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  1. I've used Vallejo Crackling Medium (17mL bottle). Aardcoat will work Remember to share results if you try
  2. Hi all To match a squad repaint, I'm looking to optimize a list with: - 1x TIE Advanced x1 - 2x TIE Bombers - 2x TIE Interceptors What can you come up with? Here's my go, it should fair OK against swarm and beef Maarek Stele (45) Fire-Control System (2) Gamma Squadron Ace (30) Barrage Rockets (8) Gamma Squadron Ace (30) Barrage Rockets (8) Saber Squadron Ace (36) Saber Squadron Ace (36) Total: 195 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 And here's the squad repaint: The Dubai Squadron Thanks for watching! WanouMars
  3. Thanks for the suggestion I attempted it ^
  4. An attempt at using crackle medium: Thanks for watching! WanouMars
  5. Keep us posted Can you share what archetypes you faced? (CIS Swarm, Empire Aces...)
  6. Alright Peeps! I wanted to re-shoot a few of my first repaints for a while. So, here you go! Imperial Gold Squadron Hot-Rod A-Wings over Bespin Ironman A-Wing over Bespin Fire and Ice TIE Fighters Ghostbusters IN SPACE! Soviet X-Wings Silver TIE Interceptor Thanks for watching! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @wanoumars.art WanouMars
  7. Trying out Green Stuff World Chameleon Paints, on black, white, and detailed bases. Interesting shine! Posting here in case anyone is interested and for future generations Black base layer: White, white, and detailed base layers. Thanks for watching! WanouMars
  8. Hi all! I think this gimmick is interesting: - snapshot + tractor in movement phase or - shoot + tractor in engagement phase Setup: get these locks! That would potentially deny shots, actions, and cause extra damage. Ten Numb (48) Snap Shot (7) Fire-Control System (2) Tractor Beam (3) Stabilized S-Foils (2) Gina Moonsong (50) Snap Shot (7) Fire-Control System (2) Tractor Beam (3) Hull Upgrade (3) Stabilized S-Foils (2) Braylen Stramm (52) Snap Shot (7) Fire-Control System (2) Tractor Beam (3) Stabilized S-Foils (2) Total: 195 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Thoughts? WanouMars EDIT : gimmick does not work, as you can only execute 1 bonus attack per turn.
  9. Experimenting with Crackle Medium on a ship. First attempt: needs bigger cracks
  10. I love them! Did you use masking tape or free hand for the pattern?
  11. Watch this: Or get a cheap ultrasonic cleaner with alcohol. And have fun!
  12. Some new stuff Thanks for watching! WanouMars
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