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  1. I figured a high-gloss paint would be a good place to start. You can weather a model, you can't in-weather it
  2. So question to the whole forum: with the impending relese of the crashed escape pod terrain set, does anyone have a good metalic color to be painting C-3P0 with?
  3. That is a work of art Andy. Can I ask what paints/washes you used? I use Citadel mostly
  4. Hey Sorastro, I'm painting the Downed AT-ST right now and I was wondering, would you recommend using the Vallejo basing paste for the earth and dirt sections of the model, or straight paint?
  5. Glad to hear more Legion content is coming Sorastro. My landspeeder has been burning a hole in my shelf since I bought it. Question though: where are Jun Erso and the rebel pathfinder on your to-do list?
  6. And they come in the good dropper bottles too. I might be tempted to grab the sets myself. Have you had a chance to try them Sorastro?
  7. They announced Star Wars paint for Legion. Kinda wished they did this before i bought up half of citadel's paints, but it'll be good for newcomers.
  8. Ya know what, scratch all previous thoughts. We need those Sorastro clones STAT. Clone wars have come to Legion Sorastro, would you ever consider having someone do the painting in some of your videos to expedite the process?
  9. The Jim Butcher plan never works. What do we do with them afterwords?
  10. Sorastro, you're gonna be at Star Wars Celebration officially? Now I wish I was in Chicago.
  11. Hey Sorastro, i dont know if you're tired of hearing this, but but you are an inspiration to anyone getting into this hobby. And you being 'official' with Lucasfilm is just the coolest ever. But i do have a question that i think some people here have as well. Do you have any suggeations on brush care? I always rinse my brushes in new water after each painting session, and i store them upright, off the bristles. But on my more frequently used brushes, like my No. 0 detailing brush, the fine points keep getting undone and splayed out. Thoughts? And you keep being you my dude.
  12. Perhaps FFG will do a neutral creatures pack much in the same way they did with the terrain pack, where the creatures will have deployment cards that dictate where they move and what they're attracted to; ie a wampaa will not attack a vehicle.
  13. We're all weak one way or another. Don't feel guilty. As long as you're not selling off kidneys to fund your addiction, there's nothing wrong here
  14. The glazes you use on your lightsabers take the entire mini to a whole new level Sorastro.
  15. I'm gonna crank out an assembly line for my stormies while I get all the paint for my rebels together. Thank you Sorastro. One of my friends, a recovering Imperial Guard player, asked if he could do the atst. I'm hoping he'll want to do the airspeeder too.
  16. Dice pack and maneuvering set arrived yesterday. Speeder bikes and atrt not due till next week though. All from amazon
  17. I've spent the last five months watching Sorastro, buying Imp Assult, painting them, and just generally driving all my friends insane talking about it. In the immortal words of Reggie: "My body is ready"
  18. Sorastro, you are the reason I'm buying Legion. I love your videos like everyone here and I can't wait to use your methods. I have to ask though: what's something you want them to put into Legion so you could paint it?
  19. Maybe themed sets, like Scarif having beachtroopers and the Rogue One characters plus some beach terrain. I'd shell out for that.
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