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  1. I have been playing around with some of the imperial hyperspace builds and put together a list with a strong synergy for crits and damage cards. Seyn is the focus of the list. Turn 0 strategies: Set up obstacles as close to the corners as you can, keep them out of the middle. Line up Seyn across from medium or large base ships. Major Vermeil wants to get target lock on the ace or flanker, so I position him away from any obstacle clusters. I lean towards placing "Optimized Prototype" on Zertik Strom. I want to setup Zertik in close range to Vermeil. I usually set up Vader as a flanker. I try to save Vader for mid to late game. Major Vermeil (49) Director Krennic (5) Darth Vader (65) Hate (3) Fire-Control System (2) Seyn Marana (30) Marksmanship (1) Zertik Strom (42) Fire-Control System (2) Total: 199 A bullseye helps Seyn, but I also try for the range 3 shot. Marksmanship will change a hit to crit, thus activating Seyn's pilot ability of " While you perform an attack, you may spend 1 crit result. If you do, deal 1 facedown damage card to the defender, then cancel your remaining crit results." Zertik wants a TL for ship ability, he can use Opt Proto to strip shields as needed and then use his pilot ability to flip any damage cards. So far, getting bullseye and triggering Seyn's ability has been achievable at least once per game. With the large number of Resistance A Wing's I am considering Capt Feroph over Vermeil to improving defense and getting a 3 point bid. Any suggestion or comments would be welcome. View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  2. I belie the ARC-170 will also have a galactic republic release, later this month... looking forward to that.
  3. Here is a hyperspace version i am liking: Saw Gerrera (52) Leia Organa (2) Pivot Wing (0) Deadman’s Switch (2) Magva Yarro (50) Lando Calrissian (2) Pivot Wing (0) Partisan Renegade (43) Deadman’s Switch (2) Pivot Wing (0) Partisan Renegade (43) Deadman’s Switch (2) Pivot Wing (0) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  4. That looks like a very fun list. My forgotten list is the Kihraxz fighter Enjoyed it in 1.0 however now it is just... missing something. I really did like the reduced cost modifications. Maybe add that again... 1 mod normal price, 2 mods -1 point, 3 mods -3 points, maybe a hard point option like the M3-A. Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter Trick Shot, Deadman’s Switch Shield Upgrade Hull Upgrade Graz — Kihraxz Fighter Outmaneuver Deadman’s Switch Shield Upgrade Hull Upgrade Afterburners Viktor Hel — Kihraxz Fighter Stealth Device Hull Upgrade Shield Upgrade
  5. I ran the following build in two games this last weekend. The double tap bomber was very effective against 1 defense ships (Chewbacca Falcon). and the A Wings were able to stand toe to toe against the 3 defense ships. Heroic triggered 3 times in the 2 games, Adv Optics triggered 4 times, PA was used once a game, and Paige rotated the turret 2 times. I am considering 3PO instead of Perceptive CoPilot, that brings me to 197... if i could wrangle one more point i would add shield upgrade. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v5!h!294:-1,206,54,90,189,-1,-1,-1:;301:172,-1,186:;301:172,-1,186:;301:172,-1,186:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  6. Thank you for your feedback. I will finish the list and try it out. I like the idea of Paige and VTG for the double tap... and yes,the rotate turret if needed is really nice. I will post results when I get them.
  7. Big fan of the Resistance Bombers and would like to give one a chance in hyperspace. Looking for feedback and opinions. Ben Teene - Rose Tico, Paige Tico, VTG, Trajectory Sim and Proton Bombs 2x Blue sqdn Rookies with adv Optics My idea was Rose for TL's, Paige for rotating turret as needed and engagement phase bomb drops, VTG for double tap,Trajectory Sim for throwing bombs in the path of oncoming ships. The Rattled condition might proc once a game... is that worth the crit? The 2 T-70 with adv optics take a focus block ahead of bomber and shoot targets of opportunity. I think my weakness would be endgame. one thought is to drop Trajectory sim and upgrade a T-70 to Ello. Your opinions are appreciated. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v5!h!292:114,-1,173,90,189,-1,69,-1:;258:-1,-1,175,186,-1,-1:;258:-1,-1,175,186,-1,-1:&sn=New Squadron&obs=
  8. thank you both for your responses and the explanations.
  9. I am a fan of of the MG-100 Starfortress. I am considering a Hyperspace build needed to clarify some of the finer points... #1 Paige Tico: After you perform a primary attack, you may drop a bomb or rotate your turret. Can you drop any device or only a bomb (seismic/proton)? #2 When dropping a bomb during the engagement phase (Paige Tico), when does it explode? #2a If the bomb is dropped during the engagement phase and it lands on an enemy ship, does that change anything? #3 On the Rattled condition card, the card is assigned during the engagement phase, is the person the condition is assigned to required to use an ACTION to remove the condition or is it an automatic action if the condition is met? (the rules reference is not clear to me on this). Thank you taking the time to answer these questions.
  10. Magva on Wullwarro... this might be one for rules but the Auzituck Gunship does not have target lock action... does Magva allow it anyway?
  11. I really like your first order list. I know its 6 points but you may want to add Shield upgrade to QD giving them one more bonus attack. BackDraft - Trick Shot, SF Gunner, FCS QuickDraw - Trick Shot, SF Gunner, Shield Upgrade
  12. I am also a fan of the TIE Reaper and TIE Striker. I found the most challenging part was to get used to the Adaptive Ailerons. Once you get used to the movement, it makes for an amazing ship. The build below helped me get used to the movement of the ships and how to use a blocker effectively. TIE Reaper: Maj Vermeil, Darth Vader, Tactical Officer TIE Striker x2: Intimidation TIE advanced: Maarek Stele, Fire Control System The 2 TIE Strikers are blockers. They get in the way, prevent opponent from completing moves and getting the occasional shot in. Intimidation has a good synergy with TIE advanced. The TIE Reaper gives you a number of options. Vader to hand out damage, Tactical Officer to coordinate as needed and Vermeils ability to modify a blank/focus roll is pretty nice. TIE Advanced is a good ship but the 53 points can be used for whatever ship you prefer.
  13. I really like your build. How would you fly the bombers? 4 in a line or 2 x 2? Would you just fly the shuttle around the edge until late game?
  14. I played several games with Informant on Firespray w/Slave 1 title card. If I was in range, Informant would allow me to see where the targeted ship was going. When Boba Fett activates, I could respond by flipping my maneuver template if needed. Firespray has a rear firing arc so either way I could usually get a shot off. Boba Fett also has the Pilot ability of rerolls so that is an added bonus. I did play 1.0 but did not play Intelligent Agent much. Since the Informant triggers in the system phase, i can still respond when my ships activate.
  15. Thank you for the response. Innese, great job going through the series of events, it makes sense the way you explained it. And yes the 11 points for a maybe 1 time a game event could be spent a lot more efficiently.
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