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  1. So where am i going to get the books from SW RPG ? it's out of stock everywhere , including in the oficial FFG page..
  2. oh nice.. im trying to start at this hobby but im afraid that with this fantasy flight games problem + covid the game die quickly and i dont have the chance to play with anyone personally
  3. would like to see some ships from rebels / rogue one / sequel trilogy / mandalorian getting life in this game but since they said DLC is not an option atm , we'll have to wait and see.. hope they put new maps or modes or customization in future though.
  4. game looks awesome and very detailed . im excited for it . it maybe even bring new players for the x-wing mini game
  5. So it's not going easy in the world with this pandemic covid.. how u guys going ? do you still play it or find someways to play solo ? dont know if it's possible but im curious about it
  6. stupid question , but what is surge?
  7. ah thanks. btw it says at the end of the rounds discard any number of cards and draw until ur hand size. does that mean i have to discard all my cards or only if i want ? and when starting round can i use alter ego then change to hero and then go back to alter ego ?
  8. Ah so she can give me a resource type equal to the first top discard pile card is that it ? it's a nice card indeed. Ah so if i attack a ally from villain side with 1 attack i get 1 or 2 damage from it ? does her health go back at the next turn or stays at 1-2 ( depending on the dmg of that enemy ) ? Another doubt i have: When putting an ally from villains in play , it automatically give a scheme but if he attacks does he gives a scheme as well ? and in the example of rhino , does he attack every turn or only when im in hero form ?
  9. Oh i've being missplaying this time then.. thanks . But for example iron man has a tech costing 1 lightning symbol , and in my hand i have cards with other symbols.. i cant use them to put it in field or i can ? What u mean they take damge ? if i attack with an ally he takes consequent damage for that ? :S But doesnt nick say it i's discarded at then end of the turn ? how can it be used in villain phase ? unless i missread it . he's a beast. yes but she generates resources on discard pile ? what mechanic am i missing to use her properly ?
  10. So i just played my first time today and i probably did a lot of missplays.. some of the doubts i had were : - Are the resources in deck that said limit 1 ( genius , strenght, etc. ) stay in table after play or are discarded after use ? - When deck is out of cards , i use the discard pile as deck again ? if so , i have to shuffle or just turn it ? - To pay the cards cost , i have to resource with the same symbol or i can use any card to do it ? ( i used the iron man deck ) - I played against rhino and i thought it was easy to turn out his shceming process with bird ally and iron man , did i did something wrong ? i just used twh basically but not sure if i can do it 2 or 3 tiems per turn ( with the ready actions ) - Do i have to take down enemies allies first or i can choose between villain or enemy ally ? Remembering Shocker where i killed him with fury but he was against iron man cause of villain phase . - When putting Fury in play , can i attack with him after using his skill or i can just use skill and discard ? since it says discard at end of the turn. ? - Can someone explain how pepper skill works ? how is it useful ? At moment this are some of the doubts i got , will post more as long as play . Sorry my bad english
  11. i was expecting the red skull box coming in june with hulk
  12. Klang would be neat. i think we need more villains at this moment
  13. well yeah if they added new cards for each hero , wouldnt be bad either .. though i would like to see some alternate art
  14. So i'm glad they released pretty much all avengers so far with hawkeye in next set.. but some people dislike them ( i´'ve seen some hate on thor specially) will they release different versions of the avengers or will be stucked with this ones ? would like to see a thor from ragnarok/infinity war or captain america with mjolnir
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