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  1. Hi, first of all thanks for the app, I love it. One bug I found: sometimes I try to add TRC to my torpedo MC30 and it’s not on the list of cards I can add (along with a few others). I switch to scout and can add them no problem. I can add them to MC80 no problem. On another list with a scout MC30, I have the same issue, then switch to torpedo and no issues. Anyway, keep up the good work, thanks again!
  2. Got my fleets for Christmas, anyone want to get together this week to play? I’m available Thursday night or in the afternoon any day
  3. If you don’t mind lending me ships again, no problem haha. But I’d also like to play after Christmas with my own ships, whether in January or between Christmas and New Years if anyone is available
  4. What about Friday 1 December in the evening? I won’t have any ships or anything, but since I’ve never played, I can just watch a game to learn
  5. I’ve been doing some investigating for locations in Halifax. I went to the board game cafe in Bedford and called Games People play. The guy at the BGC said there’s not really any people who play armada there, but he said that there’s a good scene at the BGC downtown. I’ll contact them to see. The guy a Games People play said there are some regular players there and that they would maybe run an event soon so to check their FB page. Weekend nights are probably the best for me, but we can definitely organize stuff. I just have to wait to get my stuff at Christmas haha
  6. Thanks guys, a lot of info here. I’ll check out youtube and those links. Not sure what play style I like better or which faction, I’ll have to play both at first, so I’ll probably get one squad pack and one medium ship for each and go from there. Thanks again!
  7. Hi, I am getting the core set for Christmas and I am a total noob at this. Is there a guide for new players anywhere for standard builds/strategies? I want to get a couple more ships, but not break the bank as I’m not sure how often I’ll get to play since there doesn’t seem to be a huge community where I live. Thanks!
  8. Awesome, the board game cafe in Bedford is right close to my house. Once I get my set (and probably a couple of expansions, who am I kidding haha) I’ll let you know. If my buddy gets into it and BigLev is too, maybe we can get a bigger game going
  9. Are you guys still playing? I live in Halifax and am getting the game for Christmas. I will be playing with my friend, but I don’t know if he’ll like it enough to buy his own set. In any case, playing with different people is always good!
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