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  1. I use the rifle cases. One for Rebels and one for Empire.
  2. My name comes from my military MOS, 13B artillery. It is a nickname for artillery crewmen.
  3. For me, I play the command card that I believe will help me achieve my objective by turn six. Looking at the mission, conditions, and set up, I will mentality arrange my command cards to be played in an order to achieve this, while still being flexible to alter their arrangement in later game turns.
  4. Dirty, they have been in combat. Also, dirty is easier for me to paint and cover up mistakes.
  5. I would think it depends on when the action starts. So if an action starts at range 3, then finishes or moves through range 1-2, I would say no (my opinion since I do not have a rule book). However, if an action brings a unit into the 1-2 range bracket, then a second action happens from the same unit, I would think triggers the Standby Action. Again only a opinion till I have a rulebook.
  6. One time I did not look and picked up my cup of rubbing Alcohol I was using to clean my brushes, took a swig thinking it was my Coke. Lost my voice for about a day and had trouble talking for the rest of the week.
  7. You might look at paper models to make crashed ships.
  8. I think we will get ATATs since both WEG and Wizards miniature games had them. Fighters/ships could be included if a game mechanic similar to Bolt Action or Battletech/Alpha Strike fighter/ship rules.
  9. I have been looking at the A-Wing myself.
  10. I got a old slave 1 toy missing parts, I am going to use it for terrain.
  11. I, also have been selling off GW stuff to make room for stuff I currently play.
  12. Just out of curiosity, where is everybody seeing the " on the boat " status, the product status I see on the product pages is "preorder".
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