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  1. The Jabbawookie

    Waves of Obscure Ships?

    Not if you’ve watched the movies and the Rebels series... then it’s only wave 1 & 2 content you wouldn’t recognize.
  2. The Jabbawookie

    Waves of Obscure Ships?

    It’s mentioned in Tarkin, AKA “James Luceno’s Last-Ditch Attempt to Drag Things Into Canon.” And I have no problem with that (heck, he saved the VSD,) but is it mentioned anywhere else?
  3. The Jabbawookie

    Stranded on the Katana!! {MAFIA} Game Started!

    I see your paying attention to you're yours. Don't worry, Clon - your fine and you're grammar's fine.
  4. The Jabbawookie

    Stranded on the Katana!! {MAFIA} Game Started!

    Alright, people. Until we get power up on decks 4 through 11, it's time to break out the respirators and glow rods. Has anyone seen Lt. Dallows, or is he a popsicle by now? ##Role confirmed
  5. The Jabbawookie

    #NoSquadGoals - fleet critique

    Lando is a great idea for Admo; it might also be worth considering Intel Officer and XX-9s on the LMC80. That way they’ll have effectively nothing to defend with on the second hit, and XX-9s not only double the Dodonna-ness but bypass pesky contains, which ECM larges will be able to spend when their brace is gone. Probably beats a seventh activation, unless your meta’s MSU-saturated. I’d downgrade the Combat GR75 if you go with that and want to keep a high bid. Good luck!
  6. The Jabbawookie

    Improve my Fleets!

    Rule of thumb for Garm is he likes big ships (and he won worlds once!) Nebs can work, but command one small ships aren’t efficient because they can only gain one token, something that’s easy to do already. The only thing Garm can do if you have one is swap it out, making Leia a better choice for command one ships. @geek19 has a good explanation on his blog how Garm is different than Leia and what to do about it (Leia article.) GR75s don’t warrant a defensive officer like Lando, and three red dice on a Nebulon don’t warrant XI7s. Those are for big batteries of dice. Flight Commander is pretty much an auto include for Yavaris, and so is a reliable way to give it a squadron token (Garm helps somewhat, but not with great timing; you should have a squad token banked anyway round 2, and if Yavaris is alive round 5 things will often be disengaging.) The MC30 does not want to flak or push squads; thus, it does not want Draven or Flight Controllers. Nothing currently released wants Rapid Reload or the command change officers (Ordnance Experts, APTs or ACMs + Lando on the MC30.) Admonition is generally better than Foresight. HTTs are bad because they give your opponent choices about which defense tokens to use. XI7s do a better job, but the 30 doesn’t really need that slot filled. The bomber complement is a little lackluster against ships for its cost, but not terribly so. A Bomber Command Center would really help with consistent damage. Have you tried reading either of the blogs @Doppelganger recommended? Cannot Get Your Ship Out is amazing, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m not trying to offend, but some of these upgrades look as though they were thrown on without a good reason, or without considering better uses of those points. There’s no shame at all in being new to fleet building, but it’s really important to actively work toward a solid understanding of fleet building, hopefully using some of the great resources out there. And that doesn’t just mean submitting builds for feedback, that means explaining your choices in depth, so we can understand your reasoning. Why is so much more important than what, and I (and others, no doubt) want to help on a better level than just simple upgrade changes.
  7. So if you never hit the asteroid, you never hit the asteroid. Thanks, sheep. Omygosh my Raider moved speed 24 over the course of a game. Guess I’ve been lied to this whole time. And who says it didn’t land on another asteroid? Since we’re clearly being so serious and precise.
  8. The Jabbawookie

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    @Baltanok do we have numbers for top 4 Imperial lists with one or more ISDs? I’d like to empirically nip this in the bud before we get another improvement thread. Don’t mess with generics. I’ve flown them since Sloane came out and gotten good results in the four tournaments I’ve brought them to (first, third, first, first.) They’re not forgiving, but they can get work done.
  9. The Jabbawookie

    Stranded on the Katana!! {MAFIA} Game Started!

    This can only lead to insanity and chaos. I love it.
  10. The Jabbawookie

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    I don't know what they are, but...
  11. The Jabbawookie

    Recon on Sylluria {MAFIA}

  12. The Jabbawookie

    Stranded on the Katana!! {MAFIA} Game Started!

    Ensign J. Wookie, reporting in sir!
  13. The Jabbawookie

    Recon on Sylluria {MAFIA}

    Observers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oEkR_AaNuXMegFP7d3MrKDkiFJelRK_yCWmKEekIEPo/edit Scumchat: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A8Q_8TL044C73-Zy3760hS6S4qd2dMKXw6lKMggplLY/edit @Gengis Jon, @Matt3412: We're so glad you could join us, and hopefully you enjoyed yourselves. Would you like me to give you a heads up next time we start a game? @Velvetelvis, if you're interested, you have the same offer. There's only one VT I know of: Congratulations guys, I didn't think town would pull through for a bit there, but you slowed down and got it done. Congratulations LTD for hiding so long and so well. Even when in a corner, you didn't hesitate to try something audacious. Survivors: Clontroper5 - Town Doc EbonHawk - Vanilla Gengis Jon - Vanilla Lord Preyer - Vanilla