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  1. I think you could argue: 1) Collaboration is encouraged. 2) Discussing cards is allowed (and since discussing cards is allowed and part of collaboration, discussing cards is encouraged). I love collaboration but I enjoy the challenge of not playing completely open hand - it’s like the kind of table talk you wish you could do in Euchre (but you can’t, don’t do that people). Basically, if my wife says “I’ve got Daredevil, I can take care of that threat and finish that minion,” I’m great with that, but I don’t want to know her whole hand otherwise I may be tempted to play it for her to play most efficiently. And it’s fun to see cards come out from your teammate that surprise you. 🙂
  2. Wow ok yes I never noticed that.
  3. Wow I realize the poster above said the same, I may have misunderstood you! I will be interested to see how it affects solo two-handed.
  4. I believe it was recently added, and no revealed cards use it yet. Exciting though!
  5. I love doing this, too - makes it a little more challenging and prevents alpha gaming. I’d rather play an easier villain and you can only hint at your cards than a harder villain with shared hand knowledge.
  6. I really enjoy two-handed solo, I probably play two-handed 75% of the time and single-handed 25% of the time. And it’s like you said, simply playing for two players. The only downside is if you like playing like Team Covenant does with the rule that you can’t explicitly name cards in your hand, that’s not possible in two-handed solo. I would say I may prefer one-handed as a pure and quick solo experience, but two-handed allows for so many interactions you only get in multiplayer, which is great.
  7. It sounds like you enjoyed the card combo aspect of 1.0, which seems less/different in 2.0. I do love card combos, so if you want that in X-Wing, maybe try the Quick Builds - they are often set up for card combos I wouldn’t have immediately noticed and they have helped me learn a lot. But if you don’t mind getting into another game, perhaps try a TCG/LCG like Magic or Destiny, or a board game like Terraforming Mars or Wingspan, if card combos is what you like best. Unless I misunderstand what you are looking for. All the best!
  8. I don’t even play this game and I want this. It says standalone - do you really only need the one or two Core Sets to happily enjoy this?
  9. Yeah, exactly... But junk salvaging is a great idea! I have images of the Freemakers scooping up junk... (if anyone hasn't seen Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, the first season is the bomb)
  10. Private sabacc lessons for a passenger. Recovering precious metals from a nearby asteroid. Hailing a ship and threatening them if they don’t pay. I’m struggling to think of a time I’d gain credits at a navpoint, though! I have only ever moved or recovered damage, since you miss the market action and that’s the worst.
  11. You can turn your credits into fame, too, using the luxury deck. You can gain fame with personal goals and ship goals. You can gain fame from bounties and patrol-hunting. I know it can feel unfair on its face, but the AI’s credits-to-fame simulates all these fame opportunities that would be a pain to track or replicate for the AI. You can slow the AI down, however. Leave expensive gear on the gear deck - 8,000 on gear that gives them low-to-no benefit? Yes, please. Attack the AI with a Wanted job or the Firespray to knock them down and make them spill some cash. Once you see your options, I think it feels a little more fair.
  12. By the way, by far what I dislike the most about the AI (probably the only thing, but it's not insignificant) is that it skips all of the text on the cards, especially that it skips the character's text. I would be very interested in specific AI versions of the characters that better differentiated them from each other. Again, I can see why they made this choice, but its truly sad not to see much difference at all in playing versus each different character.
  13. Do you think what you're looking for is an AI that more literally replicates the actions of a player? I really enjoy the AI they created, but they certainly went for dynamic equivalence versus strict literal translation. I appreciate their choice - I feel the AI moves like a player and takes cards like a player, so you can interact with them through the market decks much like a player. I feel like this was what they decided was most important to them, versus a more literal translation of what a player would do. I think a more literal version could be made, but would it be worth the effort to play through it's turn? Probably not for me, but I'm sure for many! Or is there something else you think is needed? Some missing fun factor or challenge factor? I personally have had a ton of fun with it so far, and I also know it's easy to give it a heads-start on points (as suggested in the rulebook) if I'm needing more of a challenge. I really respect your opinion and it's clear you have great intentions with starting this discussion. I hope at least some fans could help make an AI you might better enjoy. Let's be honest, only fans have made the X-Wing AI, right?
  14. Yep! 3x3 x wing mat is perfect for 2-player/solo!
  15. You know, that’s another way to play it - and the AI is usually easy enough to where you could very possibly win without actively trying to thwart it.
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