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  1. Too many dice. it has a lot less guns than the ISD Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolaser batteries(60) Borstel NK-7 ion cannons (60) Dual heavy Turbolaserturrets (6) Dual heavy ion cannon turrets (2) Quad heavy turbolasers (2) Triple medium turbolasers (3) Medium turbolasers (2) Phylon 07 tractor beam projectors (10) VS. Dual heavy turbolaser turrets (8) Medium dual turbolaser cannons (2) Point-defense laser cannons (52) proton torpedo tubes (4) Tractor beam projectors (6) I would give it: Shields: 3/2/2/2 (it has a lot worse shielding than an ISD) 94* arc Guns: 3 red and 1 black (Reds represent Turbolasers, blue represents ion cannons, which the venators do not have, and black represents torpedos and missiles) 97* arc 2 red 2 black 86*arc 2 red Anti-squad: 4 blue or 2 red 2 blue Command Values: Command: 2 Squad: 5 Engineering: 3 movement chart can be similar to an ISD I think with maybe a slightly better chart. This is because it is 400 feet smaller than the ISD, which would make it a medium base that can go speed 3. Brace, Redirect, Evade, Contain for defense tokens Hull should be 7 or 8. If we get an imperial version of this ship, I assume Motti will love it, and so will 7th fleet. 2 things left, which are upgrade slots and point cost. These go hand in hand. I think it should have one officer slot(possibly two, but that is really good), Defensive retrofit, 1 turbolasers, Offensive retrofit, weapon teams. These upgrades reflect a heavier turbolaser ship with a the ability to slot as an offensive carrier or more defensive. Points should put it at about 70, give or take 5 points, Remembering that upgrades will be a necessity, which will push its final price well above 80. You can still swarm with them, it just wouldn't make sense. These are not attack ships, but squadron ships. Most of the Clone wars was done by the squadrons, not capital ships.
  2. @Dave Grant Congrats! That is a very impressive record indeed. I have only run vader as my first commander, and now with palp. I think he is a very good Commander, I just have a hard time using him the best. He is great at hogging the middle tho, so use that.
  3. Could Hero Armies start to become competitive? This is my rebel list that will exist in a couple months. We'll have to see what the graffiti does. I think this list does a good job of getting a lot of good double attacks, it has good anti suppression, and has a lot of health to chew through. If at some point a "kill point" objective comes out, aka get points for killing units, similar to bounty, then I think that this list could do very well. Title: Oh Jesus here we go again Commanders: - Leia Organa (90) + Strict Orders (5) + Emergency Stims (8) = 103 Luke Skywalker (160) + Jedi Mind Trick (5) + Emergency Stims (8) = 173 Operatives: Chewbacca (110) + Duck and Cover (8) + Tenacity (4) + Emergency Stims (8) = 130 Sabine Wren (125) + Emergency Stims (8) + Personal Combat Shield (10) + The Darksaber (25) = 168 Corps: 3x Fleet Troopers (44) + Scatter Gun Trooper (23) + Emergency Stims (8) = 225 Total: 799/800 Commands: Son of Skywalker (1) - Common Cause (1) Brains and Brawn (2) - No Time for Sorrows (2) Somebody Has to Save Our Skins (3) - Return of the Jedi (3) Standing Orders (4)
  4. I doubt this as b1s work together really well with their coordinate and forced attack
  5. Part of vader and palps cost IS the loss of activation numbers.
  6. Haha. if you want an elite army that is all heros play imperial assault. I am fine with large units of elite troops, not hero armies
  7. It is to help large ships. Most people have 4-6 activations, but large ships are more expensive so they need a pass. OUR META DOES NOT NEED A PASS. Lemme explain. There is no unit in this game that is too expensive for 800 points. In armada, an imperial star destroyer will be up to half of your list. Meaning you NEED added activations and activation padding. Vader as one of the most expensive units, will only be up to a bit more than 1/4 of your list. The only way we could implement a pass would be a dark side force upgrade that gave a pass for Vader and palp. We do not need this because again, we have a diverse meta and many different ideas on how to run certain lists. If you don’t like 4-5 core, don't play 4-5 core. Use special forces and supports to work with your minimum core. This game is a large scale battle game, which means that the majority of the units used should be core. FFG, if you read this, please do not make this game about specialized units, and keep it a large scale combat game. EDIT: By "specialized units" i mean like ALL hero lists or lists that run 3/4 of it as heroes. I want there to be 8-12 units on the battlefield, not 7 as 4 heroes and 3 core because you need a minimum core count.
  8. I have yet to meet someone with as many natural crits, one shot commander kills among other fun lucky shots as I can pull out my ****. They just seem to happen! And yes, Snipers and other activation padding isn't as big a deal as everyone is making it. Also: passing turns isn't going to help when I am in melee range and it is do or die time. Padding via passing takes away the whole MSU part of the game, which we will feel a LOT more of with cheap droids, altho there is a hard cap on every type of unit. I wish people would just accept it as part of the game, and build around it. they have snipers? ok, use an AT-ST and kill them round one. are they using DLTs? OK, run deathtroopers and don't die. Part of any game is building a meta that beats the meta. It doesn't have to be a rock paper scissors game, but you can build against the meta. Just put some time into thinking about what everyone plays, and run something that bashes them all. are they playing an MSU list with DLT? use minefields, limited Visibility, and disarray to force them to make weird moves and not have time for shots. Good play requires good thinking.
