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  1. Cheers. Going to do all of my Republic stuff in those colours
  2. No. All modifications fall under the modify dice step and it is down to you to do what you want in what order you want.
  3. Oh yeah, it was smashing everything. Oh wait..
  4. Must have missed it when reading all the bull
  5. 5 pages of this? Really? 5 pages and no one's has stated that people have their own ethical lines? What is ok to one isn't going to be ok to another. 5 pages and no one has thought to point that out. That said, if you're going on the internet to ask if you're ok ethically, you're probably not. You don't need the opinion of strangers if you know you did nothing wrong.
  6. I put the dial anywhere, but all mine are painted and so are the ships, the orange dial is for the orange ship
  7. Would that not depend on where the closest point of the droid on the rock is to the attacking ship?
  8. No, because bombs aren't primary attacks.
  9. Your opponent would have to be a real douchebag to complain about it. Just paint a small dot underneath incase they do. That way your falcon is customised and modified, if you happened to get it second hand it's also scavenged
  10. Disabled power regulator you did correctly. Rigged cargo shoot is dropped as your ships action, so no, not in the system phase
  11. A: When an effect says a ship “ignores obstacles,” it means that ship “ignores the effects of obstacles. not being able to shoot is an effect of being on a rock. Therefore Qi'Ra ignores it and can shoot.
  12. Wouldn't the very first answer on the official rulings thread cover this question?
  13. So was Maximus Decimimus Meridius
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