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  1. Considering no hammer at the moment, I assume the 2 Scums is already on the wagon. And your playstyle is better hang than no hang? Duly noted
  2. Well, you changed xD do you analyse yourself then 😂
  3. Didn’t Gnips want to hammer Ebon but don’t? Bertie was already on that train. Maybe your 3rd theory is right. That means there must be also a couple more Traitors in Town.
  4. Wait, 2 Deaths, jeez Mads confirmed we have multiple Traitors in Town Bertie killed by Vigilante or ability reflect I think Matt surprisingly alive till D3 🤪
  5. ok Ebon stirred quite a hornet’s nest now. But is Ebon train a solution now in D2?
  6. Either they don’t know there’re Traitors in Town or maybe they kill to sow confusion, which we are currently in ._. fml mafia do be complicated I’m lovin it 😂
  7. Well, that’s a bummer, basically a worse Town Vanilla, because they can get killed by their own “team”.
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