  9. These guys are not a problem. Seriously, I have been playing since the beginning of the game, and I own ZERO Sniper strike teams. My current list is a 10 activation (which is currently a very competitive number) list that runs 2 commanders, two special forces and a support and 5 core. These core units are either DLT, Flame, or even the ION trooper, as my meta is getting more vehicles with the tank and speeder. You guys are going to hard on this game right now. Give it some time, and diversity will present itself. I admire FFG for pushing out so much good content for legion on the schedule that they are on right now, and hope that they continue the great work. That being said, I agree that we need to get more core units (veterans and Shore Troopers on their way!) and more objectives/ deployment cards. These cards will easily change the meta. We also need more generic command cards as the more command cards possible, the harder the game is to predict. This game is hella fun, don't get worked up over snipers. I imagine we will see the death of snipers and DLT when shore troopers and hopefully mud troopers or other core units come out. In fact, how useful will snipers be against Droids? I imagine that they will be able to kill a couple per attack, but there will be too many for it to matter, which is a good thing. The only thing I can say is that someone who thinks they can meta list a game in my area better be ready for annihilation from my extremely good dice rolls. I am the punisher of meta listers, smiting those who play the game without good will and fraternity.
  10. JK. Definitely not an unbeatable list. I decided to run a Thrawn 2 ship list at my local tournament, but I didn't want to use the same squad comp that many people use I was trying to decide between a Kuat and an Interdictor, and I went with the Kuat. My list was BTA Kuat with Pryce and ecms + thrawn, Squall Quasar with just squall, and Gozanti with just suppressor. My squad ball was 3 Lambdas, jendon (for a total of 4 lambdas), Whisper, Phantom, Dengar, and Mauler. (134 points in squads) @The Jabbawookie thank you for getting me interested in Lambdas. lol now my local meta hates me. Game 1: Graham playing Leia. Graham, one of the newer players in our area, was running a solid Leia list that included 2 MC-30s, an MC-80 and a pelta with Intensify! . I won the bid, and gave him my objectives. He picked Advanced gunnery, which I placed on my Kuat and he placed on his MC-80 of course. I out deployed him with my squadrons alone, so I placed my Gozanti, and began to place my less important squads, like the lambdas in this game. He deployed very oddly, with his MC-80 facing the opposite way of his Pelta and 2 MC-30s. I deployed my Quasar on the edge that was closest to his MC-80, hoping his 30s would have a hard time coming around and tagging it. I then Deployed My ISD to face off with the MC-80 and set pryce for round 2. We played normally, but I noticed that he was slowing down with his 80 and Naving pretty hard with it. By the end of round 2, he was almost facing his side of the table! He later said that he was trying to avoid my ISD and he hoped that if I chased him with it, he would be able to kill my ISD because he has first player. I do not think this was a very good idea on his part, but it did throw me off. I chased after his MC-80, but his pelta was in the way! He moved his pelta forward, and I was able to suppressor him. Then, I thrawn commanded a few squadrons, and was able to destroy the pelta with some very lucky Phantom rolls(+jendon). His MC-30s were on my ISDs flank, and he was punching a lot of damage through. Luckily, I was able to smash him with my ISD side arc twice with advanced gunnery, and blow Admo out of the water (incredible rolls). Foresight was still being elusive and sneaking closer to my quasar, and his MC-80 was saving engineering tokens because he wasn't even damaged. My ISD was at speed 3 now, and I was quickly cutting down the distance between my ISD and the 80. I ended the MC80 before it could escape on turn 5, but could not destroy Foresight. The Result was a 10-1 for me, with the MC-80 acting like a huge gift basket of over 260 points! Game 2: Cyrus as Raddus I made a huge blunder this game. It is a miracle I won. A miracle. Cyrus is playing a Raddus list with a huge bid of 19 points, profundity and dropping a CR90 b with Overload pulse and engine techs. His idea is to drop the profundity and the cr90 and then get a blue crit to exaust your tokens and bt you on the profundity double attack for no tokens. Simple, but can be brutal if executed correctly. I am given 2nd player, and we end up playing Intel Sweep, which is a crazy objective that is ZERO fun. I deploy across from his hammerhead lifeboat, which is next to one of his floatillas, while his other floatilla is on the other side of the board. It is now the squadron phase of round 1, and I am moving my squads, as his are already locked up. I can move them to protect against a Raddus drop, but I instead decide to try prepare for an attack on his floatilla. Mistake. Everything is good until round 2. Problem is for me, that I deployed my Pryce on turn 2, and my side is facing him after we move forward on round 1. He drops Raddus and the CR90 and prepares to Annihilate my ISD. He gives his CR90 a confire dial, and a nav token with hondo. I was wondering why he didn't give himself a confire token with hondo because he needs to hit the crit on the attack to push Overload Pulse. He also makes an incorrect move in placing his CR90 because he is so excited, he forgets to give himself a side