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  1. The post made by drainsmith is the most simple and obvious answer. Although the other option which was also mentioned would be to give them higher wound threshold. Third option would be to make the magic casted by rivals be based on consumable focuses but then that would need inventory tracking.
  2. That's another way to tackle the situation, restrictions the use of magic weapons to a corresponding level of skill or maybe talent.
  3. Honestly in the case of guns I just mostly combine the two options for the sake of keeping it simple. Example: My character in a modern setting has a Heavy Pistol, but I put it on the sheet as "MK.23 SOCOM (H.Pistol)". In fantasy games just saying an iron sword is usually enough since it just makes reference to the material that is used to make sword regardless of design unless it something like a scimitar or rapier which the design is different enough to make the notice, but with guns? There so many models that fit each of the FFG gun categories, that simply saying "Byron quickdraws his heavy pistol and shoots Nathan" feels weird compared to " Nathan quick draws his M9 and shoots Nathan".
  4. To be honest if you are going to make a magic weapon I would suggest just putting a magic effect on the weapon and just make the effect activate on a "X" triumph or simply add a difficulty dice in all your combat rolls with the weapon under the pretense of needing a of energy when activating such abilities otherwise they remain dormant. I say this but honestly I don't have the book so all I say is kinda moot if there is a way handle such a thing.
  5. Seems interesting, but I have to ask why give assault rifles the same firepower of the hunting rifle of 8+? The assault rifle why not lower it to: AR (Carbine): 6+Dmg AR (Long): 7+ dmg Just seems that a lot of weapons seem to border on high power.
  6. Sounds like something that should be asked by either drive through support or FFG cause that sounds like a possible faulty product unless it is the pdf reader.
  7. So how long will it remain on sale? I have a question for the PDF version of the book, does it have an obtrusive watermark if I decide to print a page or so? Cause I'm tempted to buy it, but I'm not fond with having to read books on computer screens if I can avoid it.
  8. "Tear out pages" wheew mate, probably would've a heart attack if someone did that to one of my books. Although I myself prefer both since books allow some flavor text and data over which that would be solved in the settings books, unless FFG sees a really high demand for an amalgamated Monster manual for multiple settings. Until then I would think the adversary decks seem to be a better idea, and more cost effective.
  9. Well I can't blame my non-existent GM , but for the sake of the convo I think that's usually what is done. Now granted, Horror done right is never stopped by the presence of guns since the monster(s) is/are just the cherry on the top.
  10. Almost never since in most cases either people aren't avid gun owners, aren't armed up to the "ion port" in with guns and blades, or simply are civilians caught in horrible situations, and even then in most non Lovecraftian horror usually the "elite"armed forces get butchered like a plate of fine cheese gets devoured by a hungry fat man who was forced on a 1 year cheese free diet. So it kinda feels moot since in horror the hero isn't Rambo, but Joe the Librarian.
  11. The accessibility of military grade weapons that make the "Horrors" into cannon fodder most of the time thus diluting the horror aspect since it can be turned into Swiss cheese?
  12. At the risk of sounding redundant, but wouldn't transcribing the powers from the games be a good starting point? Or is that what the thread is for; to sit here and concoct the powers into a Genesis format?
  13. If I remember correctly NCSoft still owns the license as they would not part with it even though Paragorn Studios tried to buy the license from them. (statesman and Ghost Widow appeared in the recently closed MasterXMaster MOBA)
  14. As in a survival skill for each type of terrain rather than a "blanket" skill? Yes, it makes a lot of sense since a desert dweller that has barely visited a forest will only know how to survive in a desert.
  15. I really enjoyed reading this from beginning to end, not only are the stories fun, but I really loved how your wife and daughter simply joined at first out of pity, but really got into the game with your adventures. Specially your daughters who really surprised me since by your account she really stepped up the game for your friend and wife. I truly enjoyed the stories and the fact that also turned into a family activity. Something that I really want to bring to my family as well since we could use less time in our computers are more time exercising our imagination muscles. ?
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