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  1. Thanks so much. My brother was so exited when I told him there was a bounty for 100,000c up for grabs. And obviously (Me being a nice GM I let him claim 50,000 of it and the rest going to the other member of the party)
  2. No not at all. Why would anyone ask that? They obviously aren't educated in the ways of "Storm Trooper Armor inspection"
  3. My Brother and I just started playing EotE and I was wondering, can't we just steal Armor off of a dead Stormtrooper instead of buying some? And what is stopping him from stealing weapons and vehicles and equipment?
  4. HI, I have a question about Take Downs. So weapons with Stun have a stun value right and if you hit someone with stun it effects there Strain. So if that stun value is 4 than that is not enough to incapacitate them. so whats the point to having a stun weapon? Also, with bare handed take downs do you preform a Stealth than Brawl check? And even then would it incapacitate then? Sorry if I sound confusing I can't find any different ways to say this, Thank You
  5. Thank You so much you have been a huge help on alll of my questions Thank You
  6. I noticed that in the core rulebook there was no planet stats for places like Endor or Hoth. There are some planets I've never even heard of. If anyone had any remotely close stats for some of the main planets I would be very grateful. Thank You
  7. Can you remove the code by replacing the hyperdive? Can hyperdrives be bought in the game?
  8. I was wondering, since there is no X-Wing, that anyone had any stats for a X-Wing? I know to crew would be one besides the astromech droid. I don't know about the threshold because from what I've seen in the films is that the X-Wing can be super weak or super strong. If anyone had some tips I would love the support. Thank You
  9. Thank you so much. That was very helpful.
  10. I'm confused about the crew in star ships. Are the crew the same as any PC except the GM controls their Maneuvers and Actions? Or do they just sit there until they are needed for combat? If they are like PCs, do they need to rest? Also, do you hire crew or do they come with the ship, if they do cost how much would it be? If you do hire them are they Minions, Rivals, or Nemesis'? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make the best experience for my party. Thank You
  11. What Exactly Does Defense Do? I Cant Find The Answer In The Core Rule book.
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