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  1. I really don't think bouty is so game breaking that one side having it and the other not is game breaking. Plus, its nice to see the two sides being differentiated some more. This game is only gonna be stable in the long term (im talking 40k long term) if the factions play significantly different from each other that its interesting.
  2. Those are actual images. Of the actors. In their exact costumes And the character designs. Months before they were publicly available. I'm not sure what part of this you are struggling with. This might not be an officially released poster but those images have to have come from within Lucasfilm. Hence leaked, not faked. Its not complicated.
  3. It was leaked months before anyone had seen these new characters or costumes but each one is exactly right. That could only have come from Lucasfilm.
  4. It not the official film poster but it definitely is a real promotional thing that was created. This is was leaked months ago before the red troopers and knights of ren, Jaina and the new bounty hunter were revealed.
  5. Star Wars fans? Pointless drama you say? Why I've never heard of such a thing!!
  6. I have wondered how they will make the Resistance and First Order differ significantly enough from Rebellion and Empire factions but I’m sure they will pull it off.
  7. I’ve got a feeling that with the potential return of Palpatine, there maybe a first order/sith internal conflict that they kylo and Rey have to team up against. All complete conjecture on my part though.
  8. New Sith Trooper from EP 9 revealed on the Star Wars show today. Has a kind of red, samurai, death trooper look about them. Looks bad ***.
  9. Not anytime soon but I can see down the line when legion is more established and they are looking to add something new to keep people interested, that they will add vehicles this size. They have titans in 40k for god sake!! Plus the vehicles in legion are all slightly scaled down from where they should be.
  10. Genuine question. What miniature release would you care about? As in, what haven't you released that you really want?
  11. Which will still come in handy when you are attacked by multiple Jedi commanders, operatives or special forces, which will become more of a potential threat as more jedi are released. Or if you engage one and are attacked by a second.
  12. With the two separate lightsabers and arsenal 2 he can engage two separate units in melee. That's gonna be much handier when Jedi become more prevalent in later waves.
  13. There’s a IG droid (possibly IG88) in The Mandolorian so an IG droid if some kind is good odd’s.
  14. When I get Fleets I want to use those bases for that reason.
  15. Don't think of them as snow troopers. Think of them as hostile environment troopers. Doesn't matter that they are all white. So are Storm Troopers
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