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  1. clones do not need range 4 because you rex 2 pip round 1 and your z-6 becomes range 4. z-6 is a better choice. I recommend a big bid in Skirmish since you get to pick 1 of 4 sides. This is a HUGE advantage that should not be under utilized. I would upgrade everything to p2's give them all Offensive push or Overwatch and put something on rex, I like jetpack + Offensive push. Rex is a fighter in skirmish, so give him the tools to fight well. If you play against a lot of droids, consider giving him droid poppers.
  2. Qark got a lot of the big things! Totally need Overwatch on those phase IIs, clones have a lot of power in sharing standby tokens and Overwatch gives you nearly a range 5 bubble from the original clone unit since you can share standby tokens with the clonetrooper keyword! R2-D2 is basically an auto include right now, so I would totally bring him along. Extra minis are good, but you can combine 4 of them into a naked squad. I recommend bringing 4 main attack squads and 2 naked squads to free up some points. Those units can still aim and standby or some combination of tokens so they actually do a lot of work. I like the Tank build, the tank can bring a lot of power to your list. If you decide to bring R2, make sure to keep him close as the tank can get focused down pretty hard. Keep your commander safe and focus on individual units. keeping your units out of range early can be very beneficial to clones who can turn the tide of battle in a single activation. Do not be scared to use firesupport when you think it could really do some damage. On the same note, do not use firesupport too often or you won't have enough activations to keep your opponent's movement in check. Have fun and be sure to pay attention to what goes on in your games (win or loss) and ask your opponent what they were thinking or any advice. The game is more fun imo when you understand what is going on at a competitive level.
  3. combined with relay on the mortars... so you get 3 from one order. From my list posted above, you can also pop an uplink to get all 4 Operatives are not workhorses. They are units that can make plays but are not to be relied on heavily. If you rely on them too much, they will disappoint you because they can die and will die if you play them too aggressively. Having experience with a list is the #1 key to success tho. I have played Krennic boba since early 2019 because I enjoy how it plays and I end up doing well with it.
  4. 1. Correct, put the HQ uplink on the vets because they issue an order to the MKII for free. Better yet, upgrade the MKII to a Laser Turret. 2. I would remove LTA from the AT-RTs as well as Aggressive Tactics because it isn't worth it for rebels. 3. I would disregard, you have R2 4. Duck and cover for han. Like no question. Maybe hunter for chewie 5. I don't think you need to do this 6. drop E. Stims in a heartbeat. give han strict orders
  5. LOL. CB is strong, but I like the extra versatility that Blast Off! brings to your R2D2 unit. As for NTFS being "so-so". I have nothing. Are you joking? Like I legit cannot tell when you are trolling or just oblivious.
  6. Derrault is right, those cards DO give you offensive power that push and ambush do not. HOWEVER, Surge tokens are good on DEFENSE. They up your save on your shoretroopers to outlast your opponent. Red dice are 50% save normally, but with surge, they go up to 66% for one attack. Aggressive tactics is widely known as one of the best cards you can bring and most imperial lists run it for a reason. On a similar note, you also get the free aim tokens for getting the shoretroopers an order! This is extremely powerful and should not be ignored. Activation control is one of the top things that makes a list good, so giving out orders to multiple units is better than fewer. Derrault is known as a troll on these forums and he likes to give out "good" advise based on his limited experience. I would take everything he says with a bag of road salt. Those command cards are powerful, but in the grand scheme of things, they are pushed out by better control elements.
  7. CB isn't THAT good. NTFS is clearly the best card. Give those tauntauns tenacity tho
  8. this is false. You want generic cards so that you can bring aggressive tactics. Aggressive Tactics gives you 66% chance to block damage and saves your valuable units from getting slaughtered. Much more value out of that then some suboptimal flame projector and munitions. Trust me, I have run them. They are not needed
  9. Hello and welcome to SW: Legion! There is a lot of great content out that explains how to build lists and what makes a good unit. https://thefifthtrooper.com/blog/page/9/ has a lot of imperial stuff and basic rules to understand and master. Building lists is secondary to understanding the rules and playing the objective, but it is still important. Most lists include 10+ activations, or total units. Some lists dip into the 8-9 range, but normally include 1 or more heavy or force user. A easy way to get more activations is to bring the cheap 48 point strike teams. I would recommend running them naked because they really don't need anything to work. Long-range Comms is a very bad upgrade because it doesn't create orders, it just reroutes them, which you normally do not need. I would turn the two big scout squads into snipers and then use the points to add another mortar. On the mortar, you will want comms relay. This is because you can create orders by chaining the shoretroopers into eachother. Your list will have a lot of issues with order control because you have 3 different units issuing orders. It makes more sense to make the Coordinated Fire into Veer's 3 pip. My list below helps alleviate some of the issues created by having operative command cards by getting orders issued through comms tech. I recommend playing around with different units and finding which ones you enjoy the most, because you will play better if you enjoy the list. Feel free to ask questions, I will do my best to answer them. 797/800 (10 activations) Commanders: - General Veers (80): Aggressive Tactics (10) = 90 Operatives: - Boba Fett (140): Offensive Push (4), Hunter (6), Recon Intel (2) = 152 - Bossk (115): Hunter (6) = 121 Corps: - 2× Shoretroopers (52): T-21B Trooper (32), Comms Technician (10), HQ Uplink (10) = 208 - 2× DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36): Comms Relay (5) = 82 Special Forces: - 3× Strike Team (20): DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 144
  10. Cleto0


    Assuming that it is allowed to trigger multiple times, which it looks like it can, then yes because you are allowed to modify the same result more than once. An easy example is rerolling the same dice twice or rerolling a die and then using a unit's surge chart to convert the surge.
