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    Zephyr444 got a reaction from The Cocky Rooster in Sorastro's Painting   
    Sorastro, you are the reason I'm buying Legion.  I love your videos like everyone here and I can't wait to use your methods.  I have to ask though:  what's something you want them to put into Legion so you could paint it?  
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    Zephyr444 reacted to Sorastro in When will we get online support for Star Wars Legion?   
    Ha.. well the video is nearly done but will need to be checked by the licensing guys before I can release it which could take up to three weeks 
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    Zephyr444 reacted to ScottieATF in Prepainted?   
    You want them to do something that would substantially increase the cost to make each miniature.  In a game that involves a lot of miniatures on each side.  That increase in cost would demand an increase in price to maintain the margins they want to work with.
    You aren't going to be able to move a product that is priced so high it's unattractive to even the target audience. Do you really think a Core Set for anything would sell for $150? You're going to sticker shock out most people that would otherwise have thought about purchasing that game.  And you're going to do so with a questionable quality of product.
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    Zephyr444 reacted to Mirkon in The 2 cores or the expansions debate after a peak   
    Oh, an Imperial Assault style campaign with branching arcs ? I'm down for that.
    I imagine it'd get a few bunched panties though
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