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  1. Yes exactly! Thank you all, I really appreciate it! The Elementalist was definitely the most controversial class within FFG and throughout the beginning of testing. I really wanted to make something truly unique and different from what was already available, because I felt that a lot of the ground had already been covered in terms of mage classes. Part of the challenge with both of these classes (elementalist and soul reaper) was to create something original, with the dozens of classes that exist within the game. But originality isn't something that takes precedence over fun and enjoyment, and that's what I had to keep reminding myself. Finding the balance was hard, and I don't know that I succeeded with the Elementalist, but I did try to make the choices for picking cards as interesting as possible, as well as playing with them. Some people will dislike it, understandably so, but I'm glad at least some find it cool😊. Yeah, Grasp was a big balance challenge. Throughout iterations, it became way too weak, then too strong. In the end, we went with closer to the original, and changing the other elemental cards. I think it definitely is the most interesting one in an overlord vs players scenario. No there isn't! You can indeed have as much essence as you want on your Essence Harvest. And while yes against Kobolds, that is a lot of potential healing, I think it does get balanced by the fact that sometimes, you will fight large monsters and receive little essence. And believe me, 12 essence is good, but that also means that there are 4 players, and many more monsters, so you will need more healing to spread around! I think the mechanic scales nicely to the number of players, though we found that at 2, sometimes the Soul Reaper will be starved for essence, which is why we designed some of the 1XP cards to boost essence gain for those situations (I don't know if that's a spoiler or not, hope it's okay for me to say that😁. So, believe it or not, the Soul Reaper did not start out at all the way it is now. Originally, we had an idea for a "shaman" class. Yes, there is already a shaman, but we thought closer along the lines of a WoW shaman, with totems that grant buffs and debuffs. It ended up getting scrapped very early due to logistical reasons (it's a PoD product, so we couldn't have tokens). Then I thought about it for a few days, and inspiration came from the game League of Legends, from the blood mage Vladimir. I thought: a blood mage that sucks life out of enemies and transfers it to him or his allies, or transfers conditions around, seemed pretty fun to me so I threw a prototype together, and after a lot of feedback, we found quite a bit to improve and change in the class. The original idea was liked by everyone though, so we ran with it. A few days later I think, we realized that the connotations with blood and self harm could cause problems, so we had to come up with a different theme. "Essence" was proposed by one of our coworkers, a bit more abstract, and I really liked the idea of a "Soul Reaper". Unlike the Elementalist, which went through about 3 wildly different iterations, the Soul Reaper from the beginning had that Soul Harvest ability and synergies with its other cards. However, the cards changed a lot throughout our process, many for power level reasons, others because they were simply uninteresting. Some were kept from the original design, albeit tweaked to be balanced. In the end, it is fairly similar to the original design in terms of theme and just how it works, but the abilities aren't the same. Hope that answers your question!
  2. Hello everyone! A bit of background: I'm Nick, I'm 19 years old and a first year student at UC Santa Cruz. During the summer of 2018, I had the tremendous opportunity to intern at FFG, which had been a dream of mine for many years. In many ways, I grew up on FFG games, and I owe my passion for tabletop gaming to them. First with Rune Age, then with Descent 2nd Edition. I can say with confidence I have played that board game more than any other over the course of my life, and so after about 2 weeks at the internship I was entrusted with working on the Lost Legends expansion. It was and still is to this day the coolest thing I've done. My main coworker on this project was Jim, whom you can see in the live playthrough that was released on youtube. Working together, I couldn't have asked for a better colleague, he was the most understanding, supportive, and genuinely good person I've met. But being given that much trust also came with responsibilities. I was so scared, I wanted to make the best thing I could for the community, and for a game I deeply loved. It seemed monumental, even though as you all know, this expansion is "only" a set of classes. I worked the hardest I had ever worked on this project, and I can say I gave it my all, first with the Soul Reaper, who came together rather quickly, and then second with the Elementalist, which took us much longer to figure out. Now, to be clear, I did the initial design for those classes, and then worked on revisions, up to a point. After I left (about 2 months in), Jim kept working on the project and with the aid of playtesters, incorporated their feedback into the final versions. I also did initial designs for I believe 5 of the hybrid classes (which I'm not sure have all been revealed yet). It's been so exciting to see this project come to life, and now that it's close to release, I figured it was a good time to post about it. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer everything. Obviously there is a lot of information I cannot disclose, but I'll try to answer in the measure that I can. I can't wait for everyone to get their hands on this expansion, and see what the community thinks of our hard work! Edit: Spelling
