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  1. While we’re talking Gauntlets, what about Gar and Tiber Saxon? They’re probably more straight empire than scum collaborators but I’d like to see them either way. Re: F&C though, honestly scum was always the best fit for the name. The only reason I originally suggested it could be Resistance was because the devs had teased HoH before without giving a name.
  2. Yeah there are clear tiers for the TIE Defenders: 1. Delta 2. Rexler w/ Juke 3. Everything else The others have come down a bit but they’re still very costly, and easy to block or over-stack. AS gets you out of trouble but also right back into it in another sense (not blocked but still tokenless and more of your total list). Deltas are awesome. I’ve been meaning to try Alpha-Alpha-Delta-Delta but haven’t managed to yet. Probably not great but crazy blocks and funky target priority choices for your opponent.
  3. Generally speaking, the Ion cannon is overpriced. This is also true of the Heavy Laser Cannon and may be true of the Tractor Beam too (jury's still out). Autoblasters are the only cannon that's seeing much use right now, but even that is mostly on the Scyk and Jumpmaster that get a lot more value out of it. Most ships that take a cannon are using it just to get an extra attack die if possible. The B-Wing doesn't really get that, and the double-tap is hard to set up so it doesn't tend to pay for itself except on the high-initiative pilots, and those are better off with autoblasters anyway. Hopefully we see the other cannons drop a couple of points next update. Until then it looks like Autoblasters are just the way to go.
  4. Nom Lumb (38) 0-0-0 (5) Dengar (6) Feedback Array (3) Tactical Scrambler (2) 4-LOM (49) Marksmanship (1) Advanced Sensors (10) IG-88D (3) Mist Hunter (1) Autoblasters (3) IG-88B (62) Marksmanship (1) Advanced Sensors (10) Jamming Beam (0) Autoblasters (3) Contraband Cybernetics (2) IG-2000 (1) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z400XWW63W80W94W110WY109X125W111W36WWW155W232Y82X125W111W12W232WW92WW151&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Dedicated blocker with passive mods, multi-auto-damage, and control effects. More control from 4-LOM that easily feeds your blocker more, and then a happy-flippy I4 jankster-bot. Also two of your ships have double-taps. Also you're getting extra defensive dice. That Nom Lumb just looks like a massive pain if you can keep him in the thick of it. And I feel like you kind of can with this list. It's not like he'll be getting stressed that often. You don't want to bump him, but you also don't want to shoot him. And you don't want to shoot through him either.
  5. Honestly Miranda and the K-Wings are looking really tempting: You can drop four proton bombs every turn of the entire game, add control effects, regen, and varying templates for bomb-dropping. Miranda Doni (40) Skilled Bombardier (2) Sabine Wren (3) Proton Bombs (5) Advanced SLAM (3) Warden Squadron Pilot (38) Skilled Bombardier (2) Jyn Erso (2) Proton Bombs (5) Advanced SLAM (3) Warden Squadron Pilot (38) Skilled Bombardier (2) Proton Bombs (5) Advanced SLAM (3) Warden Squadron Pilot (38) Skilled Bombardier (2) Proton Bombs (5) Advanced SLAM (3) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z17XWWW88W57WW69W104Y20XWWW88W40W69WW104Y20XWWW88WW69WW104Y20XWWW88WW69WW104&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  6. Moralo's toys and friends got buffed. Gotta watch out for too much all at once as it can have a cascading effect. He might be okay to good now. R4 Kavil. Just add Expert Handling. Except Han is strictly better. Edit: Wait it's just Primary? Forget it. R4 Kullbee still a better ace than any A-Wing. Press F to pay respects. Again what's with the I3 tax on Vultures? 2 points each (that's 10%) for I3? Doesn't that just make you a worse blocker? 1 point I get but 2 is dumb, especially with no talents. But still free struts would be better. Baked-in abilities are easier to remember and figure for; mixed swarms are annoying. At 5 points, Lighter Dash builds (AKA not-Bistan builds) probably kind of like it since he's so action-starved. Some support ships might like it to boost their abilities. JM5Ks probably consider it now. Yeah haha they've never been at more accurate prices before. IDK maybe VTG should be 10/8/6 instead of 12/9/7 but at least it's closer than before. Barrage is perfect; don't touch it. You don't want to see what happens to your favorite ships when you do. Might be worth it at 2 points. That is, if we weren't already paying 3 for the talent slot so it's effectively 5 even then... How could this possibly be worth more than Juke? Saturation/Barrage Kestal would be awesome, but guess what? It doesn't even work because the aggressor doesn't have reload! Is this seriously only for TIE Bombers, Star Wings, and Y-Wings? I guess an Andrasta Krassis could take it but what do you even do with that? Make a cluster or concussion missile hit just a teensy bit harder? Try to land an Ion? Suuuuuper not worth the title it requires. I just don't get it at all.