  11. I make up some wild bs when I think I have found a loophole, but how is this even a question? Strict orders is on Veers. Veers is ded. The card is removed from the game with the model. they are both set off the table and because veers is not on the table, no unit is eligible for the free suppression removal. The effect does not matter when it is not in the game. Nothing on it says "for the rest of the game" or "even while out of play". I think this one is a pretty easy no, SO is gone when the unit is gone. Cards off the table are out of the game. Even set aside cards for RR.
  12. Watched it, will be interested to see where you guys go. Sounds like Cancon was a blast! What direction do you see yourself taking this podcast? Is is going to be more competitive? Will you rant on Tauntauns and shoretroopers every cast like NS? Excited to see more
  13. Starting with individual units and working my way to command cards and objective play including bid. Krennic is fine, keep him as cheap as possible. Shoretroopers - Again, keep them cheap and super effective. In my testing, I do not like running 3 of them and instead opt to stick with only two. Mortars- run 2 and run both with Relay Deathtroopers - Switch DnC for Hunter or Offensive Push, you should always put them in heavy cover and if you do not, have them out of LOS. DnC is kinda wasteful of that slot. Everything else is fine, but I would add Comms Relay for those 1 pip turns. Sniper Strike Team - 3x snipers is gud. I like them naked, so I think you are fine there. Eweb is normally not the BEST option. The reason for this is because you are adding another order token to your pool so it is more inconsistent and the cumbersome weapon is still quite bad especially with only 4 hp. If you were to run one, I like barrage and nothing else on it, so it is a good eweb build. Now, what to put in after dropping an E. web, Mortar and Shoretrooper squad while putting some more on those DTs. I prefer Boba or a Tank, but other units like Veers, stormtroopers and medics or some speeder bikes. If you decide to run 3x shoretroopers then run a mortar as well and run relay. If you do, I would convert the E web into medics. The last thing left is command cards. If you run boba, you can run his 3 pip and 1 pip, but if you run anything else you should run ambush and push over the other generic cards. This is for maximum order control and fewest restrictions. Covert Ops doesn't do much especially if you critically think about the opponent and the list they are running. For a leia list for instance, you have CB, NTFS and Somebody and likely the other 3 cards will follow a basic outline Operative/2nd commander: all 3 cards/ maybe Covering Fire R2D2: likely 1 pip and 3 pip Tauntauns/ ATRTs: Turning the Tide Just Leia: Ambush, Push , Covering Fire so getting a free 2 card read from your opponent's hand isn't likely to be helpful information. You then have to account for having the restriction of Operative/Special Forces only instead of a Corps, which you want so you can relay chain. Here is a list based on yours: https://legion-hq.herokuapp.com/list/empire/1avikcz0,2hgfuez000,1hgfu0000,3ftdp,1bdgmdgdpdagn0,3bbem0000 Possible Variations on the same list: Overwatch on Shoretroopers/Hunter on Shoretroopers, remove Recon Intel on DT for bid, Add Recon Intel to shoretroopers, Remove SO for bid, Remove medic for a Comms Tech + HQ uplink. I think this is about as efficent as a list can be for imperials, the problem is that you do not have a unit that just goes out and makes plays. Tanks and Bounty hunters make plays, so I would bring one of them along personally. Good Luck!
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    That is actually False, Alex Davy has told us what the rule is. Marksman: While attacking, you may spend aim tokens to improve attack die results This means spend aim to turn a blank to a hit or a hit to a crit. Kinda obscure, but it was on a livestream for a tournament recently. Hopefully it will be explained in an rrg post soon!
