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  1. In the background of the hostage card. Is that...… is that Mandalorians? It is isn't snow troopers. Look at the T-Visors!! EDIT- Apparently these are Clone Snow Troopers. Which means we may get these fairly soon
  2. They have said in previous live streams that AAT is about as big as they would do in the current scale. If they were to do anything bigger (they mentioned the AT-TE) It would have to be scaled down slightly. This would mean it wouldn't as big as that. Shows at least that they are have thought about it and are considering it.
  3. DoEnt mean that he/she dosent also have faction pretences. People can have more than one reason to do a thing!! 😊
  4. So you can have R2 on his own but not 3PO. Fine with that.
  5. Without spoiling the show, he basically works with whoever offers the most, new republic or imperial!!
  6. Has anyone had any success with running a counter meta list I:E- No one expects vehicles so no ones brings ion or anti vehicle weapons so run a vehicle heavy list and thy might struggle to counter?
  7. Was thinking about this earlier. I’d the Mandolorian himself to be playable by either rebels or empire to represent his nature as a mercenary.
  8. Just started playing today. Dam good so far. Great combat, graphics look good, seeing planet like Dathomir. And it feels like Star Wars
  9. "TLJ was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life by every metric ever used to judge a piece of film, save audio visual design. It would have made a very passable, maybe even ok, music video." If that is genuinely your opinion, you have not seen many films. Worse than Battlefield Earth? Worse than The Room? Worse then the hundreds of **** B movie action films? Worse then the Fantastic 4 movie they did? Worse then Mars needs Moms? Cmon, we get it, your trying to make a point. But that's sounds so far fetched it strains any credibility.
  10. I think the next episode is about getting the bounty back to the imperials. I think in the third is when he gets there but has a change of heart.
  11. If you mini- maxing and playing a tournament then maybe not but I play him for the sheer fun of Vader being a badass I found opponents tend to shy away from him or commit way to much resources to taking him out. He can have a huge impact just by his presence. Lots of fun. I think as more transport options become available, his lack of mobility could be negated.
  12. I think a nice compromise would be you could have units that you could take with the main factions, Gungans, Wookiee’s, Mandolorian, whatever. If you had an army that is entirely composed of units of that type, then special rules would apply that would give both bonuses and drawbacks, whatever is required for balance. That way, they could add units over time which people could still use in the main factions but eventually there would be enough you could form a full faction with special rules to give them Their own flavour.
  13. After seeing it, I think I may get the Mel miniatures miniature to proxy with boba Fett rules im wondering if they will do Mando and Gina Carono’s characters together as is rumoured with Cassian/K2SO? Wouldn’t mis as long as you had the option to run him solo as an operative too.
  14. I meant in the hobby sort of way of people customizing the mini using third party parts, bits from other SWL minis, green stuff etc. I definitely agree that there will be a clone generic commander but there would be a lot of interest around a jedi one so I think FFG will consider it.
  15. I mean some stuff is obvious. Anakin as a commander and possibly as a operative (padawan miniature?) Yoda as a commander. Some of the more prominent Jedi as operatives Ayylla Secura, Kidi mundi etc. a generic Jedi commander might be an option. Give people scope to kit bash their own minis. a generic special forces jedi force. With potential to upgrade with a named Jedi commander like the Jedi operatives above. I’d like the option to take the option of running the names Jedi from the box and run them as operatives or commanders, like how commanders can run independent sniper teams. Adds more variety and value to the box. possibly using the new counterpart system like R2 and C3PO to have a master padawan set like the upcoming Cassian/K2SO. there’s so many named Jedi that we might not get them all in the short term but I think FFG knows how people are looking forward to them that we will see quite a few. Third party and conversions will fill in the gaps. as long as I get Mace Windu, I’m good ”THIS PARTIES OVER!!”
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