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  1. gmcc

    about new Vader Commander

    **** the hate wtf.. i just putted a simple question about the figure, not that it would change the game . i just liked how he looked and would like to get it that's why i asked.. Jesus this days everything turns to pointless discussions
  2. Will it only be released at Celebration ? Kinda unfair for people who can't go there..
  3. gmcc

    Never played it so..

    didnt know that about CW , that's good news oh yeah just wanted more unique characters or factions for the game... forgot about jabba too
  4. What is the possibility of this game getting sequels / prequels content ? I saw it's getting Rebels content wich brings hope of seeing Thrawn and Maul in future content , but what about the rest? U guys that play think it's possible to see Obi-Wan or Yoda or Kylo Ren or prequel characters in this ? since it's more a wargame and not like Imperial Assault.. Btw not sure , but is possible to have more of the same character but with different moves like IA Luke ? I really prefered to see a RoTJ Luke version
  5. gmcc

    some questions

    hum well since the release of L5R RPG they are realising much content to it, including adventures.. i know EotE and AoR have some , but FaD had only 2 in all this time wich kinda sucks.. still i have to see where to get them since its hard to get a good deal to get one
  6. so i have some doubts that i need some old /experient players to answer. - what books are recommended ( supplements, acessories, etc.. ) - what are the best to get from all the 3 existent ? - are they releasing new content for the game ? i didnt see any more adventures announcements..
  7. my real problem is that i no 0 about this game and lcg wich would make it very hard to teach or create a story on it... the lcg seems very difficult compared to others and in my region no one plays it..
  8. yeah i see but since the game is not very popular is hard to get a GM to teach or let new players play
  9. looks very interesting then !! i really want to try it can someone give me the links to learn more about this world and stuff.
  10. I found out recently that existed an RPG based on old samurai world and found this. Is it good ? is it recommendable for someone that never played before ? i dont even know how the ccg works but i love the setting of this and i played d&d.. dont know if its like it or not...
  11. how do u even manage to win against that lulz
  12. Alright sorry guys didnt know.. Btw is the IRL version better or harder? I might want to get it since im liking this game so far, even if im nub to it
  13. im struggling on creating a deck that works well with the heroes and cards in game atm.. i think ewoen is probably the card that has to be in all decks but i wanted to create a stand up deck that works well without her..
  14. ah cool im more relieved now thanks guys
  15. I just bought this game on steam and i'm enjoying it but im wondering if will it have some online experience with other players or future things to do/play ?