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  1. Did you make your players roll the mechanic checks for all the mods? Installing the attachments is easy and often don't need a check but the mods do. Also Every time a player during a combat roll a despair or 3 desavantages, make them damage one step their precious rifles and Make the enemy sunder their weapons. Also maybe use this simple rule for PC creation, the base book + 1 supplement book of their career. This will maintain your munchkin player. Hope it helps.
  2. Thing is that what's happening at the table must be absolutely clear to everyone that it's a game. So I believe it's ok to use charm and social skill between characters the thing is, nobody should be mad about it... In my group one uses alot of charm on the other, but when it fails or isn't good enough the PC accepts that the others are mad, punch his PC or even shoot the PC (1 time it happens). Set what you want as GM, I have decided that all the players had the rights to do what ever they want against each other, but don't cry if the group kill you for selling them to the empire for the bounty. It usually make big plot twist that is fun or even create a big nemesis to the group that was a former teammate. A rodian always make trouble in cantina, a duros bought shockgloves just to control the rodian. Both PC had fun about it, yes one of them was controlled but for a good reason. It's always about the in game aspect and no retaliation out game. Yes at some point the rodian shot the duros in the face. ... But the medic of the Groupe healed the duros and the rodian became a slave for 3 session hahaha Remember always your call, your table.
  3. Education is not the right knowledge check to see if the PC knows cultural stuff. I use education in this way for such kinda specific I even ask the player to write down such info, so next time it happens we don't have to roll it again.
  4. If an engaged PC or NPC is using melee or brawl it's always an average check (2 purple dices) if an engaged PC or NPC shoots with light range weapon upgrade difficulty +1 and if range heavy +2 and gunnery is just no possible to shoot. So no there are no attack of opportunity and no set back dice. If an engaged NPC use is free maneuver to change range band to short range, then shoot the PC melee user, it's legit. If the vibrorapier is a problem break it, by sunder or just damage it with multiple desaventage or failure. There is alot of stuff in the supplement book that can be used to make good combos maybe talk to your player reminding him or her that it's mostly narrative game not dnd. Usually if it doesn't give a cool movie scene then skip it. Breaking is vibrorapier just to break it sucks, but if it get broken during an epic fight against a big nemesis it will pass. Hope it helps.
  5. Obligation is awesome but not the way the book presents it. I have a table of 5 players, obligation session never truly happened. They manage to keep their obligations always at 100 to be knowed in the underworld, so everyone is cherry picked once every session to be triggered about is obligation. If you skip the obligation of someone too long it's alright, get back at that player harder then the other. I often let them forget they actually have a favor pending with x crimelord and when they least expect it, like in the movies the bad guys finds them. Your player who doesn't like the obligation session, maybe try to make it in half a session and also talk to the player. How much time and effort do you put as gm, tell him. Sometimes they need to be reminded that it's a game for everyone including the GMs. Good luck and keep us posted
  6. For nemesis NPC it is recommended the XP of the best PC plus 5xp per session. It's is always going up the best player plus 5xp. In that way it will bring an edge to this nemesis vs a PC. for a very important nemesis I make a background like a PC. There is no point in min maxing a nemesis just to challenge the Group. Also don't have to give everything to a single nemesis. My group is facing a cunning and brawler nemesis a black sun Vigo, the sharpshooter is another nemesis and the master mind brainiac is a nemesis too. So this black sun Vigo and is group represents the real complete villain.
  7. I made a slow but surely mental drop to every one. Didn't have to push they all fought for it and started to backstab each other. Pull bad mojo and mind trick. It completely destroyed the bond on the group so one player decide to contact the black sun to sell it.... But forgot they had an obligation favor 40 with them so they lost the holocron, but don't have obligation with black sun. Insane way of getting rid of it without pulling it always from them.
  8. Not near my book, but there is a table with the difficulty associated with the rarity. It is said that a legit source will be using negotiation to find such item. For illegal source, it is streetwise. If you want to represent de rarity of such item upgrade difficulty dice and or limit the roll to one try. Don't play with price since talents already does: downgrade rarity but upgrade price 50% more. Anyway when I'm back home I'll repost with pages of the book. Core rulebook page 150 will indicate the difficulty appropriate for the rarity of said items table 5-1. Also the rarity modifiers for the black market. table 5-2
  9. Nice enjoy guys. We finished a 14hours stretch game at 3 am. Keep us posted for the following events and how good they're one roll for a year went out.
  10. Yes, as a GM I never make the triumph be canceled by despair, and vice versa. Yes you shot the stormtrooper with deadly acurracy, but you ran out of ammo (for exemple) Got a table of 5 players, they never complained about this way of doing.
  11. It depends what you want, funk du master is right, but is it more interesting to apply both triumph and despairs effects onto the modified equipment? It is up to the gm but RAW is what master funk fu wrote earlier. I have right now a specialist in mods and I recommend you to not let your player try to correct the wrong doings on is mods without making it harder or alot of setbacks.
  12. For now, I will make a minus 2 to all PC strain treshold until the sith holocron is far from them. Also tempting the weakest player into doing harm to others. The one using it the most is a player with an obsession for sith culture. I will make him force sensitive after a while. Also if the person is using it with a critical injury will se the true holocron power. In this case the user will be put to test in selfharm and inflict harm to others. Behavior changing for everyone around it. In order to get the holocron the players had to face their fears then in the final room they had to face their greatest hiding fears that I ask the players to reveal a fear that no one had a chance to see. So it was an awesome game session. But now they understand the power, dark power. If they push further with it I will make more stuff for it. But thank you alot to all of you who posted your ideas. Keep you posted next session.
  13. No need of an npc there to help. Your Rambo player will understand the game after is first blaster fight. ' oh really after one shot I'm almost dead on the ground... I see!' Had a Rambo player who went after every single fight. After he made a very bad player move long story short he had an arm ripped off. He had to learn to play with only one arm for a long time before been able to get a cybernetics arm.
  14. Do a session zero : where all your players will create the PC together so no one will have a not appropriate character for you marathon. Making an adventure since it's and open game, make only sketches of story of a starting point and a end point for the marathon. In between it will be improvisation. Prepare yourself some encounters but general ones so you can make them pop when it's the time. Introducing set break time. Every 4h of play stop for 30min. So you won't have players diverging while playing (it's normal to foul around always) Beers, chips, coffee, pizza. Plan alot of planets. Or ideas at least since your group can leap easy where they want.
  15. The critical injury is quite interesting way to use it.
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