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  1. Little update here:- Apologies for the slow updates, have had several things in real life that have come up - suffice to say, aiming to catch up with this project over the holiday season. ichaos1985 and myself are starting work on getting the remainder of the fiction typed up, also we will be looking into creating chapter markers with the PDF/ebooks for easier browsing (now that the fiction library is quite HUGE). I also want to get in the illustrations to the various digital versions we are looking at putting together - may even redraw each image in a vector format to ensure quality (especially coming from the scanned documents from the dynasty packs)
  2. I'm actually exporting from a text document straight to PDF. I'll be having a play with contents markers tomorrow, think I can do it with html anchor tags on the titles for each new fiction installment - fingers crossed.
  3. Oops, and another future goal will be to replicate artwork into the document(s), too.
  4. Heads up for subscribers to this thread and OP, I have collated all published fiction, including the two Imperial Cycle dynasty packs we have currently had (yes, I typed them up!), into ebook and pdf formats for ease of use:- https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/263463-l5r-fiction-ebooks-including-dynasty-packs/ Might be an idea to link in this initial OP post, perhaps? Will be keeping them updated, and as such, will update the attachments and thread, as/when required.
  5. One thing I do want to do, is to work out how to add section/chapter/story markers so that you can browse to a certain point via the 'Go To' function/indexing on a device. Will obviously update once implemented.
  6. So I took the time to add and type out (where applicable) all the fiction, in perceivable story order, and convert into PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats - mainly for myself to use on my ebook device, but also to share to put back into the great community. I can also attach the PDF version, if requested. Any formatting or text errors please let me know, I will keep these up to date/will update as new fiction additions come out. Newest updates Nov 18th - Added PDF version Nov 17th - For Honor and Glory fiction update. L5R_Fiction.epub L5R_Fiction.mobi L5R_Fiction.pdf (Sendspace due to filesize)
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