm just thinking of the situation at the beginning on the game where you choose not to divulge the card but want "reliable 1", do you just show them the card anyway without "divulging it". [other player has never seen padme before in this instance]
  2. Explain your case against me and ninja, I'm interested
  3. Yeah it might just be one big red herring
  4. Yup haha, looks like you know what to do next lol
  5. No That would make you very unique ... 😂
  6. Also pod said he is a roleblocker.... and if we think the docs are all town then it's not a long walk to think all the roleblockers are scum
  7. Let's go!! The fact that he dint vote when he was the one to hammer either pod or battlefleet is useful @Battlefleet 01 Studios who did you look at night 1 ##vote @PodRacer
  8. Well time is running out I'm not letting this go to a no vote [30 mins left] ##unvote ##vote @Battlefleet 01 Studios
  9. my vote is on Pod currently and i intend to stay as long as possible
  10. we have 4 hours left if you are seriously considering pod i would vote now so we can get a firm vote by EOD
  11. also if he is town and has a role of some sort he wont be dead, he will be able to disclose the information he might of gathered and help town
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