  3. AHHH!! Totally forgot about these. I got back a week ago and didn't remember. Sorry, will get those up asap!
  4. Nope, no blight tokens. You can see when the scion shoots, he is at a distance and has not received blight tokens the whole game. Similarly, when the other scion later flanks the unit of reanimates, yes, one dice is cancelled via blight from the vexillium bearer, but he should still be rolling 3 dice: 3 from base unit +1 from flank -1 from bearer.
  5. Awesome battle report as always! A few things: -Obcasium's gauntlet is a unique upgrade, so cannot have it on two units of death knights -Scions roll 3 dice: 2 blue and 1 red, your opponent kept rolling one of each every time. Just a heads-up for next time! -When Aliana charged your death knights, lethal 4 instead of lethal 5 would not have made a difference: 4 hits with dice, plus lethal 4 from ambush predator, plus lethal 3 from packleader's spear, and plus 1 hit from unique surge ability=12 hits total, so 4 death knights. Go elves! As always, really appreciate your content! Keep it up!
  6. I feel the same way, even though I have not played against them yet, but as @Budgernaut very acutely pointed out, the Uthuk only just came out, people haven't had the chance to really adapt their strategies and find counters. They look insanely strong in their resilience and formula 1 movement, as showcased in @TheWiseGuy's battlecast, but they are still in their infancy stage, people will find ways to play against them over time, and in the end, they'll just end up being another contender in what is shaping up to be an awesome variety of factions, each with their own strengths, strategies, unique abilities, design, etc... (at least that's what I'm hoping for, they might also end up wrecking everyone ) PS: Ravos is overpowered as he** though, I think everyone can agree on that point. [slash] Joke [slash] still kind of serious though
  7. I'm only one person, and my local RW community is indeed pretty small, but I did get into Runewars knowing nothing about miniature games. Coming from the boardgaming community, and pretty new at that, I got into RW a total noob, knowing nothing about anything mini related, after a single demo at my local store by two so called "veteran players" who had been playing miniature games for decades. They were extremely friendly and jovial individuals who were very excited to introduce the game to someone like me, who knows nothing about miniature games. I still don't know that much, but I know that I love this game! Not many people might get into this hobby the way I did, after only doing some preemptive research and going to the local store, but it is possible. I think the problem, as was pointed out, lies in the fact that miniature games do not seem friendly to people who have never played them, no matter how clean and simple they are designed, as is the case with RW. The price, the scale, the time invested, etc... It all seems daunting, not just to me, but to my friends and local boardgaming community as well. I don't know anything about getting "veteran gamers" invested, or if such a name even means anything, but my point is, the game is very well designed and fun to play for reasons that you all know, and I agree with @JGrand, the downfall of this game will come from FFG blunders, not enough advertisement and web support. I feel like they could take some really simple steps to get a lot of people interested, like putting out an official rules or demo video, like they did for Arkham Horror LCG (that video is really well done! It made me want to play even though I had no initial interest whatsoever), or posting some articles filled with interviews or profiles of players who got into the game, how they did and why they like it, show pictures of them playing at their local store, etc... I know I am being naive, but I feel like the only thing the game needs is exposure: showing people what the game IS, in truth, that it's not that complex nor expensive, that it's great! Breaking the stereotypes and misconceptions people have about Runewars and more generally miniature games would be I think a huge boon to the community, and a lot of players would get invested in it as a result (at least that is my hope !)
