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  1. I like it being a viable choice, it’s just too hard to take right now. Honestly I think most non-mod slots should be filled about 50% of the time. Currently elites and sensors are seeing much more and cannons, missiles, etc. are seeing much less. To me that means decreasing some upgrades and increasing some chassis (though admittedly some like AB and possibly homing/concussion don’t need much help).
  2. Pretty much this. Cannons are a waste and totally uninteresting, same as missiles, except on 1-2 dedicated platforms. Definitely not enough to justify the existence of an entire slot/category of upgrades. Charging something for slots has always existed, to one degree or another, and I don’t know that it’s always a bad thing. AB seems pretty much fine. It was probably fine at 2 as well. Tractor should be 1 on any platform. Ion is absurd garbage at 6, 4 would be more fair (Ion Missiles Should be 2). HLC was bad at 4 and terrible at 5. They nerfed all the cannons because of Scyks and B-Foils. Scyks are probably a point too cheap and B-Foils are a rollout mess and should have been free on a more expensive chassis. I don’t necessarily need a good reason to put HLC on Fett, but at least interesting guns on an Aggressor Or control options on an X-Wing should be viable. Give me a reason to take cannons other than a double-tap, and price Scyks/Jumps right in the first place.
  3. I think it’s kind of a mixed bag. I definitely think that somethings like a turrets, Missiles, and cannons should be cheaper in general since they’re usually a “take it or leave it” deal. The exceptions (Scyk, V1, maybe Y-Wing) probably need a point up anyway. I personally really like some reason to ever take ion or cluster missiles. Even taking concussion missiles on an Aggressor, RZ-1 or Z-95 would be sweet but just isn’t close to viable since the V1 is too good with them already. And don’t get me started on the sadness of the nerf that came to cannons when what they needed was a buff (looking at you again, Scyk!)
  4. Why not just drop it to 25, 26, 28, 29? It’s basically just a less maneuverable torrent or a less punchy Scyk. Basically, when you get to that point it becomes much easier to fit them as beefy blockers or cheap little missile/turret spammers. Also I think missiles should generally be cheaper (at least ion, cluster, and concussion) and Dorsal should be 2. 1-2 points sometimes goes a really long way.
  5. Seems like 4 really squishy ships that want to joust.
  6. Only 29 days till the next X-Wing news... Man I miss the good old days.
  7. Maybe true because poor firepower and 1 less hull BUT it depends what you need. It’s hard to make a case that the Scyk is a better blocker, or that it has more time-on-target. Critically, the Scyk can take a hardpoint, but at that point the Scyk is more expensive so it should be better...
  8. I wasn't having a good day. This was supposed to be the bright spot. I guess I'll find another bright spot instead
  9. Oh I know; I meant how canonical Kanan as pilot (vs Kanan as crew) and Kanan as scum (vs Kanan as rebel) would be. I'm happy either way. Just moar content plz
  10. Yeah I mean I was all ready for "Postponed to tomorrow" but this is a total swing and a miss. We didn't have to wait this long when the Demo-2 mission got delayed, and that's literally hurtling humans into outer space.
  11. Did they HAVE to wait until the literal release time to let us know? *huff*
  13. Eh yeah they probably will I'm skipping the article and just refreshing on the points docs
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