  7. Wulff is dumb fun. Still waiting for my Juking Wulff/Saw/Jyn/2xPerCops list to be decent and it's starting to get there (in my imagination fantasy world). Third man is always the trickiest bit but snap/juke Jake fits now and still leaves room for Leia... Gets the medal for most over-buffed ship. Han has been underpriced all along and he just gets buff after buff after buff, just like the Delta Defender. Baseless buffs on things that are actually doing quite well when people actually care to fly them. Most just don't though. Dash could be legit good now. I think he's around the right price. The others could probably do with a little bit of a drop but I'm worried about giving Dash room for too many toys. I've always been an advocate for the YT-2400 and I think it's close to having its moment now. Add AP-5 and a solid wingman or two blockers and you really have something. Well, maybe... I'm not a fan of the outrider title. It's probably overpriced but it fosters the NPE playstyle people dislike on Dash. He's not too abusive on his own and I'd almost rather keep him that way. That said, 2 points off or so probably wouldn't hurt, maybe? Moldy Crow is also not that bad. It's very powerful but it dies way too easily to get much reliable mileage out of. Its main problem is it doesn't work as a list lynchpin that it wants to be. Don't want to see it below 12, though 18 is a bit much... Yeah lol NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER! 69 was already okay. 67 is a bit low. The named ones still need teensy drops but they're getting pretty close too. Also like Duchess, Rexler should be the most expensive pilot. His new ability is so much better than his 1.0 version, and now that Ryad got nerfed and Vessery has less room for locking wingmen, Rex is just the best. Well, second after the obscenely good Delta Defender. SAME TEAM. There are other TIE Interceptors out there in the world. Use them. Alpha-Alpha-Delta-Delta might actually be okay. People usually make the mistake of killing the Interceptors first and then have to deal with endgame token-stackers. It's a win-win either way really Hotshot gunner or Greedo for the wimpy shots, Qi'ra's crazy cheap to make better shots more likely. Lando title punishes stress. Honestly I think the YT-1300 plus two IGs could actually take some trophies.
  8. Oh absolutely. I'm positively elated, especially over the 3-pt Ion Missiles (you know you can run eight Ion Z-95s now?). I'm only worried that Prockets might be OP now and that could mean another nerf down the road. Also, seeing that Thread Tracers are coming back concerns me, though fortunately it requires a lock to fire, so shouldn't be too bad. I don't see an associated remote or condition, which is somewhat disappointing. I guess we'll see how it all shakes out. It shows they're moving in the right direction. It's just... sometimes the stuff that gets blatantly overlooked is... confounding. The I1-I3 price gap has been a big problem since the start. The few ships they've fixed (X-Wing, V-19, etc) have seen some wonderful diversity. The ones they haven't are just kind of inexcusable at this point. Mostly very happy about the points changes. A little concerned about the Rebel YT1300s. They'll be everywhere. Kanan might even show up now, which is pretty exciting. Boba didn't get hit very hard but Imps are generally looking a lot more balanced with the nerfs to Soontir/Duchess/Whisper (and Vader's mostly okay, especially in Hyperspace). And Ezra is finally okay-ish on most things! Even the gunner is strictly better than VTG on a small base, probably better on Medium, and mostly on-par for large! Lots to be hype about in this game right now. Pretty much just cannons, tractor tokens, and I3 generics making me sad, and that's really saying something. And it would be nice to see a few errata such as Punishing One, Inertial Dampeners, AS/SNR/Precog, and everything else that's unplayable unless it's oppressive. I mean they did SDV and it wasn't that bad. Also maybe a force change but it's mostly okay now tbh. And objective-based victory conditions. Okay I'm done.
  9. It just annoys me so much when the "fix" for iconic cards is to print a different version. Like, why not just fix them? When's the last time you saw a cannon taken on: Lambda Upsilon (even with Linked Battery!) Firespray G1-A YV-666 Second slot of a B-Wing Second slot of an IG Sith Infiltrator T-70 X-Wing Even a Gunboat! The list goes on. Currently it seems the only use of cannons is to get a third attack die or a double-tap (Edit: Or an extra arc for the JM5K but that's a separate issue entirely). Cannons should be priced for what you get out of them, and HLC, Tractor, and Ion are almost entirely unusable now, even on Scyks becuase Autoblaster is just better. Even if they didn't want to do scaled pricing I think it would be safe to drop tractor to 2 (or 1 if they fixed the stupid rules for it), HLC to 3, Ion to 4. No, they still wouldn't be better than a primary but they could be useful sometimes and could bring the hurt to Jedi if they had to. Maybe the problem is the Scyks and the B-Foils, but in all honesty like the TIE Bomber the generic pricings for Scyks don't make sense at all. It should be 26/27 or 26/28, not 25/29. Who's getting 4 points of value out of a TPV anyway? And if the B-Foils' (very well designed) double-tap is OP with cannons, you can price that up too, or push up the base cost of the B-Wing; either would be better than punishing cannons. Don't punish the upgrade that isn't the offender. Fix the prices of the things that actually are. Of course I know "Control being good is bad for the game." I'm well aware of that. Honestly though, I think the current design of Ion Cannons keep them from being oppressive, and fixing the dumb tractor rule (spend the tokens to move the ship) would make it pretty acceptable too. But even if you didn't to either of those things, at least HLC should be usable, but currently Predator is almost strictly better and costs less than half as much...
