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  1. This. Would love to see more stand alone quests representing events described/alluded to in the books.
  2. Personally I prefer to unlock one pack at a time but that can be really frustrating when you know the one card to really make your deck hum is stuck in the last pack of the cycle!
  3. I'm taking a vaguely thematic pair of decks through The Lost Realm and Angmar Awakened cycle: Aragorn/Halbarad/Elrohir and Erestor/Arwen/Elladan Tonight I got through The Treachery of Rhudaur without too much sweat, picking up a clue for each deck and loading up an excessive 25 damage on Thaudir in the final stage. Now for the hard stuff: Carn Dum and The Dread Realm... Closest finale so far was a replay of Deadman's Dike (after I realised a play error on the previous win) which ended with one deck at 1 card remaining in it's deck ?
  4. Nice thread. I know a lot gets said about the "future of the game", both pessimistic and optimistic but it's always a fun topic for discussion and good to hear some of the ideas out there. 1) Completely agree. I'm surprised it wasn't 2018 GenCon like many predicted. Some have suggested Caleb might leave it to be his parting gift to players - before he sails off to the undying lands - and that is a comforting thought. 2) Unless there's some disaster, I imagine FFG will do their best to tie up all Nightmare products for all released saga and cycles. I'm not a big Nightmare player so haven't considered Old Forest and Fog before, but yeah, unfortunately I could see them being missed out as they're PoD... 3) Everyone's favourite topic? Well, now we have Thranduil, Thorin III etc so the gaps are being filled in. I would personally love those wizard heroes but could understand if the designers chose to keep them as powerful allies only, certainly in Saruman's case - Radagast would need a new ally version at the very least. Tom and Goldberry I would argue shouldn't be player cards - only part of the encounter deck for any quests set in their realm (such as Tom in his PoD quests). If they do become player cards, then their effect would have to be quite abstract. Now that sagas are over, Frodo and Bilbo need new player cards for sure. Sam is also a massive character with too few player cards. I guess a danger is having all-spirit hobbit heroes but I could see a Lore Frodo, Tactics Sam and Spirit Bilbo, maybe. Really, there needs to be a leadership hero other than Sam as well, but who? More hobbit cards are surely on the way: The Gaffer, Nob, Tom Cotton's sons... 4) The Mordor locale could be fun. On the other end of the scale, I'd like to see something closer to the Shire and Bree. Less epic but with some intrigue, hunting Sauron's spies for example. Alternatively, could Caleb ever consider a War in the North saga-style adventure, culminating in the Battle of Dale? I'd play that! 5) I'd love that too, but it would take serious work, and well as some head scratching to solve weird story jumps (see Dwarrowdelf). Despite some frustrations, I liked Thew Hobbit boxes, re-doing those wouldn't be a priority for me. Interested to read what other people are looking forward to
  5. Welcome to the game! First of all, from what you've reported it sounds like you were playing correctly. It is a recognised issue that the various so-called "starter decks" perform very differently out of the box and there is plenty of debate as to whether players should be encouraged to use them at all. In particular I think most would agree that against the first quest, the spirit deck is the strongest and the tactics deck has basically no hope... Also, the core set experience can be pretty tough overall (the other two quests are even harder) so don't be too discouraged by losing. As soon as you have time, I would recommend building your own deck combining 2 of the spheres - it will allow more flexibility to include for example willpower (as you got from spirit) and combat prowess. In some quests it won't be possible to always avoid engaging the enemies plus deck building is a big part of the fun. Depending on the quest, it can also be easier to use 2 decks, either in multiplayer or two-handed solo, but this can increase playing time accordingly. Once you get into the game there's a lot of depth to explore. Enjoy.
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