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  1. Ok, what about the supernatural protection from the robes? Does that bonus still exist while the shugenja is under the protection of armor of earth since armor of earth does not give supernatural protection?
  2. Hello, Are the armor bonuses for a shugenja’s sanctified robes stackable with the armor bonus gained from the invocation armor of earth? Thanks for your help.
  3. @Agasha Kanetake It is very much appreciated. As a result of your kind deeds, I am no longer afraid to cast invocations. VILLAINS BEWARE CUS YOU'RE ABOUT TO BE DEAD!
  4. You know, it does indeed state it very clearly but then again my brain is slowly being eaten away by middle schoolers every day so its hard for me to remember easy things that I have read previously. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. Hello, I was wondering, do you get spiritual backlash when you get three strife in total on all of the dice you rolled or when you get three strife on the dice you kept after the roll? Thank you for your help.
  6. Thanks, does anyone have a page number in the book I can use as reference in case my GM asked?
  7. Hello, If I wanted to cast a spell of a certain element (air), do I have to be in the stance of that particular element (air)? Thank You.
  8. Thank you very much. Is this stated somewhere in the book? My group and I are new to the game and I would like to have a page reference just in case my GM asks for it.
  9. Hello, I’m confused about resistance checks for Invocations. When a resistance check is called for it lists the skills needed but also lists two rings with different numbers. For example: Tempest of Air has a resist of, TN 4 Fitness check (Earth 5, Fire 2) or suffer the Disoriented condition. What do the elements and numbers in the parenthesis mean? Thank You.
  10. They are willing to listen to the shugenja’s invocation. Not bushi, courtier, or monk. This is an issue because letting non shugenja help shugenja add extra dice to their roles during invocations is potentially broken and makes no sense from a narrative standpoint.
  11. There is confusion between rituals and invocations, they are not the same thing. Rituals do one thing, invocations do another. Rituals can be peformed by anyone, even non samurai, invocations can only be done by shugenjas. It’s like saying a fighter can help a wizard cast a spell. To me, this makes no sense. How can a bushi offer aid to a shugenja when that bushi has no idea what the shugenja is doing in the time between the shugenja using a fire envocation and an oni eating his face?
  12. “Yes shugenja that was a really good prayer, the Kami must really love you and your offerings were so wonderful and pure, I’m sure the Kami will look favorably upon your devotion” Im sure this groveling will really impress the Kami.
  13. Yet, it is clearly stated that only shugenja receive powers from the Kami. Whatever bushy, courtiers, or monks do is irrelevant because they will never be able to use the simplest of invocations. They do not have the training, blessing, or favor of the Kami to the extent that shugenja do to manifest the elements. Therefore, they should not be able to assist in evocations.
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