  8. For Latari, Aliana embedded in a 2x2 or 2x3 of Leonx is one of the best possible upgrades they can get, and frees up bull pennon for something like raven tabards, which combined gives you an extremely threatening unit. Also relatively cheap compared to other hero upgrades. HOWEVER, you will almost never do that (at least with what the Latari currently have), because solo Aliana is just way too good to pass up, which saddens me a little bit, as I'd love to do both. As for Maegan, she is underwhelming to say the least. At 10 points, she is hard to kill, but doesn't add much (on average 1-2 damage is a really bad dmg output for the price point). She does get better on a unit with something like fire rune, or in a Leonx unit supported by dispatch runner, as the lethal gets to trigger on each attack. I wouldn't recommend her anywhere else though.
  9. Will upload those as soon as I get the chance! Yes, I will be taking an additional week to complete my trip to Europe and will miss the first week of school, but oh well
  10. This card is in fact called "Firstblade of Lord Aenoth" :). I will try to upload it as soon as I get back from holidays, which should be in 2 weeks or so.
  11. If you look closely, in the background of Maegan Cyndewin's art, you can see a pegasus rider, so that might be a hint. These do exist in Runewars and Runeage, so maybe? I don't know if they would be cav or siege though. Also, for all the units mentioned above, I really don't know how they would treat the flying mechanic.
  12. Oh, it's on! First of all, you pesky Uthuk come from the Ru(dimentary) darklands, where your legendary leader is known to be a Llovar, he couldn't even hurt us even if he tried. Your hero is so fat that he dies from hunger if he doesn't eat anything for a while. You field demon crabs and demon hounds, how pathetic! Our Leonx greatcats will eat them up in a few bites. As your champions describe so accurately, your forces are Grotesque compared to our precision and swiftness, and soon you will run away a Shrieker taken by fear and Panic. Do you know why your horde was named the "locust swarm"? It's because you are insects that we crush by stepping on! (actually, that's kind of against the philosophy of the elves, but whatever, still works) PS: No harm meant, fun and friendly banter here ;). I actually love the Uthuk and they do look amazing, but I decided to purchase the elves as they are the only faction that I did not get to try in Battlelore 2nd Edition (*sheds tear*)
  13. @Curlycross Latari are the best , Aymhelin ftw!
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/4/join-the-fight/ This is super exciting news! I'm playing my first game tomorrow night and it's great to see more support for organized play, which is probably more critical than anything else right now. The game is amazing, people just need to get exposure to it! And here are the locations supported! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/events/2017-store-championships/runewars/
  15. Really enjoyed your second installment! You guys have great synergy together, and it truly makes for a very informative and entertaining listen. JJ was a great addition to the cast this episode as well. Atomic Empire sounds like an amazing store from how you guys describe it. As a new prospective player, this kind of great content really gets me excited about finally being able to play this amazing game. From the outside, miniatures gaming has always seemed very intimidating to me, both in the huge money investment and the time commitment to dedicate to a single hobby. But moreover, what kept me out of it for so many years was my many misconceptions about the community and the people involved in it. Falling prey to stereotypes, my own irrational thinking and foolishness kept me from seeing what is actually a very warm and welcoming group of amazing human beings. The love and dedication I have seen for this game on these forums has really baffled me, and the sense of camaraderie between you guys really reflects on this community and makes me feel truly welcomed. I think I'm here to stay, in no small part thanks to people like you. Lastly, as a follow up to all my nonsense rambling , I would be very interested to hear what you guys have to say on the topics of inclusivity and misconceptions about miniatures gaming in your next installment. Thanks, and cheers! PS: Guess who ordered Latari Elves as their starting army from Atomic Empire about a week ago ?
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