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  1. Don't think of them as snow troopers. Think of them as hostile environment troopers. Doesn't matter that they are all white. So are Storm Troopers
  2. I can see characters from the show being models. Definitely the Mandalorian. Not sure about a whole faction
  3. That's awesome. Could use him for the general rebel commander.
  4. I like the background, that they are sent out to respond to rumours of Jedi and when they find them, they engage them and tie them up while the inquisitors are in bound. Its not impossible that we will get more OT era force users (Old Ben, Ashoka, Kanan, Ezra) and this could be a good counter. Plus if you do a Empire versus republic game, you imagine republic is gonna be Jedi heavy. could also work there too.
  5. All of that takes time. The game has been out less than a year. These single units can eventually grow into factions of their own. They will definitely be doing the main four factions first before they branch out into those smaller ones. Patience young Padawan!!
  6. The new live action TV show is supposedly about Mandalore after the fall of the empire so I imagine there will be units to tie into that for the rebel imperial period. Plus like you say, Clone Wars period willhave loads.
  7. The newly formed Storm Trooper Corp are sent to hunt down a faction of Republic Army who have rebelled and refused to become part of the Empire, ala rex, wolf. The Kaminoians, fearing being taken over by the empire, breed clones loyal to them. The Empire comes a knocking. Clones on a deep space recon mission return to find the empire ascendant. Removing their chips they follow their Jedi master in attacking an Imperial facility. Little imagination and you can easily come up with game scenarios that fit. Rebel on clone- A planet defects to the Separatists and the clones are sent to battle its defence force and bring them back. Empire versus droids- An imperial scout mission uncovers an old abandoned Separatist base, as they enter the base, its defence and droids re activate. Hilarity ensues.
  8. I imagine its all rather planned. Marketing and all that
  9. lol yea, dosent quite fit but even if I just paint it that way "ill know"
  10. I'm doing the imperial droid as Vaders one from his comic
  11. Ive put in a request and it asked for my country so hopefully sending to the UK isn't too big a deal. Cheers for posting the link though
  12. Just a quick question. I'm getting ready for my first game this week. Does this mean a corp unit isn't able to take both heavy weapon options? As there is one heavy slot does that mean I have to take either ion or Z6? Can I not have both in one squad for a seven person squad?
  13. Just realising that I am missing "Son of Skywalker" I definitely had it before so its currently lost as opposed to not being in the set. Does anyone know where we can get replacement cars without having to by a whole core set?!!
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