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  1. ClassicalMoser

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    Has anyone tried Tavson with Kylo? ISYTDS on top of free actions seems really cool in addition to passive mods, but it's hard to fit in a good crit-dealer and the whole thing is probably too expensive. Man I miss backdraft's old ability. I wish it was worded like ATC.
  2. ClassicalMoser

    What's next for the rebel faction

    This is what I expect. I think they didn't want to do that with Wave III because for just two ships they didn't want the hassle of releasing a wave conversion kit (or whatever it is they'll be doing for 1e converters in the future) so they just rereleased stuff that was already out. They didn't need that much help anyway, though it's disappointing to see no new scum pilots for the Z-95. Two is a new all-time low for 2e. Regardless, I expect a rerelease wave right on the heels of wave III with the Resistance Bomber and Falcon, First Order Shuttle and Silencer, Rebel Falcon, A, and B, TIE Interceptor and Bomber, and some stuff for Scum. Maybe that's a lot but I bet they can do it.
  3. ClassicalMoser

    What's next for the rebel faction

    The Cassian show in particular offers some prime opportunity. At the same time, I'd almost prefer to see more recurrence of currently Canon ships and perhaps introduction of the remaining Legends material (K-Wing, E-Wing) than new ships altogether. Given the amount of material currently in existence for the GCW period, there's not too much room for new ships of this era, and what is introduced should have a reason not to be seen in other places (ultra-specialized, ultra-expensive, poor quality, limited production run, etc.). They handled this pretty well in Rebels IMO, with the TIE Defender production getting basically cut off and removing their primary advocate, though leaving the option of introducing more later (I heard there were some at Jakku and I don't remember if there were at Endor).
  4. ClassicalMoser


    It's kind of silly but it would be fun to put them all three in a bomber.
  5. ClassicalMoser


    I'm betting on a point rise come January.
  6. ClassicalMoser


    Since I haven't gotten a lot of 2e games in yet, I'm really curious: Are Prockets worth it over Clusters? I feel like 4 chances for 3-dice shots feels better than a single attack at 5, but if the A-Wings die too fast, maybe not? I'd definitely take Prockets on a cheap Arvel, but I feel like Tallie wants something more... but what do I know? The lock requirement may be too restrictive I guess (except on Jake; I couldn't imagine anything but clusters on him, but I could be wrong).
  7. ClassicalMoser

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    Braylen Stramm's quick build made me so sad. No advanced sensors and not even a useful cannon
  8. ClassicalMoser

    Ships you feel should have a Ship Ability or Configuration

    No, I realize what you mean. I'm sorry that I came across as hostile. But the assumption is that they'll be doing that in future waves as well; I think they just figured the Z-95 and the Striker were fine as-is (and many agree) and they need to release some in a not-dedicated-rerelease wave in order to meet their timeline. My expectation is that around or shortly after Wave III we'll be getting a wave of rereleases along with a similar packet of pilots and upgrades for each faction. Will probably include the Rebel Falcon, Resistance Bomber, Upsilon, and Silencer. More would be nice, but Hyperspace legality doesn't seem to indicate this.
  9. ClassicalMoser

    Ships you feel should have a Ship Ability or Configuration

    You mean like the Y-Wing, X-Wing, TIE/ln, TIE/x1, Firespray, Fang, Silencer, Resistance Bomber, and Upsilon? The one they put extra packets into the kits for since they were extra components "not included in the conversion kits"? Is that what you mean?
  10. ClassicalMoser

    Congratulations FFG!

    This is called Power Creep. It's what killed the 1st edition of X-Wing; PLEASE don't make that happen to this game too. Spectre Cell needs a nerf, even a small one. Not the figures (they're fine), just the skirmish upgrade. Taking away either the +1 damage or the +1 block would be enough to fix them and the game would be fun again. I originally got into IA because of the warped meta in X-Wing; lists were only remotely viable if they could beat XYZ, which meant that certain types were never ever played and several ships that had been out-power-creeped were absolutely dead. Clearly there are dead units in this game (Fenn, Garkhaan, Rebel Troopers, etc.), but the solution is definitely not to continue raising and raising the power level.
  11. ClassicalMoser

    Double Gunner BSF17 confirmed

    Finch Dallow (70) - 100 Trajectory Simulator (3) Perceptive Copilot (10) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Proton Bombs (5) No Device Upgrade Ablative Plating (4) Edon Kappehl (69) - 99 Trajectory Simulator (3) Perceptive Copilot (10) No Gunner Upgrade Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Proton Bombs (5) No Device Upgrade Ablative Plating (4) TOTAL: 199 Four focused attacks per turn, plus bombs flying everywhere, and the bombers don't even have to worry about running over them! Still seems very weak against TIE/fo swarms... thematically...
  12. ClassicalMoser

    Double Gunner BSF17 confirmed

    Actually I was really trying to make a support bomber work. But then I found that TS+Protons was just as cheap as VTG even without other crew and... Sorry, didn't mean to run off-track. The bomber is just so good at bombing though. Once TS and Protons get a little more expensive and generic crew options get cheaper I think more variety will be more viable.
  13. ClassicalMoser

    Double Gunner BSF17 confirmed

    That's a lot of un-kill-able A-Wings, but can they dish it out? Even with 5 attacks per turn, 4 of those are just 2 dice. Action economy isn't incredible for the A-Wings either. What about something like: Vennie, Traj Sim, Protons 2x Blue Squadron Recruit, Targeting Synchronizer, Clusters, heroic L'ulo, heroic So the As can almost always shoot with three, and then for offense or defense they have blank-out protection, plus Vennie for extra defense. Edit: Never mind, that doesn't work. Blues don't have talent slots (YASB had it wrong). Drop off one of the Targeting Synchronizers and it still works.
  14. ClassicalMoser

    Join the Wave 2 Chant!

    Also noticed the Starfortress is missing its slots. It has two gunners and a crew.
  15. ClassicalMoser

    Unplayable figures...

    All they really have to do is put point costs online and on the LotA app and say the costs on the cards are suggestions for startup/casual play blah blah blah or something like that. I'd also like to see the lists go to 75-100 for some more granularity for sure. Wouldn't take much. On the other hand, then there would be the whole issue of over/underpriced skirmish cards etc. etc... So I doubt it's going to happen, unfortunately.