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  1. ClassicalMoser

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Not to mention you don’t need the agility as much if you’re always out of arc anyway so it reduces the downside
  2. ClassicalMoser

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    WHOA! Vulture droids start at 20!! Grappling Struts only 3!?!
  3. ClassicalMoser

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Ship costs? Curious about torrents and Aethersprites
  4. ClassicalMoser

    Advanced Daredevil Corran is super fun to play

    You forgot poor, poor Dengar. Sheathipede Fenn also wants a word with you. Rebels really got shortchanged on I6 Aces 😕
  5. ClassicalMoser

    Wave 4 Announcement

    You can put it on Z-95s with Vizago. And then cloak your Lancer. Bring Jabba and you can keep them both up for a long time.
  6. ClassicalMoser

    The Real Value of Quickdraw?

    FCS is still super good on her, and I’d be tempted to take fanatical to free up action economy in the late game. Electronic Baffle ironically does wonders for making her ability proc 3 times and set off fanatical, but it’s really for someone who’s better at arc-dodging than me.
  7. ClassicalMoser

    Trajectory simulator (1e!!!)

    Or b-wings with Sabine crew. Was standard issue in the Firestorm Special
  8. ClassicalMoser

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Add me to the list of parties interested in Death Troopers Also think ISB slicer is massively underrated. With so many people complaining about the nerf to jam in 2e, you’d think that a cheap crew that completely undoes it would see more use, especially when Sloane ships usually have an empty slot and a free jamming beam/action
  9. This. It’s priced out of viability for now, most likely because we have a TON of force pilots and new abilities in the pipeline and they don’t want to see it become totally broken by accident. Come July it should go back down a bit. for me I’d rather see something new that helps the Inquisitor the way that hate helps Kylo and Vader (also give that Silencer its stupid Sensor slot back!)
  10. ClassicalMoser

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    Then fly Anakin and Windu?
  11. ClassicalMoser

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Exactly this. I wonder if the future of the TIE/ln in the tournament scene really will be in the mini swarm? I can't speak to it much myself, but 4 academies with 2 pocket aces (Duchess and Soontir?) seems way too good to pass up and has various ways of dealing with its problems. Even 3 named plus a Defender or something like that sounds like a good value, while still not making your brain run out your ears.
  12. ClassicalMoser

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    So what I hear people saying is that Boba and Beckett crew and Resistance Han now have a GREAT reason to exist. I think setup shenanigans are good for the game Edit: Not that I’m speaking from experience. I haven’t played against tripsilon yet
  13. ClassicalMoser

    When to use a 0-pt Jamming Beam

    High initiative aces can jam away a lock before the protons hit, now for free. Well, if any have cannon slots... Taking a 2-point ISB slicer and a free jamming beam is a great way to give some aces a lot of trouble with your Lambda. Two I2 B-wings with HLC and JB. Hit first with the one that doesn’t have bullseye or Range 1. Then blast them. Generally speaking, anything that softens someone up for a later, meaner attack is nice.
  14. ClassicalMoser

    TIE v1

    How dead exactly is Grand Inqy? His ability’s nerf for 2e makes me so sad. There’s very little more value in him than there is in the generics, but the point difference is pretty huge. And of course Supernatural Reflexes (a great fit for the /v1 and Quiz in particular) takes too much force and now costs 24 points. If only there was something other than Hate to regen Force...
  15. ClassicalMoser

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    Has anyone tried Tavson with Kylo? ISYTDS on top of free actions seems really cool in addition to passive mods, but it's hard to fit in a good crit-dealer and the whole thing is probably too expensive. Man I miss backdraft's old ability. I wish it was worded like ATC.