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    797/800 (11 activations) Commanders: - Leia Organa (90): Strict Orders (5), Improvised Orders (10) = 105 Operatives: - R2-D2 = 35 Corps: - Rebel Troopers (40): DLT-20A Trooper (26), Medical Droid (18) = 84 - Rebel Troopers (40): DLT-20A Trooper (26), R5 Astromech Droid (8) = 74 - Medium Blaster Trooper (38): Comms Relay (5) = 43 - 2× Rebel Veterans (48): CM-O/93 Trooper (26), Comms Technician (9), Recon Intel (2), HQ Uplink (10) = 190 Special Forces: - 2× Strike Team (20): DH-447 Sniper (28), Offensive Push (4) = 104 Supports: - Laser Cannon Team (70): Linked Targeting Array (5), Barrage Generator (7) = 82 - AT-RT (55): Rotary Blaster (20), Linked Targeting Array (5) = 80 •Coordinated Bombardment, •Blast Off!, ••No Time for Sorrows, ••Turning the Tide, •••Smoke Screen, •••Covering Fire, ••••Standing Orders If you could do only one FD, I think this would be pretty strong. Lots of interesting upgrades that you can put in here. recon intel is nice for vets, so I threw it in.
  16. RT-97C over DLT-19. They are nearly identical in terms of avg damage, but the potential spike of 4 is pretty dope. Impact is nice but negligible in most matchups. I say prepare for infantry, work around armor when you come in contact. Armor lists have many weaknesses that infantry lists normally cover. This game is based on objectives.
  17. Cleto0


    I am going to comment on this list with the intention of making the most competitive list for worlds. Your list is trying to do too much. You have a bunch of different effective ranges on your units which I think is a mistake. While the AT-RTs are a big part of the list, you do not need 8 healing points. I think your list actually leans to FD turrets over the AT-RTs because of the Vets. you get free orders which can give you much better control and you get other effects like Strict orders and LTA. I think you should think about dropping sabine as she does not fit very well with your list. The rebel troopers with the captain also waste a bunch of points. If you want offensive push on a unit, I would take it on the vets because you do not need to spend 18 points to get a 4 point card. If you decided to run AT-RTs over FD turrets, I would recommend a switch to rotary turrets. they are more consistent against any target where as the Laser Cannon is skewed against armor. You need more snipers. Pierce is great and Sabine will not give you all the pierce you need. Range is also needed in a list where your furthest range is range 3 (assuming the RTs change to rotaries). Don't worry about E. Binos because they are wasteful with points. Let FFG drop their point cost before messing with them. I would also trash the SX-21 right now. Is your meta heavy armor skew? If it is, you should run with no impact to see if your list can handle armor, but don't count on every world list containing armor. There will be armor for sure, but you have to play 7 rounds over two days, so it is unlikely that you will play armor more than once and it will likely be early because armor has a lot of trouble with certain matchups. Here is my ideal list based on yours, but certainly different: 800/800 (11 activations) - No bid, same activation count. I think this list is clearly a red player list because any deck currently will contain good cards for you. Unlike other rebels, you are not worried about trying to pull limited visibility because you might have better range than some empire lists. Commanders: - Leia Organa (90): Strict Orders (5) = 95 - I glue strict orders to Leia whenever I have the points because it is amazing. This would be a secondary cut card for extra bid Operatives: - No sabine. She plays differently from all of your other units. Unless you REALLY want to play her, I would leave her off the table for worlds. She isn't bad, she just doesn't synergize. - R2-D2 = 35 - Yes. Corps: - 2× Rebel Troopers (40): DLT-20A Trooper (26), Medical Droid (18) = 168 - Medical droids keep your range healthy and the DLT-20a is part of your range - 2× Rebel Veterans (48): CM-O/93 Trooper (26), Comms Technician (9), Offensive Push (4), HQ Uplink (10) = 194 - This is your anti-trooper skew which should put some serious pain on some units. Offensive Push would be the first card in this list I would cut for bid. Comms Tech means that your FD turrets will always get orders and you can really get some effectiveness out of cards like Strict orders, LTA and NTFS. Lots of synergies in a list that was previously looking really out of place with some vets thrown in. Special Forces: - 3× Strike Team (20): DH-447 Sniper (28) = 144 - You need snipers. They bring range, pierce and cheap activation. Trade up against shoretroopers and pierce those tauntauns. Supports: - 2× Laser Cannon Team (70): Linked Targeting Array (5), Barrage Generator (7) = 164 - This is the big change besides no sabine that I think you will enjoy during the game. Looking at it off the table may feel like a feel bad, but I think the quality of activation that the Laser Turret brings to the table will feel better than the RTs especially over multiple games. The idea here is to give them orders every round, giving them an aim and then recover shooting on every round after the first to get the barrage generator to have a 7 die suppressive gun. •Coordinated Bombardment, •Blast Off!, ••No Time for Sorrows, ••Turning the Tide, •••Smoke Screen, •••Covering Fire, ••••Standing Orders Sabine brings great cards to your command hand, but you honestly should be fine with just Leia and R2. SS from R2 is another NTFS to himself and another trooper. I like the rush potential of the list now. You don't have sabine for RtS, but I really do feel like you will enjoy this list over multiple rounds better. At LVO I believe that many rebel lists, including ones with Sabine, did not make it to the top table because they had problems with dice variance. Hope some of what I said will prove to be useful for you. I'll see you there so introduce yourself, I will be the young kid
