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  1. I actually bought core sets and conversion kits for my Father in Law and "Uncle in Law," the two people I play with the most. That was way back at Christmas. I've been playing 2.0 at the FLGS, but it's just not the same. My Father in Law has finally bitten the bullet and got his stuff punched out, assembled and organized. It was the N-1 that won him over in the end. I'm supposed to get my first 2.0 game with him tonight. We'll see if the other will follow.
  2. I realize this is jumping back a bit, but I think this is a point worth repeating: If you don't mind being a little exposed for awhile, it's pretty easy, I'd say almost trivial, to approach like this: Turn 2: All ships just outside R3, spread out in a line. Turn 3: Slow-roll to lock, opponent's ships move afterwards and land at R1. Launch APTs Turn 4: Proton Bomb the living daylights out of them! This is kind of the basis of my current bomber-spam list. Seeing all the stuff that Hyenas are capable of has made me really want to use my (6) TIE bombers again, and I've been doing some practice runs of another bomber spam list that I'll be getting a game or two with tonight. Here's the list: 5x Scimitar Squadron Pilot, Proton Bombs, Advanced Proton Torpedoes. That's a lot of crit-loaded dice at R1, even if it is single-modded, and if they successfully avoid all R1 shots, they're looking at 2-3 proton bombs the following turn. 5x 2-primary on 6 hull isn't all that bad on its own either. I think this little thing has some serious potential. On that note, it's occurred to me that you can do something pretty similar with Hyenas, but better: Techno Union Bomber (26) Ion Torpedoes (6) Proton Bombs (5) Landing Struts (1) Techno Union Bomber (26) Ion Torpedoes (6) Proton Bombs (5) Landing Struts (1) Techno Union Bomber (26) Ion Torpedoes (6) Proton Bombs (5) Landing Struts (1) Techno Union Bomber (26) Ion Torpedoes (6) DRK-1 Probe Droids (5) Landing Struts (1) Trade Federation Drone (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Trade Federation Drone (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Total: 200 The virtue in this is the 4 double-modded dice attack of the Ion Torpedoes. This is huge because either (a) you're hitting an un-hittable ace, or (b), your piling ions on so you can easily proton-bomb them next turn. Probes give you the lock so you can engage from R3 obstructed (for 4 defense dice) while denying obstruction and range bonus for the defender. I mean, realistically you won't all be set up that way, but the potential is there. And your ESC drones meanwhile have double-mods on their shot as well. Some beef to it, but also a whole lot of power and control. AND the Ion torpedoes have 2 charges so they're crucially available after the initial engage if you need them, especially if you get lucky and don't have to burn the lock on the first shot.
  3. Slightly off-topic, but related note: Are corps units without heavy weapons a waste of points? In lists I've seen I'm pretty sure every corps unit has had heavy weapons, which is a little weird to me, thematically.
  4. As someone who hasn't played yet, how good are they? Stormtroopers get a little old after a while, but I dislike the thematics of putting Snowtroopers all over the place, and every squad has a minimum of 3 corps units. Are these going to be comparable to Clone Troopers in power level, or a bit below?
  5. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait... Not the TIE Interceptor? I mean, how do you figure? The TIE/in is the closest counterpart to the A-Wing in the game, for sure. It's a hard-to-fly, nimble, extremely squishy craft that excels at blocking but is even better as an arc-dodger. A-Wing generics were useless until they got their double-talents back. Wouldn't double-talents save the Interceptor as well? Intimidation Alphas or Outmaneuver/Predator Sabers could see at least some use in fringe builds I'm sure. Of course, it more needs a price drop (32 point Alphas/38 point Sabers please!), but it would at least be something to help the poor thing out.
  6. 1 starfield mat. Looking for a good 3'x6' mat for Epic and Armada but haven't found one yet. I prefer generic starfields as they allow play in a variety of scenarios (instead of always being stuck over Endor or Hoth). I also prefer a single mat as my board is already in two sections (two quarter-folding 4'x3' plywood sections, felted) and a single mat would help to integrate them while two mats would end up looking like two separate playing areas.
  7. Nah, that overcomplicates everything. Really ordnance platforms should pay more for their initiative (aka generics need to be cheaper), and some munitions need to come down a little (mainly missiles). We don’t want everything scaled by initiative. Keep our fun little casual game as simple as possible.
  8. Pretty sure it's just another T-70, but I'd be super happy to be proven wrong. Almost looks kinda Mandalorian. I thought that guy who was talking just after this shot looked Mando. Also SUPREME LEADER KYLO!!
  9. I'd go Sloane. Tarkin, Sloane, and a bunch of TIE Interceptors sounds like a match made in heaven. As long as Targeting Computer is 6 points or less, you can fit 4 Alpha Squadron Interceptors alongside. And if it's 3 or cheaper, you can Jendon for some round 1 locks! I like it! Locks for the ones out of range, Sloane for the ones in range. Also gets the fire off your fragile interceptors because they'll be going so hard after the shuttle. And with locks in the picture anyway, it makes self-stressing a little bit more tempting (they won't realize how terrible it is).
  10. I have it on preorder, but I know a bunch of people got there hand on it already at GenCon. Curious how the task-force campaign game plays as I'd like to try it out with some friends in a month or two. Is it well balanced or is there a runaway problem? Do the smaller games still give meaningful opportunities and room for epic moves? Is there a strong sense of storyline progression or is it more a sense of disjunct but escalating standard games?
  11. Yes, and not only that, but things like Outmaneuver DO work for Snap Shot, though they don’t on an RZ-2’s primary.
  12. Seyn Marana? 4 dice give 50% chance of a crit...
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