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  1. @idjmv in exchange for industrial capacity or ownership of a captured Preyhold Autarchy planet post-war, the Mandalorians will aid you in your struggle.
  2. @Bertie Wooster Actually, if you could continue jumping the Quasar until it reaches Gestalt that would be ideal. We will pay for all fuel costs.
  3. Transfer 41 credits to the Fully Unprepared Novice Knaves (@Bertie Wooster.) You will receive the second payment on round four at the latest.
  4. The Jabbawookie

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    Not to worry; Lord Vader is on his way already to figure that out.
  5. Don’t try it lest you get knocked...
  6. The Jabbawookie

    Visiting Toronto

    Sorry, I meant organized play haha.
  7. The Jabbawookie

    Visiting Toronto

    You might try the off topic subforum, where there are a lot of threads like this. @Jonathan4290 also had some knowledge of Toronto events a while back; they might be able to point you to a Facebook group or something.
  8. @Bertie Wooster We would appreciate picking up the Quasar in deep space L.
  9. Not just intent: the letter of the rule is very specifically worded. Nowhere does she do anything involving your ships in any way, but rather your non-rogue squadrons (and their targets.) Those squadrons are the only beneficiaries of Sloane, whether they’re commanded or not (though of course they usually should be,) regardless of whether you’re commanding them or an ally. This “teammates’ stuff isn’t friendly” limitation only applies to commanders, though; a teammate’s squadrons can all benefit from your Norra’s crit, Dengar’s counter, Howlrunner’s extra die, etc. so long as they meet the usual requirements.
  10. Grint (or an empty officer slot) needs a very good reason to be on a Quasar when it could be Pryce/Squall. Unless Pryce is on an ISD somewhere else, the power of ten consecutive squad activations changes games before the first ship-to-ship fire has even begun. @Benmartin Sloane only affects your squadrons, not those of your allies. But you could do this with Palpatine and an insane number of generic TIE Bombers, as he affects a target enemy instead.
  11. The Jabbawookie

    Sector Fleet - clear advantage for defensive admirals

    You probably want to shy away from accuracies when at the expense of damage. Their whole point is preventing players from spending tokens, and unlike Intel Officer, Palpatine doesn’t need help against duplicate tokens (nor does he care about ECMs like an accuracy would, for that matter.)
  12. The Jabbawookie

    Well, it's something.

    Well, it means 1. “We haven’t forgotten” and 2. “We plan to keep making these rather than Runewars-ing the game in six months.” Which isn’t a well-founded fear to have, but one that some of the gloomier and doomier among us throw around occasionally.
  13. We're distant right now. You will be payed in full regardless, and any attack upon the planet will be an act of war against the Mandalorians. Would that suffice?
  14. @Bertie Wooster We will uphold our 1.5 ratio, delivering 81 credits by turn four.
  15. If you are offering this service, we suggest you consider selling to the highest bidder. We are most interested.