  18. Clones are extremely easy to deal with currently as long as you follow some basic points. 1. focus on one squad at a time 2. bring a lot of suppression, their captains can ignore suppressed but not panic 3. out activate them. This builds on #1 because if you have more activations, your big guns are going to hit them multiple times without a reaction back 4. Pierce. Pierce ignores red saves, which clones have. Stop defensive rolls and make them take the wounds. Here is a list that I think would mash some clones back into the genetic soup they came from: 491/500 (6 activations) Commanders: - General Veers (80): Aggressive Tactics (10) = 90 Operatives: - Bossk (115): Hunter (6), Offensive Push (4), Emergency Stims (12) = 137 Corps: - 2× Shoretroopers (52): T-21B Trooper (32) = 168 Special Forces: - 2× Strike Team (20): DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 96 •Maximum Firepower, •Ambush, ••Reptilian Rampage, ••Push, •••Imperial Discipline, •••Coordinated Fire, ••••Standing Orders You will likely win the bid, which is a big deal. in skirmish, you can choose any of the 4 edges of the board to start from instead of the two long edges of the normal 800 point game. Pick the one that gives the clone player the least amount of cover distance 1 away from their deployment zone. Why distance 1? this is the area they will be shooting from, so the fewer spots to shoot from with cover, the more predictable they become. On the other hand, you need to have good scatter you can hide behind but still shoot from, so find the spots that will give you this. I would focus on getting elimination as the objective and would also recommend trying to get anything but faceoff and dawn. Shoot to kill and you likely have more shots at far range than they do. This list also can take out most other factions with ease, but watch those droids!
  19. I wouldn't take both any more since the meta has changed, but one or the other does well enough. I personally love to play boba because he is a lot of fun, so I have gotten pretty good at running him around. He has brought me a lot of success including 3-0 at Gencon and 2 rpq/prime wins (4-0 and a 3-0). My list is posted on my blog. They both have good cards that can do some serious damage to their targets. I guess I like boba quite a bit because he does a great job ignoring rules. He moves speed 3, he has jump 2, pierce 1 and sharpshooter 2. I totally recommend playing him.
  20. This was the first thing I thought of for cassian. This would easily be a very useful part of his ability for sure. 4 courage rebels would be pretty nice.
  21. Vader's might is amazing. It has a ton of utility and can be a game winning card. Need a unit off the objective? done. Need a unit on the objective? done. Want to kill something with a high unit count? (droids) done. It brings so much to the table while allowing for 2 normal actions. It also does not cost a wound, so I think it is worth a lot more than implacable.
  22. I actually believe that tauntauns are less powerful than the shore gunline IRL. On TTS, tauntauns seem abnormally strong because of the design of the maps. In real life, terrain is normally more clear cut and there are normally larger firing lanes, which is better for the Shoretroopers. I also believe that we see more shoretrooper gunline lists here because 50% of the total amount of lists were all imperial. It only stands to reason that the top 8 would be unproportionally imperial. I think big takeaways from the tournament are some things I have been saying for a long time. 1. Armor is good 2. Palp is good 3. Anything you WANT to play and get good at playing can win games. 4. The meta is too much of a hivemind, be your own person and have your own thoughts. I don't think everyone needs their own unique list, but people should be more open to running things that they enjoy instead of trying to conform to "the meta" to attempt to win games. At the end of the day, you had Shoretrooper gunlines go 4/0 and 1/3... Taking a unit doesn't equate to a win. I enjoy Boba Fett, so I don't go to a tournament without him. I do well and it all comes down to having experience playing with him and enjoying the style he brings to my lists.
  23. F That blast weapon seems very strong. I like the sound of that as an anvil to my dooku hammer.
  24. 1. The short/long config is set when you deploy the unit. You choose a side and have access to that gun when firing. For instance, if you have the long range config up, you can choose to shoot at range 4 with 4 white + pao or bistan. When at range 3 you do not get to ADD the die to the pool, it is a separate weapon, so you could use the long range config OR the range 3 gun on the card. It just gives you some flexibility on range essentially. The rules that come with the pathfinder box should explain it (black paper folded in the box). 2. Yes. Infiltrate is the deploy, scout is the secondary move afterward.
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