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  1. I must've missed something. When did the 2.0 Raider get cancelled?
  2. I'm glad I read this thread - I'd opened my CR90 yesterday and it completely slipped my notice. But, yep, wrong dial, and the ship token has a Raider on one side. Also very disappointed to learn the app won't support Huge ships. I've been playing Armada for a couple of years now, so I'm accustomed to some cost points printed on the cards becoming too expensive/too cheap as the game evolves. I thought the X-Wing app was a pretty cool idea to keep the game balanced, but I remember thinking at the time that it was also a bit of a liability. Anyway. (Sorry if nonsensical - it's after midnight and I'm tired.)
  3. Finally, a conspiracy theory I can believe in! Yep, gone again for me too!
  4. Oh, Echoes of War is still there... It just doesn't have the Reaper or Renegades in there anymore. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/1/echoes-of-war/
  5. Well, this is really disappointing. As someone who only started collecting after Second Ed came out, they were the two expansions I was most looking forward to!
  6. I saw that too - thought it was a clever little explanation. It can also "explain" the use of English on some signs in Galaxy's Edge.
  7. Although I also suspect that Dark Rey is just a Force vision, I think the idea of her being a clone shouldn't be dismissed. It's supported by the cave scene in TLJ where she sees multiple copies of herself. I never thought that scene should be interpreted literally as clones, but that would be a crazy twist if it's true.
  8. Four of my fighters (I can't remember which ones; it was a long time ago) were surrounding a Liberty which had no defence tokens, no shields, and only 1 hull left. It was the sixth round. If I sunk the Liberty, I'd win. You can see where this is going. Not a single hit from four attacks.
  9. I know the Scarif shield gate has already been mentioned, but I'd love to see a good model of that with some objectives to go with it. This would work well! And just add a few additional rules/clarifications that are unique to the Scarif gate. It'd look amazing.
  10. Not even an Engineering token to help you fix the problem?? That is cold.
  11. Did FFG confirm the SSD was part of Wave 8, or a standalone release (like the CC)?
  12. The chance to blow one of these up!!
  13. Stoked that it comes with Flight Controllers... now I don't need to buy the VSD expansion!
  14. Keeping the positivity going... Although I've been collecting for a few months, I've only recently started playing Armada at my local store. Have really enjoyed getting into it and meeting everyone. I played my second game last night and couldn't have had a better time. Sad to hear that the game seems to be waning in some areas, but it seems to be gaining momentum in others.
  15. Nietzsche totally had it wrong. Sometimes you gaze into an abyss and the abyss doesn't do a thing.
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