  10. You know I've long wanted to see the return of Adrenaline Rush and in all honesty it would be a fantastic use case for TIE-only talents. Not only is it a classically "No-Shields-All-Guts" type card, it would have a great synergy with Rhymer (who wants to reload his APTs) and Tomax (Who wants to recharge his talents). You could even give it two charges and keep it pretty cheap, though one would probably be safer territory. I wouldn't like to see it combinable with Leia (resistance or rebel) because it turns everything into a TIE Defender, or combinable with CC because it allows for a pretty crazy string of stress-freedom. TIE Only seems like a cool way to faction-balance it and still keep it pretty cheap for that crucial 3rd-turn turnaround. Honestly, Malarus might like it too. Hmmm...
  11. And yet somehow, carrying more than one cannon on a B-Wing is still an abysmal list-building mistake. Even with the SS-Foils. Still very annoyed they didn't get the drop they needed. #JusticeForCannonsOnThreePrimaries
  12. The Scyk is MandalMotors so there’s a strong case there. In legends it was mainly seen in Hutt use, but that may well change in Canon.
  13. What the heck? Like, does anyone here really need to be? Is X-Wing not inherently a leisure-time hobby? Most hypocritical thing I’ve seen on here in a while. Odd accusation, especially from you...
  14. You can disregard @Stay OT Leader’s rudeness. He’s rude a lot, kind of his thing. You’ll find most of us disagree with much of what you said in your original post. That doesn’t excuse rudeness though. If you want generally more engagement, my advice would be to possibly either do your writeup Offsite and link it here, do a kind of spreadsheet, or maybe choose a few things to focus on. Just my two cents.
  15. Also worth noting that 5bro doesn't get his Homing missiles for the hit-crit. 7th is good but not crazy good. It should be okay.
  16. How do you figure? Both of those are talents and I'm not aware of a double-talent FO ship yet.
  17. It actually doesn't though. It says to choose two ships at range 1-3 that are friendly to each other. This does allow you to choose your own teammates. The word "enemy" isn't on his card, so it doesn't give a specific exception. Of course the intent is clearly for it to work for both teams and that's why we should expect a RR update and FAQ.
  18. Seventh Sister and 5bro (without homing missiles) by themselves don't seem too bad. No Grand Inqy and crucially no generic inquisitors either. Actually I'm a little more concerned about possible shenanigans with the Barons of the Empire and Passive Sensors...
  19. Agreed, but technically speaking, he doesn't override the rules here since he doesn't specifically say "This ability can coordinate enemy ships." RAW and without changes to the RR, he could only be used on friendly ships. Surely would still be worth something but maybe not as much. Of course, they'll almost certainly provide a RR update and FAQ for this, so no big deal.
  20. Also the TIE/rb now, so there's that. Curious why they went with "Heavy" instead of "Brute," since I think both are legitimate names... I know Vermeil loves this idea. Medium-base barrel roll at I4, and with health to spare and less risk of ionization? Yes please. U-Wings can only dream of this! Oh, also Saber Squad Interceptors, and... Soontir...
  21. Welp, I was wrong. Guess that's what I get for the condescending tone. Sorry about that. 😕
  22. But how many times do you have a shot that you know won't land? A CLT without Bullseye against a focused 3agi ship, for example? Eta-2 will have the same basic attack profile too; without bullseye its attacks can be wimpy. It's almost always better to get one double-modded 3-dice attack than two single-modded 2-dice attacks. And then translate that into defensive flexibility and force upgrade procs too, and I really feel like it adds up. Of course, we'll have to see how the devs feel about it. Their intuitions often seem... way off (e.g. Brilliant Evasion, Predictive Shot, etc.) so we shouldn't hope for too much right out the gate.
  23. Wrong again. Base contact counts as R0 (such as bumped) and that’s exactly how Buzz Droids work...
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