arc ! He manages to not get a single crit icon on his 4 die front arc, but he still rams me twice with his CR90 with engine techs. His MC75 attacks and only strips off my shields, and brace and a redirect! I am gathering tokens this whole time, and I am up to 4, which is 60 points! I rush my ISD out of there, living with only a few hull after running over an astroid and taking a hammer head and another CR90 shot. I end up destroying both CR90s and a floatilla, as well as 6 Z-95s (including blount), mostly due to mauler moving twice with dengar's intel to get good splash. I ended up getting a few more tokens, and all of my list survived, lending me an 8-3 as he got a few tokens himself. Lesson learned: prepare for a raddus drop. Game 3: Ryan as Garm In this game, I am playing against a liberty and MC 75 with exodus fleet with garm. This game went by really quickly as I was given first Player. We played Capture the VIP, and my lambdas during the first squadron phase, were able to pass the token all the way to my Suppressor to net me 50 points. I then Pryced turn 2, and was able to get a close range attack on his MC-75 that was almost past me. I barely had a double arc, but was able to strip away 6 shields and 1 damage card. The hard part was trying to ram this MC-75 so I could stay where I was and blow his ship to kingdom come on turn 3. I managed to do it by speeding up to speed 3 and doing an inside turn! Because of this move I was able to kill the 75, and only suffered 1 damage in return. Exodus fleet was useless at this point, and I was able to take down the liberty without any losses of my own, giving me a 10-1. Ryan is a very solid player, he was just running a really janky list that ended up getting smooshed. Tl;dr I wreak face with a wacky thrawn list with lambdas and no good objectives giving me a 28 point (of 30) tourney! Let me know what I should do to jank this list up. I am always open to more lamdas or a different commander!
  11. I, for one, am happy that are not going to be giving us a floatilla. I need More Star Destroyer!
  12. Welcome to Armada @Varren ! I am looking at your list from a competitive stand point and notice a few things. 1. Squadron Choice This 5 man squad seems to be good, but will fall quickly to any dedicated ball. I recommend a switch to Ciena Ree and Mauler Mithel. These two squads together give you 1 deployment (1 less than your squadrons) but give you ample hull to chew through (+ tokens!!) These two can be reliable antisquadron and will help keep your costs low (only 32 points). 2. Understanding Game Rounds Armada is broken into 4 "phases". Phase 0, which is before the game starts, with list building, astroids, deployment and objectives. In this phase, you need to define your strategy going into the game. What ranges benefit you most? What objectives do you want to run? How do you want to deploy obstacles? and most importantly, Where will I deploy? These questions are hard to answer, but as you get more skilled, you can answer them easier. I recommend you look into some of the good blogs and websites in the Armada community, such as http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/. you can look for specific things, like (http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2018/02/fleet-building-201-big-heavy.html) that correspond to your build. Check out their stuff on building fleets. It is super helpful! Phase 1, round 1(and sometimes round 2) is your Phase 1. This is the stage when you want to get tokens on your ships, maneuver into the battle, and Prepare for combat. Normally, Squadron commands SHOULD NOT be done in Phase 1, unless you are saving a token. This is because you can move your squadrons in the squadron phase without worry. This phase is also important, because you will be navigating (hopefully with a command or jerjer or Thrawn dial) and when you start heading one way, it is hard to change direction. Navigation is the most important phase of the game, and should be treated so. Many newer players make their mistakes in this phase. Phase 2, this phase is normally round 2-4. This is the "attack" phase, and this is where you will do squadron commands and Con fire commands. Phase 3, This is after the initial combat, and here you are normally Navigating away from the combat or engineering. I recommend a switch to thrawn because you can set your dials and pull them whenever you need them. You can treat him like JJ by just even putting nav commands, but he is more useful if you put confires and squadrons. Here is a list that would be better for 400 points. Trying to run full 2 vics and an ISD is impossible with ISD II and Vic IIs. I recommend a switch to a Kuat and two Vic Is. This list allows you to fully upgrade all of your ships and you get a lot more competitive of a build. You can still run JJ, if you want, which gives you points to play around with. ISD Kuat Refit (112) • Grand Admiral Thrawn (32) JerJerodd (23) • Governor Pryce (7) • Boarding Troopers (3) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • Leading Shots (4) • External Racks (3) • Avenger (5) = 173 Points Victory I (73) • Captain Brunson (5) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) • External Racks (3) • Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) = 98 Points Victory I (73) • Captain Needa (2) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) • External Racks (3) • Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) = 94 Points Squadrons: • Mauler Mithel (15) • Ciena Ree (17) = 32 Points Total Points: 394 (or 385 with JJ)
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