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  1. how do u even manage to win against that lulz
  2. Alright sorry guys didnt know.. Btw is the IRL version better or harder? I might want to get it since im liking this game so far, even if im nub to it
  3. im struggling on creating a deck that works well with the heroes and cards in game atm.. i think ewoen is probably the card that has to be in all decks but i wanted to create a stand up deck that works well without her..
  4. ah cool im more relieved now thanks guys
  5. I just bought this game on steam and i'm enjoying it but im wondering if will it have some online experience with other players or future things to do/play ?
  6. yeah it will have minis indeed... at least is not SW Legion so im kinda happy it ended up with LOTR
  7. So, was a nice move from FFG kinda unexpected but my question is : is there any reason to be hyped ? i like they maked the game for solo and co-op with miniatures and stuff.. but will it be like a dungeon crowling game like imperial assault ? mansions of madness kinda game ? beside why they are not putting cool characters like legolas or aragorn or gandalf or frodo .. ? probalby 15$ each in future expansions.. guess i have to wait and see more about the game
  8. thanks that will make me think then
  9. i've seen that a lot of people complain about legion . probably cause it just camed out this year and though they're focusing hard on it it doesnt bring much things to table since its a war game.. IA is different .. but the real point is if u have people to play with ? i say this cause i wanted to get both but i find hard to put money on it since i dont have anyone to play with or against. i know IA as solo but its only a mission with jabba expansion. Still, since u own legion i think u could get this one, since it has a different play and much more funnier than a war game. Even legions players complain about legion , mainly cause of lack of players / tournaments / competition bla bla... i wish they updated this game with more solo missions so i could put my hands on it
  10. gmcc

    is it death ?

    i worry about both, but since i want app for for single player i'm more worried about lack of content , specially since its digital and already exist alot of options for it with all the expansions released so far irl.
  11. but is there any campaign originally created from users or fans that are good ?
  12. gmcc

    is it death ?

    i really wanted more campaign options on this , maps expansions etc..
  13. any news about future content ? still waiting for some app news
  14. gmcc

    Pssst! Hey. FFG.

    Alright that seems fair Thanks you then FFG
  15. gmcc

    Pssst! Hey. FFG.

    i think they do a good job with theyr game i mean they benefit a lot with the way they release it ( expansion + packs to complete that set ) what i want is that people that cant attend special events can get the cards from there at some point..