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  1. I’ve flipped a fighter pack at double MSRP once so I could offer someone else a good deal in-person. Guess I want my community to be chaotic neutrals?
  2. Not if you give them beam weapons like that... I’m just happy to see that Trandoshan pilot, fighting their stereotype of being a “bad guy” species.
  3. Since you've mentioned me by name, you've confirmed my existence as, at minimum, an abstract concept.
  4. In case there was any doubt, I now bear the Contrarian Seal of Approval.
  5. I mean, those arguments are generally in favor of accepting an unfounded fact (worship, or in this case buffing Mothma) based on a lack of evidence to the contrary. Whereas inaction or further exploration as a default (i.e. what I'm arguing for) is the general philosophy of atheists/skeptics. It's also the philosophy for Armada game balance; this game is relatively "safe" because we have a mountain of useless cards instead of a handful of broken ones. That's not to say I come down on one side of the issue, because I agree there definitely is room for balance improvement; here are 36 cards that I think are broadly agreed to be terrible, on paper and in practice: Interdictor Combat Refit, Konstantine, Tagge, Cracken, Leia (commander, sorry not sorry geek19), Titus, Aresko, Gherant, Isard, Goran, Engineering Captain, Navigation Officer, Tactical Expert, Wing Commander, Engineering Team, Cluster Bombs, Redundant Shields, Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, Rapid Reload, Sensor Team, Phylon Q7s, Point Defense Reroute, NK-7s, High Capacity Ion Turbines, Corruptor, Executor, Jyn Erso, Independence, Liberty, Phoenix Home, Redemption, Lancers, Gar Saxon, Gauntlets, YV-666s, and the G-8 Experimental Projector. We don't have data for them either, but I think you and most people here would agree that these cards fundamentally suck because of how they are written. In my unproven opinion, Mothma's problems stem from the meta, not the way her card is written. Ignoring the fact there's a whole pile of vaguely redeemable stuff like Paragon or Lira Wessex between Mothma and this list, changing a commander to drag an archetype up from the depths is putting the cart before the horse. It locks the archetype to that commander and limits design space. Plus, we should be fixing those terrible upgrades anyway, and doing so would almost certainly have resounding effects on the meta. For example, what if cluster bombs could trigger against any attacker (maybe with a range restriction, or damage suffered individually like SCBTs)? CR90s or MC30s might field a lot of copies in a single list, which is terrifying for the dominant Starhawk/ISD/SSD points fortress archetype centered around 1-2 ships. Boom, MSU is cool again, and so is Mothma. Basically, we shouldn't "redeem" a diamond in the rough when redeeming garbage potentially serves the same purpose with increased flexibility.
  6. I don't think anyone takes the statement "Mon Mothma players don't exist" remotely literally. It's hyperbole. His point, as I understand it, is that the number of players using her in competitive events is statistically insignificant. (i.e. events that contribute to a meaningful dataset.) If Mothma isn't present, Mothma won't win. If a single player takes Mothma for every 27 that take Rieekan, Mothma is also a lot less likely to win events compared to Rieekan. We don't have meaningful data to indicate anything about Mothma right now because to all intents and purposes she doesn't appear on tables come tournament day. So what we're left with are assumptions and experiences that generally aren't well-founded. And in that sense, a lack of Mothma players is a core problem that stands in the way of rebalance. (Side note: saw someone playing Mothma Amity, to your point about new Mothma archetypes. Looked interesting.)
  7. I mean, the existence of something in casual play doesn't necessarily affect competitive presence, viability, any of that. By the data LTD is right, Mothma doesn't really seem to exist. Nobody will be recorded as doing well with Mothma if they don't bring her to an event, no matter how much they play her casually. Now, you can argue whether that's a symptom or the root problem. Maybe it's a combination of the two (personally I think it's a problem with the MSU archetype being prone to bleeding out points in tournament play, Mothma or no. And just being a lot more fatiguing to play.) Agreed. Meaning Mothma now needs to play in such a way as to not hang out in extreme range much, and luckily the most effective ships for her are great at it. Both double evade Rebel ships (CR90 and MC30) are also the only natural Rebel speed 4 small bases, which makes them very well suited to dodge and kill Onagers. The high activation count of her lists also allows the most threatened ship to even outlast an Onager. Mothma evades are even a good answer to that salvo token. In my experience with pure TRC90/GR75 lists, it's a very good matchup against Onagers; the problems happen with Pryce, with Hawk + Squads, and often with Ravager. As before though, this is just anecdotal. I'm eager to see data for a season with a meaningful wave 8 presence.
  8. I’m all for this, looks like a lot of fun and different from anything we’ve done before! A 15 player minimum seems high, though; are you recruiting only from the forums?
  9. I find both meaningful for different reasons. In the case of Reavern, we had legitimate reasons to want that seat empty, not inactive. But I agree there are other ways to achieve the benefits of lynching. When they're available, they're great. The problem is that for the same reasons town hasn't been getting kills lately (poor organization, tolerating lurking/inactivity), town hasn't been good at applying unified pressure. It would be reasonable to say I was too fixated this game on a symptom, not the root problem.
  10. D2. There was more participation and time for discussion and scumhunting without having to worry about a train (or so we thought.) Though even then, we didn’t use the time as effectively as we could have. By the end of the day, things were in chaos and I was effectively cleared through attempting a train on myself (because of just how close the train came.) Though not ironclad, it was similar to getting a lynch but keeping the player. Good game, everyone! Pod, thanks for modding, this was entertaining.
  11. He implied another user should die. That behavior is not equivalent to (or better than) the behavior of his critics. It is also in violation of the user agreement for this forum. It's not enough to put him on my ignore list while he treats others that way, and I'd like the mods to do their jobs (I assume we still have them, but we live in unusual times and I'm beginning to wonder.) Also: a tolerant environment can only be tolerant of tolerant viewpoints. It's a bit of a paradox, but otherwise you're making the forum less welcoming for new arrivals who don't like insults, ranting, and thinly veiled death threats, ignore button or not. It was a little fun at first, but now it's just cleaning up a mess. I do agree that he's not going away by our actions, though, unless those actions involve the report button.
  12. The point wasn't to make Alderaan capitulate; it was an illict thorn in the Empire's side rather than an overt one. By destroying it, Tarkin makes it clear the Death Star is fully operational (Scarif and Jedha were small-scale tests), that he is willing to use it, and that he won't face consequences for doing so. The fear aspect is with regard to the rest of the galaxy.
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