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  1. yeah i know it just ruins the vision i had from this world.. for me at least . i dont know . from what i saw in the wiki of this game, there is alot of things.. clans from that places and etc..
  2. yeah i just started in lcg and 5th edition so im new at the lore / world but what captivated me was the tematic.. now if they are going to explore other religions / places , im getting unsatisfied . beside it doesnt even make sense for me
  3. meh it just ruins the world for me.. i like the idea of this being a china / japan world , not turning it into different kinds and places..
  4. Thank you for the explanation in a writing post with no gameplay . u're great dude hope i can see u play sometime
  5. I never played this game , i see some matches online but they seem hard and complicated to understand.. is there anyone that could help me / teach me to get into game ? i love the thematic and would like to experience this.
  6. So it's probably this , but am i the only one that wasnt hyped or excited with this game at all ? maybe cause of the characters or gameplay wise, or probably cause of the other marvel card game, but having this game coming or not brings nothing for me.. i think they should have released this game a few years ago when marvel movies were going great .
  7. thanks for the links dude
  8. i know, i just doubt they'll add legends things to the game : (
  9. I saw some works here and i wonder where people get the buildings and other stuff ? Is FFG selling them and i cant find them anywhere ? is there any specific place or its owner's creation ? some look pretty amazing.
  10. Oh Sorarstro how i wished i could paint like you, ur a god at this.
  11. that escape pod swamp looked very nice indeed
  12. so i'm trying to get allies and adversaries books , as well as completing my 3 core book collection. after that what u guys recommend or have more fun with ? im trying to get the acessorie books and the dices , but after that im not sure some tips from veteran players . thank you
  13. gmcc

    What to get?

    yes i know maybe i will. . but slowly, that's why i asked
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