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  1. Name the faction Winning faction Latari  Most represented faction overall Waiqar Least represented faction overall Daqan More or less - simply answer if you think there will be more or less than the number we have given Number of six tray archer blocks in the top 8 - 3 Less than 3 Number of single tray siege units in the top 8 - 10 Less than 10 Average number of heroes per list in the top 8 - 1.25 More than 1.25 Number of units in the winning list - 5 More than 5  Give us a number Number of uthuk in top 8 3 Number of daqan in top 8 1 Number of Waiqar in top 8 1 Number of Latari in top 8 3   What do you think?  Most common unit in top 8 Thresher, 2 tray version Will a podcast host make the final No Will Aliana be in every Latari list? No Will Ardus or Maro make a showing in the top 8? No
  2. I like WoHB. Probably very difficult to combo it, but it is interesting enough to try it
  3. I dont really like measuring the average damage of a unit because it doesnt take the impact of attacking many times. For example, a unit with an average damage of 2.75 that attacks 3 times probably (I say probably because damage is always random) will do more damage than an unit that attacks once with an average of 4.25. With upgrades that exhaust you have to be careful with the average damage.
  4. Tempered Steel would give him 3 damage but he will have to exhaust it. Corruption Rune would do the damage every activation and I think it will do more damage at the end.
  5. I really like the xbowmen equipment. I think they can do good damage. I have used many times oathsworn cavalry with Wind Rune and I can't play without it. It's really useful. Maybe I would switch TS on Spearmen for Shield Wall to make a tough unit.
  6. https://impactthree.blogspot.com/?m=1
  7. I posted this list as an Anti-Uthuk list. I didnt mean it to be a tournament list.
  8. I'm not positive about them either but I want to try it out ? I can do the same while I shoot with xbows.
  9. Oathsworn Cavalry [34] 2x2Raven Tabards [2]Moment of Inspiration [5]Total Unit Cost: 41Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1Rank Discipline [4]Total Unit Cost: 31Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1Shield of Margath [6]Might of Daqan [4]Total Unit Cost: 44Outland Scouts [32] 2x2Kari Wraithstalker [18]Total Unit Cost: 50Rune Golems [28] 2x1Wind Rune [6]Total Unit Cost: 34 I have built this list to face Uthuk. The idea is to rush the rushers. ? I would transform the cavalry in a 4x1 and try to use the 4 turned charge (that it will be a 3 turned charge) and see if I can catch Ravos with it. The scouts would be a 1x4 and I will look for surges, as someone suggested in the Scout thread. (Sorry I can't remember the name). Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
  10. I really want to see that in action.
  11. I can't find Seasoned Pathfinder upgrade. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. If your front edge is treated as touching the enemies front edge, then you are engaged with them. That's my understanding. 34. of Rules Reference "Engagement"
  13. **** yeah, the skirmishers we discussed some time ago
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